Lechler punts free agency and resigns with Oakland

Adam Schefter of NFL.com reports that the Raiders and Pro Bowl punter Shane Lechler have reached a 4 year deal worth $12 million. This is great news for the Silver and Black as we can now lay claim to having the two greatest punters in the history of the game to don our colors for their entire careers. The folks in Canton don’t seem to think that Ray Guy  ever played the game of football, but at least now Guy will have Shane to share a beer with and vent a little.

It seemed grim that Shane would return amid the reports that he had eaten the first of Terdell Sands for his in-flight meal back in November while the team was returning from a win in Denver. This news assures Raider fans that either Sands is on his way out or Al Davis has hired full time security for Shane.

$3 million a year might seem like a lot for a punter, but trust me, if Oakland ever gets a top notch defense then Shane’s leg will become the best weapon in the NFL. Teams will be begging the Raiders to go for it on 4th down when faced with the stiff odds of having to start drives inside their own ten after one of Lechler’s 70 yard Sunday Specials scrapes the clouds and comes down moist.

I’ll be the first to put myself out there and say this, but if Nnamdi inks a long term deal then the rest of the NFL will officially be put on alert that the Raider Nation is rising from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix to reclaim its perch atop the AFC West. Sure, it’s just a punter who we resigned, but if things were looking that bad in Oakland he surely would have walked. Tom Cable might want to check himself in the mirror because he’s starting to look more like Madden already.

You better be right about this Schefter!

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