Michael Bush is still a Raider; Al Davis is still a genius

michael bush

There is no need for me to rehash the Michael Bush trade that supposedly was to be announced on Monday.

To the surprise of none – except maybe the individual who wrote the article – it is Wednesday and Bush is still employed by Al Davis.

I won’t use my sharp tongue to scold the author. Perhaps the individual did in fact have a credible source and in the end was just too eager. For all I know, the story could have been accurate for all of ten minutes before both sides backed away. Chalk this one up to yet another abuse of the blogosphere and a case of self importance. Here on JBB, I pride myself in allowing the journalists to do the walking while I’m more than happy to do the talking.

Whenever a trade rumor involves the Raiders, Michael Bush is always the name that comes up.

The Raiders were said to have been in talks with the rival San Diego Chargers during the 2008 season. Bush was thought to be headed to Tampa Bay back in February. Now the latest flirtation was an obscene suggestion that Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him Ocho Cinco) was coming to the Bay Area in exchange for the services of Michael Bush.

Making trades in the NFL is not at all different from making trades in the stock market. You want to buy low and get out before the bubble bursts.

By taking Bush in the 4th round of the 2007 draft, Al Davis and his staff have shown a keen eye for value and talent. Bush was thought to be a Heisman candidate prior to a broken leg that ended his college career. A sure fire first round pick became a gamble and any team willing to roll the dice would have to wait one contract year of rehabbing before seeing any return on investment.

After a year of hard work, Michael Bush took the field in 2008 and showed the football world what they all had missed out on. While his playing time was inconsistent due to a chaotic change in the coaching regime and injuries to first round pick Darren McFadden and incumbent starter Justin Fargas, Bush still found ways to grab the spotlight and showcase a skill set not seen in Silver and Black since – dare I say it? – Bo Jackson.

Two games in particular, one against Kansas City and the season finale in Tampa Bay, are about all the evidence you need. Now, general managers around the league are cornering Tom Cable to find out what Al Davis wants in exchange for the running back that has the build of Brandon Jacobs and the speed of Thomas Howard.

Mr. Davis, ever the businessman, knows that he holds all the cards. It would make no sense to trade Bush now with the draft still a little less than three weeks away. With each passing day, more draft rumors abound and it appears uncertainty will prevail. Therefore, the longer the Raiders sit on Bush, the more his value increases.

However, I’m here to tell you that there will be no draft day trade for Michael Bush, if ever.

If Bush turns out a 1,500-yard performance in 2009, then think what that would mean to his trade value in 2010. In fact, if Tom Cable plays his cards right, he could have a 1,500-yard rusher in Michael Bush and a 1,500 all purpose yardage player in Darren McFadden.

Imagine that.

In a league that values tandem rushers, the Raiders could have the most intriguing backfield in the NFL. The versatile McFadden could line up as a wide receiver or even under center with Bush in the backfield. Truly a unique scenario in which two backs could share field time instead of splitting carries.

Trading Bush now is a nice short term solution, but allowing his stock to mature would be prudent to maAl Daviske any future dealings more fruitful. You’d much rather be the guy listening to everybody saying “look at what we could have had” instead of being the guy who says “look what we did have”.

All the while, Al Davis fields calls from interested parties and watches as his investment pays dividends. Not all of his decisions have been brilliant lately, but by making a running back with only 421 career rushing yards into a hot commodity, Al Davis has proven he still has a grasp on the science of football.

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  • matt

    I think the reason Bush is getting talked about as a trade is because he never liked the idea of playing fullback when the team was in great need for one. Granted he proved what he was capable of against the bucs but taking an obvious dislike to the call to play him as fullback goes against the team ethics that Cable is preaching right now. Great article though, too trade Bush would be a terrible move, I hope this years playbook will have him and mcfadden lining up together alot more and utilising their talents. This offense has so much potential that started to show in the last few games the rest of the Afc west must be getting scared, and they should be.

  • RaidsRaids

    Bush was no diamond in the rough,He was supposed to go in the first round before he got hurt!! I wanted bush to be drafted by the raiders.. Im no genius..bush is doing pretty good,but to say BO and Bush in the same breath is crazy!!!! AL and Genius in the same breath is CRAZY!!! AL has been lost for 20years,We have pasted on super-bowl,pro-bowl qb’s in ther draft,and drafted a dud 2 years ago.. Bring in garcia!!!!

