There's a storm brewing in Raider Nation


If you listen intently enough you can hear the winds of fear howling in the distance. Each day a mighty storm builds momentum off the Northern California coastline. Most estimates predict the terrible system will touch down in Oakland sometime in early September.

At the conclusion of the 2008 season there was a wave of euphoria that swept over the city of Oakland. The storm that brought Chucky down from his perch atop Raymond James Stadium seems to have traveled the globe in just five short months. This time, the storm seeks to devour the hearts of the same Raider fans it once filled with joy.

Be on the lookout for the evil winds which blow across the practice field in Alameda. The winds of hatred are so strong that they make a perfect spiral thrown from JaMarcus Russell end up at the feet of Chaz Schilens.

Be warned that the thunder heard on draft day only indicates that there is lightning to follow. An electric shock of reality appears to have hit a few hapless Raider fans. Some have abandoned ship while others simply pray for a miracle.

All the while, Al Davis sits in the eye of the storm, doing little to save his sinking ship.

Tom Cable stands calmly at the helm, unaware of the dangers that lye ahead.

Yes, if you put your ears to the ground you can hear the rumblings of a mutiny. Maybe we have all been fooled.

Coach Cable promised a playoff birth when he was given the job, yet he has done little to change a roster that struggled to win five games in 2008. In fact, Cable has done his best to bring back the majority of that team.

JaMarcus showed great promise at the conclusion of the ’08 season, but is off to a horrible start in ’09. He has yet to win a single game this year and his statistics are woeful. Jeff Garcia should prepare himself to weather the storm. Russell might need a better view from the sideline.

Darren McFadden is lost in the storm as well. His rookie season evaporated in a mist of disappointment and then was washed away by the success of a runner in Tennessee named Chris Johnson.

There is no solid ground for Coach Cable to dock his ship. He continues to navigate blindly searching for a break from the constant rain that pelts his playbook.

Raider Nation has every warning sign that a catastrophic storm is eminent. The summer has just begun to show its face, yet it is the fear of the ensuing fall that has a Nation caught in a Stan Van Gundy-like panic attack.

With no land in sight, Tom Cable must continue to ride the waves of discontent. His weather beaten face is sore from absorbing the insults thrown at his young quarterback and his team’s zealous owner.

Raider Nation has waited patiently on the shores for their ship to come in. Over each of the last six years, the vessel arrived at the dock in pieces.

When will this change?

There is no way to predict the future, but plotting a course is step one. Coach Cable is a novice as a head coach, so too cablewas John Madden at one point in his life.

Cable is building a team the old fashioned way. He’s making his players earn their keep in order to stay aboard the ship. The process began in 2008, how long it takes to complete will be up to Al Davis.

For now, frightened fans should stay inside to avoid being struck by the errant throws of JaMarcus. This is a process for fans and players alike. Surviving the storm is step one.

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  • Dan


    You are truly whacked!

    “JaMarcus showed great promise at the conclusion of the ‘08 season, but is off to a horrible start in ‘09. He has yet to win a single game this year and his statistics are woeful.”

    Riddle me this my poetic friend: Just how many games have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning won “THIS YEAR?”
    While you’re at it could you tell me how are Drew Brees’ statistics so far in 2009? Are they “woeful” or are they NONEXISTENT just like JaMarcus Russell’s?
    At least you got one thing right there is a storm brewing, it’s called the Autumn Wind and it’s getting ready to howl.
    Can you feel it?

  • Chris Shellcroft


    This might just have gone over your head. I think you kinda missed the point. It’s called “sarcasm”. This is for all the doubters out there who are nervous about the OTA performances of J-Russ.

    Thanks for the comment tho

  • Jason

    Eheheheh, actually wrote this and put it out here for us all to see? With pride? LOL


  • tdk

    This is probably one of the worst articles I have read this year on the raiders, sarcasm or not. I agree with Dan, just how many games did Tom Brady or Peyton Manning win in 09 and how were their stats. If you are a true raider fan, you stand behind your team no matter what; instead of jumping the bandwagon every time there is there is a new superbowl contender.

    Leave raider nation to the raider nation and go cover whatever team it is that you covet cause it is obviously not the raiders.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    Again, this is a satire for nervous Raider fans….

    So sad. You don’t even realize that this is meant to reassure folks who are worried. Try reading any of my other posts and you might get an idea of the type of Raider fan I am.

  • raiderchris56


    Don’t be dismayed by the ‘faithfull’. They are too set in defense mode by the last 6 years to understand your article. As Raider fans we have had to endeavor to persevere just to maintain the ability to function daily. I got your point and it was well recieved. The mediots in the sports world just want to act like this is the norm for Raider Nation when it is far to the contrary. This is a winning, shove it in your face franchise that is suffering in the malaise of defeat right now. RC56.

  • Chris Shellcroft

    Good lookin out RC56!

    My goal is just to keep things in perspective. I have faith in Cable and just hope Al Davis will give him the time he needs to turn this around.

  • dram5780

    Have you actually checked out any Raider fan sites? I don’t think you’ve done very much research and it seems to me you are speaking from your ass. In future peices please include facts or quotes to back up your vacuous claims. Do you actually get paid for writing this shit?