Cutler is gone, Bronco fans are losing one of their own

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The reports of Pat Bowlen finally giving in to the trade demands of butt hurt, Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler is not news around these parts.

If you frequent JBB, then you knew about this two weeks ago when I said “So long” to Cutler.

If you’re a Bronco fan, then you’ll certainly want to read up on how your franchise is going to go about exorcising the Curse of Kiffin. Your boy Bowlen is a JBB reader and he’s just getting through the first step of ridding the Broncos of the curse by trading JC.

Chief fans need to get with Scott Pioli and tell him to subscribe. Trust me, the curse affects you too.

To be honest, though, I do feel for Donk fans out there. After all, who better symbolizes their fan base better than Jay Cutler?

Bronco fans are losing one of their own in trading Cutler.

Cutler is brash, cocky and arrogant. He is the kind of selfish prima donna that only fans in the Mile High City would embrace. How Terrell Owens never made his way into Bronco Orange is still a mystery to me.

JC also suffers from the same tragic flaw that all Donkey fans do.  I call this flaw “The Elway Factor”. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but you know the scene all too well.

You’re out cheering on your favorite team when some drunken derelict strolls in off the street wearing a faded, #7, Bronco jersey. The hapless hobo proceeds to heckle you unmercifully and when you finally retaliate, he goes to the “Elway was the greatest quarterback ever” card.

Like the fans who cheer his name on Sundays, Cutler seems to think that just because John Elway once wore the same colors as him that it somehow means he’s just as good.

Delusional Donk fans love to remind the world that the man with the best car dealerships in Denver was also a great QB once upon a time. As if Elway’s accomplishments give their franchise a waiver on having to ever rebuild.CHARGERS29Pfdb.jpg

Guess what, Denver?

That noise you hear is the sound of the bulldozer coming in to finally crush your myopic empire that was always more of a sandcastle than a fortress.

Cutler, just like his fans, turns childish in the face of adversity. When Josh McDaniels publicly exposed his Matt Cassel woody, Cutler turned into Melissa Rycroft and began to pout like a Mile High Moron whose stadium buddy has over flown.

Now that they’ve got a defense built with NFL scabs, Chris Simms as the franchise arm and Corell Buckhalter as the latest Terrell Davis impersonator, it is time for Bronco fans to come to Jesus. They’ve finally awoken from their Elway stupor with a nasty Mike Shanahan hang over. Take two first round draft picks and call for someone to replace McDaniels in 2010.

McD is truly a chip off the old Bill Belichick block. McDaniels assumes he knows more than anybody else in the room and is never wrong. The good news, Bronco fans, is that at least there will be no surprises. You know exactly how this is going to unfold. Just look at Notre Dame and see how far that Belichick fruit, Charlie Weis, fell from the tree. Expect similar results in Denver.

Hey, if you give him enough time on the job, maybe McD can turn Jimmy Clausen into the next Jay Cutler.

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