  • Raider Joe

    I just can’t fathom all of these guys like Raids here that have given up on Russell.Want to see 39 year old Jeff Garcia as our starting QB come September. Yeah, that’s the answer.He languished on the bench in his rookie season. That idiot Kiffin refused to play him even when his precious McCown had broken fingers on his throwing hand and a severely sprained ankle. Kiffin still sent McClown hobbling out there rather than put in the guy Al Davis drafted.Even when the season was lost, he still wouldn’t play Russell. One full season as a starter with no veteran leadership to help his progress. The HC spectacle where the only coach he’s known since arriving in the NFL gets the ax 4 weeks in to his 1st season as the starter. He has to adjust to a new coach. Deal with assistants (QB coach, OC) who were loyal to Kiffin and were not pleased at his dismissal.Many of his teammates gave up on the season and quit trying.Out of the gate the guy had no receivers other than his TE worth a damn (don’t want to hear Schilliens and Higgins). And his offensive line was weak, they couldn’t protect him or open hole for the RB’s most of the season.Given all of that adversity and he still came on and looked good in those two vaunted wins in the last two games of the season we love to brag about. But nobody gives Russell any credit for any part of those wins. We praise Higgins and Schillens, Michael Bush, Mario Henderson.Cables playcalling in those games was spot on. But look at what Russell was able to do when he got some protection and some or his WR’s finally stepped up.Naw, we’re done. He’s a bust. We gave him more than enough time.Should’ve drafted Calvin Johnson instead.It is just insane. He has not had a decent shot to prove himself.Look at everything I outlined.Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco didn’t have to deal with any adversity like that.And Cutler and Roethlisberhger came into situations that had all the pieces in place. There is no way you can legitimately call Russell a bust yet.And Garcia is a valuable asset as a mentor to Russell and an insurance policy against injury. He is NOT the answer at QB at 39 years old.

  • New Mexico Raider

    Come on now guys, M.Bush is not going anywhere. What is Mr. D’s favorite thing to do? That is collect Heisman trophy winners. Had Bush not gotten hurt in his senoir year, He would have won the trophy. Vargas is a warrior but he plays so damn hard he can’t stay healthy. And that is said with all the respect in the world to Vargas. True bush did not like playing FB last year but he was the last resort due to all the injuries. This year they get O’Neal and Alton back at full speed. It’s funny but everytime a player with some personal issues get released from the team they are on. The media has them going to Oaktown. If you have followed the Raiders the last few years you know that Mr. D has been staying away from those players. Teams can’t afford to pay these guys that are not team players or have off field issues anymore.

    Go Raiders!!!

  • Howie

    One thing Al Davis does do is pamper his players and that has been a contention between him and his HCs in the past. So even if Cable had a problem with Bush about his reluctance to play fullback, Al would intervene. I would be very surprised if “Yuckmouth ” Fargas isn’t a backup RB this year. Feed Bush the ball and use Dmac all over the field like the Saints use R. Bush.

  • http://Raidernews Phil

    Al Davis is not a genius he is a senile windbag who listened to Kiffin in regards to drafting Bush.Remember Davis is the idiot who signed Walker and Hall……..yeah ,now that’s genius.

  • Jeremy Millingen

    If they trade BUsh Im outta there, Let Fargas go but theyd be crazy to release BUSH

  • New Mexico Raider

    Hey Phil,

    How do you know it wasn’t Kiffin’s idea to bring those guy’s? Same stuff every year that when a player works out it was the coaches choice. But if that player doesn’t work it’s Al’s fault. That’s why John Madden always said it was nice to work for Mr. D. because when things didn’t work it was Al’s fault and when it did the coach got the credit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Go Raiders,

  • Big Raid From B/R

    Man sounds like a bunch of girls up in here that know nothing about football. A couple of Russ haters who are obviously Dinosaurs that haven’t a clue to why Garcia isn’t a starter on any other team. Garcia’s best days are behind him he’s going to be a great Mentor for JRuss. Garci is a good insurace policy if Russ in injured. I don’t say it’s cause Garcia’s age. I just don’t think he was that Good. He had great receivers great lines strong running attack when he did well. He’s the Steve Nash of Football. Kinda looks like a Serial stalker, has a manic pace to the game that is not condusive to the Raiders Style of Football. I don’t think Garcia and Russ are such polar opposites when it comes to how they approach the Game. Russ is a very agile and mobile QB. I’m a put it out there and kiss my @$$ if you don’t like. Many still have an issue with a Black Quarterback, His style, his demeanor All these knocks that people are throwing his way, are the same things conservative whites are saying about Barrack and his smooth Super star style.
    GET OVER IT. We’re Taking Over…

