Just give Darren McFadden the damn ball!

The numbers don’t lie and since Tom Cable is calling the plays in 2009, I hope he’s more than aware of this. During Darren McFadden’s injury shortened rookie season, the Oakland Raiders won three of the five games when Run-DMC got 12 or more touches.

Forget about JaMarcus Russell. Never mind that Zach Miller is on the verge of making a trip to Honolulu. Ignore Michael Bush. Darren McFadden needs to be the lynchpin for the Oakland Raider offense in 2009. Everyone else is just a decoy for him because after he touches the rock a few times he, in turn, becomes a decoy for all of them.

We’re talking about a talent who is the future of the NFL here. Gone are the days of handing the pill to a guy 30 times a game and asking him to simply chew up clock and move the chains. Guys like Reggie Bush and D-Mac are what this league is quickly becoming.

McFadden might not ever run for 1,700 yards. He might not ever have 1,400 yards receiving. But I guarantee you this much. He is more than capable of netting over 1,600 all purpose yards and 10+ touchdowns a year. Simply find a way to get him the rock.

Honest talk, McFadden might have the best hands on the Raider roster. Split him out wide.

McFadden is as shifty as a Helio Castroneves. Line him up in the backfield.

His Arkansas resume is the reason why the NFL is “Wildcat” crazed. Line him up under center.

I don’t care how you do it Coach Cable. Get Run-DMC the rock!

He’s the Brian Westbrook upgrade with a splash of Priest Holmes and has an E-40 sprinkle of East Bay funk in his game.


Don’t take my word for it, just ask Kansas City, Denver and Houston what its like to defend the Raider offense when you have to keep tabs on where McFadden is lining up on every down. Suddenly the whole playbook opens up and guys like Johnnie Lee Higgins, Chaz Schilens, Zach Miller and Darrius Heyward-Bey become a nightmare to cover. Then, just when the opposition is weary from chasing all that Raider Speed all over the field, the hammers Justin Fargas and Micahel Bush come in to punish the d-line.

Nnamdi Asomugha, Kirk Morrison, Thomas Howard, Tommy Kelly and the entire Raider defense will line up to shake your hand Coach Cable for giving them all something the haven’t had as members of the Silver and Black: Rest. That’s right. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Let John Marshall have a few extra moments on the sidelines to make adjustments, give Nnamdi a chance to get down one more swallow of Gatorade and before you know it they’re getting more three-and-outs than Nolan Ryan.

I’m not saying I want McFadden to go Keyshawn or Dwight Howard on Cable. But the Raiders do have an obligation to just get him the damn ball if they want to reverse this losing trend.

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  • tyrell


  • Mike

    “…Ignore Michael Bush.”?

  • http://www.harddrivemag.com Big Raid From B/R

    Good read, I think you’re a little off base.
    Reggie Bush | #25 | RB
    quick stats (2008)
    CAR 106 YDS 404 AVG 3.8 TDS 2
    These stats are horrible,
    If you looked at Reggie’s Stats for 2008.. http://www.nfl.com/players/reggiebush/profile?id=BUS294963
    Reggie Bush has all the speed in the world, but he’s not an effective Weapon.
    I’m a Die Hard Raider Fan, Would love to see McFadden have a big year. I Would chalk those wins up to a Good running game period.
    Forget Bush??!! the WildCat works better with Bush, he is the former QB, he is also a better blocker, and he has the best hands out of the backfield. Like Reggie Bush, McFadden can be contained with scheme, to get a runner out wide, the defense has to be sold on a run up the gut. I see this is where the decoy for McFadden works. However it only works if 1 of the other backs are on the field to threated the Defense up the gut. With McFadden on the field solo. IT is more predictable as to what the raiders will be running. Not to mention. Bush has the speed to take the corner, but he’s much more natural running between the tackles that McFadden…
    You can have McFadden, Me, I’m a fan of Bush ;)

  • 501 RAIDER

    Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!! I am from Little Rock watched D-Mac play for 3 years, he turned the Arkansas program around and he can do the same for the RAIDERS! I have been a Raider fan for 28 years when we drafted D it was one of the greatest days of my life. This year he will explode!

  • O

    e 40 is a fag! and ignore michael bush? other than that your right!

  • Chris Shellcroft

    I hear you Big Raid!

    I’m all about Michael Bush too. All I’m saying is that D-Mac should be the guy who gets the ball right out of the gate. Even if all he’s doing is getting 3 yards and a cloud of dust, that’s cool. Before you know it, you split McFadden out wide after a couple runs and put Bush in the backfield, next thing you know the “D” is on its heels on a 3rd and 4. Plus, when you have lead in the 4th, Bush becomes a real weapon even more so.

    As far as Reggie Bush goes. I’m not comparing stats, I’m just saying that guys like Reggie and Run-DMC are not guys you just had the ball to. They’re new age weapons who you just have to find ways of getting the ball to in the open field.

    Great comment tho! I’m not saying to blow off Michael Bush, I’m just saying he’s good now, but with McFadden all over the field he becomes great!

  • Rick Wascher

    Before we get rid of Fargas and think about giving the ball only to McFadden maybe we should see if he can stay healthy for more than 3-4 games without coming up with another injury. I think he should come in late when everyone else is tired. Bush is the runner, McFadden is a track star playing football.

  • Nolen

    Good positive read. But If Oakland has problems on the O-line. This is all for not!


    Good Article. Just give us some DAMN BLITZES please!!!!!!!!!!! it seems like we are just a few mistakes or plays away from winning the games we lose. I live in San Diego where ALL the Raider Haters are. PLEASE GIVE ME A WIN again San diego..AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! GOOOO RAIDERS

  • http://raidernews.com raiderchris

    rickwasher u

  • http://raidernews.com raiderchris

    rickwascher do u even watch football u must not watch college football at all mcfadden is so much more than a track star hes a great football player run catch throw pass he can do it all if he can stay healthy the raiders will have one of the most explosive players in the league mcfadden is a absolute beast he will put bush and fargas to shame watch some football u moron i kno he had a injury plaqued year but if he stays healthy u will be eating your words

  • Chris Shellcroft

    SDR8R Lou, I hear you loud and clear!

    If Cable gets a win over the Chargers on the Monday Night game he’ll be a god! You have no idea how badly I want to see our Silver and Black get a “W” over the Bolts in 2009.

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  • byron

    they have to feed him the dang ball hes not gonna do much gett 5 or 6 carries a game. He doesnt start rollin till the second half after about 12 to 15 touches. Trust me just keep feeding him he will bust loose.

  • Fingers

    I’d use. Every weapon we have, and we finally have some weapons .. The recievers need to step up and hopefully Russell and the recievers are down in Alabama getting their game together … I’m hoping the Raiders give espn and the Nfl channel lots of heartburn thos season.. I’d especially like to see Warren Sapp and his uncontrolled giggle when the Raiders start winning.. Remember Tom Jackson taunting the Raiders at Halftime last year? ” way ta go Raiders” , I don’t remember that Homer saying Way ta go Raiders when we helped knock the Donkeys outta the playoffs last year… So I’ll say it… Way ta go Donkeys… You choked with a three game lead

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