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Imagine the fallout had the Raiders paid Haynesworth $100 million

When Nnamdi Asomugha signed a deal that made him the highest paid defensive back in the history of professional football the backlash was immediate.

According to the Summer’s Eve scented analysts on the Disney Sports Network, his mega contract caused the stock market to crash and forced a border skirmish in the Middle East.

I’m speaking in hyperbole here, but you get the point. When Al Davis spends millions on the best corner in the league, he’s a fool. When Dan Snyder drops twice as much on the best defense tackle, he’s just paying “market price”.

Trust me, if this guy woke up on Friday morning as a Raider, the only thing you’d see on the Mickey Mouse Sports alstompChannel would be a constant loop of Haynesworth’s famous foot stomp with a graphic of “$100,000,000” in bright font on the lower third of the screen.

Of course if you listen to the Crypt Keeper, he will tell you that the only reason Fat Albert got his loot is beacuse Al Davis raised the bar with Nnamdi’s contract. Right! Because nobody was going to pay more than $50 million for a dominant defensive lineman. 

Al Davis did himself no favors last off-season when he drew straws to determine how best to spend $250 million. I’m not defending him on that. He’s on his own. I just find it hard to understand why the league’s best cornerback isn’t worth Peyton Manning money, but somehow Albert Haynesworth is.

I’m not mad at Haynesworth for getting paid. In this business of pro football, I’m all for the players breaking the bank. They risk their bodies in the name of ticket sales and the second their time is done they become expendable. Don’t take my word for it though, give L.T. a call and ask him how that goes.

Haynesworth would have been exactly what the Raiders and their Baskin Robbins ranked run defense needed. I wish Al Davis would have poured all that coin out of his Silver and Black man purse to land Haynesworth.

The fact is that the national media loves to hate everything Raider. Yeah I said it! I can hear my inbox filling with more hate mail by the second. Bring it! I’ll go to war on this one by myself.

Yes, I know I’m bitter. Six years of misery will do that to any die hard.

I also know that Haynesworth is not going to make the Redskins instant Super Bowl favorites. I heard somebody say this morning that they now have the best defense in the NFC East. Really? Better than Dallas, Philly and the Giants over night? That’s amazing!

Hey, Jim Zorn, let me rap with you for a second. Maybe I’m a Raider Myopian, but I do pay attention to the rest of the league too. Here’s a little fact you might want to know about your owner: Less than 10 years ago Dan Snyder handed out major doe to a Hall of Fame defensive lineman and a shutdown cornerback. The result was a team going from 10-6 to 8-8. Now here we are almost ten years later and your man just inked Haynesworth and MeAngelo Hall to big deals. You see a pattern?

Let me vent on MeAnglo for a second too, because he only helps my argument here for the Raider double standard. If you honestly think that by putting on a Raider helmet he suddenly got football amnesia, well, you’re kidding yourself. He was on the opposite side of Nnamdi and got undressed every Sunday. The only thing missing was a pole and Pacman Jones sitting there dropping singles on the field. My advice, Mr. Zorn, is to get with Greg Blache and give him these four letters: Z-O-N-E.

Last off-season, Al Davis used as much discretion with his money in free agnecy as J. Howard Marshall did in a stip club. But that doesn’t mean Asomugha is not worth what he is getting paid. Asomugha is, for his position, as dominant as Haynesworth and he’s been doing it all by himself. Nnamdi played in a defense that got no pressure on the quarterback at all. Fat Albert had a Pro Bowl corner and a beast of a linebacker in Keith Bullock playing behind him.

I know the grief is coming. Bring it on! I also know that chances are Fat Albert isn’t going to play a full season in 2009, might stomp another Cowboy with his size 14s and three years from now Dan Snyder will be calling A.J. Smith to get some advice on the best way to get rid of a monster contract.

Jim Zorn, I like you and your “Rah-Rah” spirit. However, your owner is setting you up to unseat Norville Turner as the king of coaching mediocrity. 

Had this been Al Davis giving Albert Haynesworth $100 million; the rest of the owners would have screamed “foul”. Had this been Al Davis giving the best in the league at his position top dollar; the media would have cried “over payment”. Had this been a team with a losing record going for broke to sign a great defensive player in hopes of improving; fans around the nation would laugh. Funny how going 8-8 gives you a “laugh-free” off-season.

You can tell me I know nothing about football at all for this rant. That’s fine. The great thing about sports is that we get to see the truth manifest itself on the field of play. The Redskins will make a trip Oakland in 2009 and the two highest paid defensive players will take the field that day. We can revisit this topic later.

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  • New Mexico Raider

    I love it!!!  I saw that Haynesworh story yesterday. The first thng I did was call my brother. We are both die hards to the max. And had the same conversation about what you just wrote.  We have been fans since 1971 and it’s because we like  the us agaist the world motto.

    Raider pride Baby!!!!

  • RaiderJoe

    Congratulations on a great rant. You asked the million dollar question. Why if Al Davis pays Haynesworth $100,000,000 is is a travesty and he has destroyed the NFL for every team by driving salaries through the roof, but Daniel Snyder does it an it’s a shrewd business move by a smart, saavy owner? That is called a double standard

  • Howie

    My sentiments exactly, by the mauling the Raiders took in the media in 2008  you would never guess that there are six teams drafting ahead of the Raiders in 2009.

  • Dylan

    When I saw the numbers yesterday I thought exactly the same thing. And when we pick up Meangelo wasn’t he “an over hyped guy who mad too many mistakes”? Now he’s a shut down corner again? All those people last year talking him down were on BSPN talking about how this gave them the best D in the NFC East. Funny how perceptions change.

  • Raiders757

    I agree with everything you posted. If Al Davis made this kind of deal, he’s a crazy old kook trying to destroy the NFL.  Dan Snider does it, and it’s just what the going rate is these days.

  • Mikie G

    OMG!  Dude that is hysterical, by far the funniest thing I have read all day KUDOS!
    “According to the Summer’s Eve scented analysts on the Disney Sports Network”

    Followed by this pearl–
    ” He was on the opposite side of Nnamdi and got undressed every Sunday. The only thing missing was a pole and Pacman Jones sitting there dropping singles on the field.”

    LMAO! Well done-Excellent spot on Article and I couldn’t possibly agree more…

    Great Job

  • JSpicoli

    Just remember this when we get good again.   Don’t let these weak puke writers forget when they try to slip onto the bandwagon. 

  • Al’s Long-lost Love-child

    I agree with most of your points except:
    I heard somebody say this morning that they now have the best defense in the NFC East. Really? Better than Dallas, Philly and the Giants over night? That’s amazing!

    You could argue the Snyders have the best defense in the division, considering DL was their main defensive weakness last year.  You can definitely put them ahead of Dallas and Philly, a healthy Giants team would probably be the best overall though.

    NFL Defensive Leaders 2008
    Team                     YPG                PTS/G
    3 Philadelphia 274.3             18.1
    4 Washington 288.8              18.5
    5 NY Giants 292.0             18.4
    8 Dallas 294.3             22.8

  • I got a Redskins Albert Haynesworth Jersey

    Can you provide more information on this for the rest of us far-away (Europe) Redskins fans?

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