Raiders waive Stryker Sulak, chaos ensues

He was destined to be a member of the NFL’s all-name team. Now if that is going to happen then it won’t be in silver and black.

The Raiders have severed ties with sixth round selection Stryker Sulak, a defensive end from Missouri.

News of the release has been reported by numerous outlets including Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. Florio takes the Ed Werder approach to reporting by attempting to create a story from nothing.

So, basically, the Raiders have cut Sulak before his rookie training camp.  Said the source, “I’ve never seen that happen before.”

The reason for the Raiders’ decision to cut Sulak isn’t known.  Yet.

Suddenly the Raider franchise is in a free fall now that the 199th pick in 2009 draft has been released before rookie camp. Al Davis has locked all players out of the facility. Tom Cable is holding Darrius Heyward-Bey hostage, Mario Henderson wants a new contract and Keith Davis has been released. (Ok, so only the last one actually happened)

Gasp! The horror!

This is bizarre indeed that the Raiders would release a rookie defensive end after signing a veteran one, Greg Ellis, just over a month ago.

No matter the case, the fact is that Raider Nation is losing the chance to chant the name “Stryker” in proud unison on Sundays. I hope Sulak finds his way to the octagon where his name is meant to be seen in lights.


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  • Scott

    A classic fan thinking with his heart and not his head. I guess they will give anyone a blog and opinion these days. Why has this never been done before? Because if I was an agent of an NFL player drafted by the raiders in any round after the 3rd, I would tell him to hold out until he signs his 4-5 year rookie contract, which would be right before training camp. Why show up to mini-camps and OTA’s if you risk being cut before you sign your contract and get some guaranteed money? Its an unspoken rule that this will not happen in the NFL, therefore its never been done before. Another bazaar Raider move that will only hurt the franchise in the future. If they draft me next year in the 6th round you can believe I’m holding out from all team activities until they sign me to my contact and I get my guaranteed money.

  • RaiderBob

    Great point Scott. I was about to write the same thing. Its got nothing to do with this players potential or impact on the field and has EVERYTHING to do with how future draft picks and their agents will handle the Raiders. Why risk playing at OTAs and Mini-camps if they will cut you before you sign your first NFL contract and before training camp starts? If you hold out you are going to get paid and make it to training camp. If you show up, the Raiders could cut you. Not worth the risk. What on earth has happened to this team and their managment. There is a reason this has never happened in NFL history.

  • Johnny

    The Raiders are being pressured to lose. MSNBC is teaming with FOX and ESPN(Disney) to destroy this franchise. What this club is going through is an attempt to get rid of Al Davis and any family owned team owner. There is no telling if the NFL bribed and blackmailed Raiders staff into waiving Striker so the Patriots who don’t draft well at all, can pick him up for free or if they wanted to weaken the Raiders by forcing a good player to leave so a bad one can take his roster space. We’ll find out soon.

  • Kate

    Yet another example of how bird-brained this organization is. Let’s see what they’ve accomplished in recent years: 1) draft fat, lazy QB with #1 overall pick; watch him fail miserably – check; 2) grossly overpay to resign undrafted FA DT; watch him underachieve – check; 3) grossly overpay for WR who produced less than 20 total receptions – check; 4) sign unwanted, bipolar OT from Jacksonville – check; 5) waste what little talent they do have on the roster (Michael Bush, anyone?) – check; 6) overdraft in every round of 2009 draft, including taking a S rated no better than a 6th rd prospect in rd 2, and drafting a WR who can’t catch (or, apparently run without injuring himself) in round 1 – check; & 7) making this team’s head coach position the least desirable in the NFL – check. For a great summer read for all Raider fans, check out “From Achievement to Atrocity: The True Story of Al Davis and His Silver and Gray Three-Ring Circus.”

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  • JSpicoli

    um, it’s been done before Scottie.

  • JSpicoli

    Hey Kate,

    Stay off the bandwagon when the worm turns. You ignorant slut.

  • Matthew

    The 2nd half of this year’s draft was miserably thin. You saw many teams taking guys no one had heard of by the 5th to 6th round. That they were unimpressed in came should not be so overanalyzed. He look terrible covering receivers, and has limited experiance at LB. Once Ellis was signed, it was a wasted pick. However, a wasted 6th this year is almost meaningless. Most of the players drafted late will be on the wire by late August….

    PS: I am a Dolphin’s fan, indifferent to Oakland; there was no bias in my opinion either way.

  • Kate

    To JSpicoli: “Stay off the bandwagon when the worm turns?” Are you for real? Do you have any idea how long that wait is going to be, you sexless eunuch (look it up dumbass)? Here is some prose for you and all delusionals like you -

    Chiefs fans wear red,
    Raiders fans have been blue,
    Al Davis is a mindless ball-licker,
    and JSpicoli, so are you!

  • Turduckin

    Johnny put down the crack pipe, wipe the cum off your chin and get out from under Al Davis’ desk. You are an idiot!

  • EB

    Stryker wouldn’t have made this team as will a lot of late rounders on a lot of teams. The Raiders have some depth at the position anyway. Still not sure why jackholes waste their time thrashing the team if they obviously root for another. Pretty sure Scottie doesn’t know much about pro football as well.

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  • Ghost of Lombardi

    The Patriots don’t draft well? Compared to what team?? Good grief, that’s about as ignorant a statement as you can get! Brady, Seymour, Warren, Wilform, Mayo, Meriweather, Mankins, Koppen, Watson still on the team, include Ty Law and Asante Samuel among others as ex parte draftees. The only teams that come close are probably the Ravens, Chargers, Colts and Giants over the last decade. What a freakin’ moron.

  • Terry

    Stryker Sulak was just signed by the Green Bay Packers, don’t know to much about him, I’m sure he’s got potential, Old Spaz Al Davis cut him. Between the Raiders and the Lions, it’s a toss up which franchise is the worst. The fans look tougher than the team, but I’m sure the just dress tough to hide their true personality, Balarina’s….

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