Can Tom Cable pull a rabbit from his hat?


If Tom Cable wants to announce himself as the Harry Redknapp of the NFL, then he’ll pull a Houdini and show Raider fans something they haven’t seen since September 28th, 2003: A victory over the San Diego Chargers.

The Raiders had to overcome a two touchdown deficit in the second half to defeat the Chargers by way of a 46-yard Sebastian Janikowski field goal back in ’03. Since that 34-31 victory, the Chargers have taken the rivalry by the horns in Jim Tressel-like fashion.

The numbers are ugly and I suggest viewing them on an empty stomach. The Chargers have 11 straight victories over the Raiders. During that streak, LaDanian Tomlinson has out rushed the Oakland Raiders by himself with a sum of 1395 yards to 798. The Raiders have held LT below 100 yards 4 times out of the 11 meetings and have kept him out of the end zone just twice. Over the course of the streak, the Bolts have only started two quarterbacks (Drew Brees and Philip Rivers) while the Raiders have trotted out five different starters including Rich Gannon, Kerry Collins, Aaron Brooks, Daunte Culepper and JaMarcus Russell. Rivers has never lost to the Raiders; his record is currently 6-0. Al Davis has employed six head coaches while the Chargers have had just two, one of which was Norv Turner who jumped ship leaving Oakland for San Diego in an attempt to become the new Mike Shanahan.

Michael Mitchell, you’d better have Tomlinson’s face on your dart board.

Personally, I haven’t been able to bear attending these games any longer. The last Raider/Charger affair I saw in person was back in 2005. LT had a game right out of fantasy football geek’s wet dream as he ran for a touchdown, caught one and even threw for one. The pain was unbearable and I knew that I was at my breaking point. Getting heckled by bandwagon fans is as dumbfounding as being called a douche bag by Tony Romo.

The chargers have beaten the Raiders in every way possible. They’ve blown us out. Made epic comebacks like those twenty five 4th quarter points they hung on the scoreboard  just this past season. They’ve even had help from the zebras. Remember that horrific “illegal forward pass” call in 2006 that resurrected the ghosts of the “tuck rule”?

Despite all the sorrow and angst, the Raiders could go another six years without a victory over the Chargers and the all-time series would only be at .500. One wonders why this has ever been called a rivalry. The Chargers have little to show for their recent domination over the Raiders. Each year the pundits pick the powder blue to represent the AFC in the big game and each year they find a new way to disappoint their front running fan base.

Coach Cable promised the Raiders would return to the playoffs on his watch. He also said that the Monday Night opener against the Chargers in 2009 is the “perfect way to start the season”.

There is no way to know if there will be a story book ending in Oakland this year, but the first chapter could be a perfectly written first act if Cable can pull a rabbit out of his hat. Raider fans won’t care if Cable’s magic is nothing more than slight of hand so long as it fools the non-rivals in San Diego.

Cable exorcised Chucky to conclude ’08. Beating San Diego would be a great way to top himself in ’09.

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  • http://raidernews smcgill

    i am probably a bit older but in the 70′s i used to live in san diego and i can tell you there is nothing better in football fan life than going to a raider road game in san diego, the charger fans just hated us. one game that went very well early the three of us raider fans were just celebrating and having great fun, by the end of the third quarter there was no one sitting in the section we were in they had all moved far far away. in the end the chargers came back but fell short on a dropped ball only five yards from the enzone. we were quiet most of the forth quarter but stayed and danced on our chairs long after the final play. there is nothing better buy a ticket and enjoy if i wasn’t in pennsylvania i’d be there. by the way can you remember the last time we lost to the Stinkingsteelers? life has been good here for years i think the raiders are undefeated this century against the steelers if not don’t tell me and screw up a great feeling! this should be a great season

  • Wesley Pipes

    smcgill, the last time we lost to the Steelers was the opening game of the 2004 season (Norv’s first game as head coach) when the Steelers beat us 24-21. Nice try though with that selective memory saying we have not lost to the Steelers this century. I love Raider fans like you that bury their head in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong.

  • Sonny

    Raiders (12)NFL record AFC Championship Games played in to date vs San Diego’s (3). San Diego has played in (1) Super Bowl being blowed out to the Raiders (5) winning (3).

    Add in the other (5) Super Bowls that the Raiders were a play away from playing in like the Lidell Fumble game or the Emaculate Receiption and that means the Raiders have played in or were a play away from playing in (10) Super Bowls during their hisrory. That is almost 25% of EVERY SUPER BOWL PLAYED TO DATE that had the Raiders in or near, stunning.

    Rough few years or not, talking about the Raiders organization and the Chargers organization in the same breath. Is like trying to compare a cheap 5,000 claimer running on at the State Fairs to the great Man O War.

    It was “crazy old Al”, yhat did all of that. For a record and history like that Charger and KC Fans would sell their own Mother. That is why Mr. Davis is so dispised by other Fans. The school yard bully has fell on some hard times and they love it.

    But FACTS ARE FACTS and this young Raider team built by Mr. Davis is being built to do some damage for years to come. So you Raider Fans that feel so bad and cannot take the heat and turn on your owner and team. Just remember you could always wish for an owner like the Chargers and KC have and had, I mean, you know they have done so much.

    Ten years from now nobody will remember what the Chargers or the Raiders records were in 2008, they only remember the Champions, I mean how many times have you seen the Chargers or KC on the NFL Network’s America;s Game?, almost nada.

    I do hear that the NFL Network is going to make some sort of film on the Faders in the NFL, you know the teams like KC and the Chargers that have ALWAYS FADED when it was time to step up and it counted. So get your heads out of the sand, we hit a rough few years and lost a few battles, but that is going to end real soon and the Raiders will add to THEIR STUNNING RECORD within the NFL.

  • Gern Blanston

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Keep jumping into the Wayback Machine Raider fans! All that history is great, congrats. But history won’t mean dick when the bell rings this season. None of those OLD wins will count in this year’s standings.

  • Raider67

    I agree with Cable that the first game against San Diego is the perfect way to start the season. But I feel if you make the playoffs you have had a successful season.

    From 1969 to 1975 we never lost to San Diego and we did no win a Super Bowl or even get there. Back then it was great knowing that we were always knocking on the door. San Diego has won 4 division titles in 5 years. They are where Cable wants to take us. I just don’t agree that San Diego has little to show for their recent domination of us. I think 3 playoff wins in the last two seasons is not bad, along with the division titles.

    I would love to see the Raiders in a position again where we were winning the AFC West every season and our biggest challenge was getting past the Colts, Steelers, Pats, Ravens and Titans in the playoffs to get to a Super Bowl. That is Cable’s goal. Put us in a position to play in these games again. I can live with the results of a playoff game. I am just tired of being out of the playoff picture in November.


    Begin to hate harder than you ever have. There’s a Storm front on the horizon. A silver and black cloud forming over the NFL.
    We’ll be back !!!

    CRUSH the AFC West, SEE them Drive before us. Hear The lamentation of the BIICHHEEZZZZZ !!!!

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