Lane Kiffin is only making Al Davis Look worse

Come on Raider Nation!

Last week, a lot of you celebrated when Lane Kiffin called out Urban Meyer and later had to use some Tennessee hot sauce to down his own boot.                                                                kiffin-the-douche2

You said that this proved to the world that Al Davis was just for showing Kiffin the exit and firing up the projector. In reality, all this has accomplished is the dousing of more fuel on the flames of the Al Davis debate.

Yes, Kiffin is a douche bag of Colin Cowherd proportions. For the record, I was upset when Lame Kiffin was let go but later changed my tune when I saw how the team responded to the interim and now head coach, Tom Cable. But this by no means gives Mr. Davis a check in the win column of public opinion.

Look, everyone should know that I’ve got Al’s back like a 1992 Starter Jacket, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take a few jabs from the Nation.  If Mr. Davis and his great football acumen can’t smell a douche coming then what security do we have from allowing another Kiffin to come strolling through the front door?

I know that Tom Cable is no Kiffin, that is not even in question. But how do we know that the people we’re building this future dynasty with are more John Madden than Norville Turner?

Times are tough, we have to take pride in anything that we can as Raider faithful. But just because this whole thing has ended with a Scooby Doo reveal complete with Al Davis pulling off Kiffin’s mask to unveil a Massengill logo, does not mean Mr. Davis is off the hook.

However, I will admit that part of me was happy to see Lane show the fans in Knoxville his hand before the flop came down. So, just to pile on, I’ll offer this shot at Kiffin. How can you not know the rules of recruiting when that was your job at USC? Apparently the only recruiting coordination Kiffin did in Southern Cal was checking the caller ID on cell phones during visits. Nice work Lane, you just earned a beat down in the Swamp next year. I hope Meyer doesn’t go Spurrier and hang 80 on you.

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