The Oakland Raiders according to Madden 2010

According to EA Sports, Jeff Garcia should start over JaMarcus Russell, Darrius Heyward-Bey should be Garcia’s #1 wide receiver and not a single quarterback who values their job should even consider throwing at Nnamdi Asomugha.

The release of Madden 10 nears. Let the most pointless debate since Sarah Palin took the stage with Joe Biden begin!

No, I’m not a Madden hater. I’ve been playing football video games since Bo Jackson was the most dominant collection of pixels in the Tecmo universe. However, there is nothing I hate more than arguing over how a player has been rated by a video game publisher.

Here are the rankings for your consideration. Make of them what you will. My predictions are that come this time next year, Chaz Schilens will be rated much higher than Louis Murphy, Michael Bush and Darren McFadden will both be in the mid 80’s and Mario Henderson will be the highest rated offensive lineman on the Raider roster.

Also, the Raiders as a team are rated 71 overall putting them just ahead of the Broncos at 70, thus leaving the Chiefs in the AFC West basement at 69.  Of course, the Chargers are the top team in the division with a rating of 88. As we’ve established, these ratings mean nothing (See the Chargers the past three years as exhibit A). Enjoy another disappointing season, San Diego. At least you bandwagon Charger fans can get a good look at a digital rendering of the Lombardi trophy. 


Position Name OVR
QB J. Garcia 75
QB J. Russell 72
QB A. Walter 57
RB J. Fargas 79
RB D. McFadden 79
RB M. Bush 75
FB L. Neal 91
FB O. O’Neal 74
WR D. Heyward-Bey 76
WR L. Murphy 71
WR J. Walker 71
WR J. Lee Higgins 69
WR C. Schilens 64
WR A. Shields 50
TE Z. Miller 86
TE T. Stewart 69
OL S. Satele 82
OL C. Carlisle 81
OL J. Wade 81
OL K. Barnes 80
OL R. Gallery 79
OL C. Green 74
OL M. Henderson 74
OL P. McQuistan 72
OL M. Johnson 67
OL C. Morris 61
DL D. Burgess 87
DL T. Kelley 80
DL J. Richardson 69
DL G. Warren 68
DL M. Shaughnessy 67
DL W. Joseph 66
DL T. Sands 64
DL T. Scott 64
DL R. Boschetti 59
DL G. Gunheim 57
LB K. Morrison 87
LB T. Howard 85
LB R. Brown 65
LB S. Williams 58
LB T. Ekejiuba 48
LB J. Alston 45
CB N. Asomugha 99
CB C. Johnson 80
CB S. Routt 72
CB J. Miller 57
CB D. Brown 47
CB J. Bowie 39
S H. Eugene 71
S M. Huff 71
S M. Mitchell 68
S T. Branch 61
K S. Janikowski 73
P S. Lechler 98


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