    Michael Bush and Bo Jackson can be spoken of in the Same breath agreed Bo was a few steps faster on the Combine 40. There football speed is almost Identical. Bush is Larger and stronger. He Can play QB, WR, TE, and has played Def. U Get the Title Mr. Football in HS cause you did it all. He Does. Bush will end up a Probowl back. Let’s Hope its for the Raiders…

  • harold

    wake up people- granted, thus far Bush has had limited playing time, but look at the stats- who is the real #1 back on this team- if trade talks involve our running backs they certainly should not involve Bush- Chris hit it on the head with the reference to Bo Jackson- NO Raider has run like Bush since or even before Jackson- Marcus was awesome but Bush is a bull who will doing great things in the NFL- trading Bush would be insane-

  • kevin

    bo jackson was the biggest heartbreak in raider history, and finally the football gods smiled on oakland when they drafted bush, in fact i wondered what the hell they were doing drafting d mac last year. i believe raiders rb stable has got to be in the top 3 if not the best in the nfl, denver has quantity we have quality.
    trading bush would be a huge mistake unless we get haynesworth & peppers
    draft strong defense, keep games close, let special teams produce, use the rbs as howie said we will be drafting in the the bottom 1/2 next year

    keep your chins up and chests out were coming back
    silver & black

  • Torpedo

    Bush is a beast,Russell will be a prennial probowler
    and future HOFer. Russell has it all,great arm,and can really run,if we’ld let him.Jr is big stong and is a great leader.All you anti JR people;would you rather have drafted Queenie (Brady Quinn)??!! I didn’t think so !!!!!!! I was never a Garcia fan,
    but I’ll give him a shot. But NO that doesn’t mean start him. He couldn’t carry JR’s jock strap !! If we want to trade prior to the draft,we should trade Walter and Fargas. Let’s trade Fargas while he has some value !! When he gets hurt this year,his value will drop.He has never been able to stay healthy,college or pro and that isn’t going to change.

  • Torpedo

    We drafted DMAC as he will be one of the very best in the NFL. Remember: KC was drafting right behind us and they have an aging LJ. There is no way they would have passed on DMAC. Sure they got Dorsey,who we could have had. But if we had taken Dorsey,we’ld be facing DMAC twice a year. I would rather run by Dorsey (as DMAC did in college) twice a year,than have to try and stop DMAC twice a year. Very simple and easy to understand.

  • Joe Will

    If i was in Al Davis’s shoes there is no way i would trade Micheal. Am i the only one imagining the 2009 season, with a three prong run with Fargus, Macfadden and Bush, on top of the Jamarcus Russell coming into his third year and us possibly drafting a Michael Crabtree or Jearmy Maclin. With our other core of some what solid reicievers. Chaz Chillens mark my words will be a pro bowl reciever with Javon Walker and Zack Milller. If the Silver and Black play our cards right, i smell super bowl within the next 5 years.

  • http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=66&f=1887 ALDavisIsGod

    Nicely said!
    Bush was a STEAL in the 4th, and that is about to pay dividends… a backfield featuring Bush/McFadden/Fargas has GOT to make defensive planniong difficult for our opponents, and they will have to stack teh box against the run, which should give JRuss more time to find a reciever when we pass the ball.
    Cable has the O-Line play improving with his ZBS, and if we can somehow find a true #1 WR, our offense will have a real shot of being a top 10 offense in this league.
    Anyone who says that AL DAVIS is not a genius is really saying that they have no understanding of football or NFL history. AL DAVIS IS the Raiders,and more than any other man alive, he created the modern NFL. His HC choices have been spotty the last few years (since Gruden) but indications are that we finally have a keeper in Cable, who carries himself with the class that Lance Kiffy lacked.

    Cannot wait for the season to start…

    RaiderNation BABY!

  • Lou

    Are you nuts????? The Bush drafting was good but how ’bout all the other draft blunders? How ’bout all the free agent disasters??? Al has seen MUCH better days. The team has the worst record in the league since their SB appearence. That’s a genius? I’d hate to see an idiot.

  • Mando

    Please Russell…please loose 20 pounds!! You look like an OL.

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