What Will Define Tom Cable's Offense?

The ball is in your court, Coach Cable.

You spent the free agency period convincing Al Davis to sign offensive linemen. You didn’t bat an eye when Mr. Davis dialed you and uttered three nouns – “Darrius Heyward-Bey“. You inherited Justin Fargas, Darren McFadden and Michael Bush. Any one of those aforementioned runners would be an upgradge for most NFL teams, having all three is a luxury. When you were introduced as the newest head coach of the Oakland Raiders you proclaimed to the world that you would be calling the plays despite that fact that Paul Hackett and Ted Tollner – two former offensive coordinators – were on your coaching staff.

Now, Raider Nation eagerly anticipates your next move with all the pieces laid out on the checkered board.

Some say that Darren McFadden should be the lynchpin. Others argue that Michael Bush is the key to success. Many see JaMarcus Russell and Zach Miller as the keys to unlocking a dynamic offense.

The $64,000 question is what will define your offense, Coach Cable?

We all know that John Marshall shoulders a great burden and your success is linked directly to his. But you’re the man calling the shots. You’re the president with one sweaty finger hovering just above that ominous red button. 

Many have wondered if you are a marionette being manipulated by the man upstairs.  Some of us hear the gust of the Autumn Wind whenever you speak. Whatever the case is, you’ll be judged by your wins and losses and not your personality.

We don’t care if you have to scold JaMarcus by giving the playbook to Jeff Garcia. If keeping a clipboard in Garcia’s hand all season while giving him the best seat in the house to watch Russell pitch the rock is the best bet. So be it.

All we want is a team we can be proud of and results that cannot be ignored.

Plain and simple: We want wins.

So, Coach Cable, since this is your offense and you so boldly said that we were going to see the Silver and Black playing in January, we want to know how you’re going to manage an arsenal that has Mike Martz  busting out the baby oil.

I’m not trying to call you out. I’m just trying to keep you honest.

For the record: We all like you. You have all the qualities that we Raider Faithful believe in. The team responded to you when no group of millionaires who value vacation time over pain would have ever considered laying it on the line against Houston or in Tampa. While the world laughed as you threw DeAngelo Hall out of the locker room, we sat patiently and awaited the bigger picture to reveal itself.

Now, as a nation, we have but one question.

What will define your offense, Coach Cable?

We’ve suffered through the bed and breakfast offense of 2006 that made Randy Moss look like Randy Quaid. You might think our standards are lowered but in fact quite the opposite. There are three Lombardis that force us to expect much more. This is not San Diego. Simply getting to the playoffs is not enough. However, just being able to cheer in January is a great start.

Again, I ask you, Tom Cable. What will define your offense? 

You alluded to a return to the vertical game. Now you have three receivers that run like the wind and range from 5’11″ to 6’3″.

No more excuses!

This is your offense and you’re gambling with our team; time to put up or shut up.

We look forward to the sneak preview against the Cowboys on Thursday, August 13th.

P.S. – Some of us still can’t get over that fake field goal against Kansas City. We appreciate the moxie but please don’t ever ask a 260 pound kicker who runs a 6.5 second 40 to tote the pill.

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  • Phillip

    Coach Cable dose have a fine group of RB’s, I also think he got what players he wanted to play on the offensive line, plus the addition of fullback Neal and Russell we should see more touchdowns from the running game instead of field goal attempts.

    He also has a stable of Young strong fast WR’s, I think there should be no problem finding a few that can actully play.

    If Russell struggles early, don’t hesitate to pull the plug on him and replace him with Garcia, the rest of the AFC west is weak and every win could lead to a playoff berth.I know the development of QB Russell is crucial, but winning is more important after 6 years of of being the NFL’s laughing stock.

    It’s not like the Raiders would go far in the playoffs, but it would be a huge confidence builder for the team to make a huge push to go deep in the playoffs in 2010.

  • Rick Faller

    Although this is a great read, if Cable and Company do not re-define the defense what he does on offense will not matter. All the great weapons we have assembled on offense will be rendered useless if they have to watch on the sidelines while the opposing team runs up and down the field on us. So your next lead article should be address to the defensive coordinator.

  • Black Jack 32

    This should be the Year that the Silver and Black’s Motto is not so much that the other team’s QB is going down hard, but the poor Fool whose is running the ball agains the Raider “D” is going down often in his own backfield and under Great Pain and Duress!

  • http://www.All-AboutInsurance.net Rico

    What does having all the right personnel if you don’t call the right plays? I believe we have alot of firepower, I am just not too sure about the one holding the match. No more 250lbs+ kickers running on a fake field goal! I prefer having someone call the plays that has alot of experience in doing so. We have a lot of experienced coaches on our team except for the main one that will be calling the plays. I just hope it’s not all for naught.

  • http://www.oaklandraiderscentral.com Oaklandraiderscentral.com

    If Cable is smart he will utilize our 3 headed monster at RB. McFadden, Fargas, and Bush give the Raiders one of the most intriguing and powerful running attacks in the NFL much in the same way the Giants had Earth, Wind, and Fire with Jacobs, Ward, and Bradshaw. Untill Russell he proves he is a big time QB play your strengths and right now our strenght is our running game.

    Raider fans check out my website http://www.oaklandraiderscentral.com for commentary that is everything Raiders and fantasy football.

  • http://www.oaklandraiderscentral.com Oaklandraiderscentral.com

    The Raiders need to pound the ball with our 3 headed monster at RB. Untill Russell proves he is a big time QB play your strenghts and right now our strength lies with pounding the rock on the ground.