Heyward-Bey Signs, Crabtree Whines


Heyward-Bey is signed, sealed and delivered to camp

This is not an “I-told-ya-so” post. But it is a strong endorsement of the Raiders selecting Darrius Heyward-Bey over Michael Crabtree. Be warned, it is Raider propaganda and not suggested for those who have been brainwashed by Disney.

Just because Heyward-Bey is reported to be under contract and ready to participate in camp, while Crabtree continues his Quixotic quest to destroy the slotting system by netting a top five contract, does not mean the Raiders are validated.

However, it does speak to the nature in which Tom Cable has gone about rectifying a once toxic environment in the East Bay.

While most analysts took Al Davis behind the wood shed for selecting DHB, all acknowledged that the Maryland track star has a reputation for being a hard worker. Meanwhile, Crabtree has done little to justify the toddler fit Mike Leach pitched when Eric Mangini let the world know that the receiver believed to be the best in the draft was more diva than dynamic.

Again, this is not to say that the Raiders are validated. Only wins and production from Heyward-Bey will justify that.

The facts remain that Hey-Bey is doing his part to prove the doubters wrong and Crabtree is doing his part to prove the Mangenius right.

Since Mel Kiper’s initial Viagra induced reaction to Crabtree entering the draft, the Texas Tech dud has shown significant warning signs. Crabs shrunk at the combine from 6’3” to 6’1”, then it was discovered that he needed surgery on his foot and has yet to workout for the 49ers who took him 10th overall. Mike Singletary nearly brought him to tears in an OTA in which he was simply watching from the sideline and now he’s holding out for a contract he feels he’s owed simply because Todd McShay says he should have been a top 5 pick.

Why was passing on Crabtree such a bad thing?

For the last time, I’m not saying that DHB will go down as the best receiver in this draft simply because his holdout lasted all of 24 hours. All I’m saying is that if this whole off-season has been about getting guys into the silver and black who are dedicated, hardworking and committed, then Cris Carter might want to take a trip to Napa and apologize now before that egg on his face goes sunny side up.

Good luck getting Crabtree into camp anytime soon and for a reasonable price. If Singletary is making the rookie cry in OTAs, then wait until he moons him in the locker room for a couple of drops in a game.


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  • RonnieNiner

    For the record the story is that Sing made Crabtree almost cry because he yelled at him for running route drills (work ethic?) when he is supposed to be rehabbing his foot (which supposedly has made a full recovery). How is Hey-Bey’s hamstring anyways? Crabtree may have shrunk from 6’3″ to 6’1″ but it looks like Hey-Bey’s coveted 40-time may have gotten a bit taller!

  • RonnieNiner

    Notable Raider “Whiners”

    1. Tim Brown (held out for 1 month)
    2. Kenny Stabler (held out for 1 week)
    3. Jamarcus Russell (still a holdout in his heart)

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  • RonnieNiner

    When did Maclin sign?

  • RonnieNiner

    I’m not dumping on anyone. The fact of the matter is that contract holdouts are “part of the game” now and until a rookie pay scale is implemented this issue will continue. People should not label Crabtree a diva or a whiner because of his contract issues especially when so many “greats” in the game have all had their issues. Now if the lips begin to flap if a pass flies over his head, then we can talk. The only whiners I know are the people who riot in a town after a published NFL rule is enforced in a Division game.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    Maclin is not holding out because he thinks he should be paid like a top 5 pick. Also, the argument is DHB v Crabs since ya boy was supposed to be the best WR in the draft and he went second to Darrius.

    Also, I never said Crabtree was a bust. I’m not saying DHB is a stud. All I’m saying is Heyward-Bey is the guy who has been the target of most attacks and he’s signed and in camp ready to be a part of the team. You might think that a guy who has never worked out for an NFL team might jump at the chance to get into camp and prove his worth but instead Crabtree is demanding top 5 money.

    We can debate this all day long, the great thing is we’ll see these guys play on the sam field in the preseason. For all I know, both of these guys could be busts but at least DHB is taking it head on instead of letting his agent be his mouthpiece.

    You Niner fans just missed the hell out of T.O. and can’t wait to have another diva to cheer for. Too bad Crabtree only cares about green and not Niner colors.

    Here’s a poem from Niner Noise about Crabtree too. It is not just us Raider fans who are talking about Crabs.

  • RonnieNiner

    The issue I’m taking is how quick you are to jump and call him a Whiner on the basis of his decision to holdout in an attempt to seek an extraneous amount of money. Many greats in the game, Singletary himself admitted recently, have used the “holdout tactic”. If you are going to say that DHB is more goal focused because he signed already, maybe you should take into account that this guy was expecting 2nd, 3rd, 4th round money in May and today was offered a first-round-top-10 contract. So his money jumped up about 2 or 3 rounds and he signed. Wow. Surprising. Crabtree asks for a couple rounds higher and he’s a whiner. As a fan I really don’t think any rookie, even 1st overall, has any room to negotiate for more money since they have never played an NFL down. I would like to see a Rookie Pay Scale implemented and all these “whiner” stories go away. But you’re right. We will see them in pre-season. DHB will start. Crabtree will not. So all this is really a moot point. The Raiders NEED DHB. The 49ers are not going to give Crabs his money because we don’t need him as much as the Raiders need a deep threat. Remember… there is a huge difference between greed and whining.

  • http://ibabuzz.com/raidersblog fuck chris


  • JSpicoli

    Crabfoot will be the biggest bust of 2009′s draft.

    Ronnie, quit flauting your lack of knowledge and experience. You are either 19 or have the brain equivalency of same. You can spin it all you want, but Crabfoot is off to a BAD start. I am glad he is not a Raider.

  • RonnieNiner


    Crabfoot and 20 other first round rookies are all off to a bad start huh? This must be your first football season homie. Watch real close this year and then tell me it doesn’t happen next year. All you Raider fans are trying to justify Al Davis’ shitty picks. Truth is you guys might win the big one when he finally lets go of the reigns. Crabfoot may be a bust. But please stop acting like DHB did you all a favor by signing. The guy was projected in the 3rd and 4th. No wonder he signed. Enjoy your number 7 pick. When you guys are 4-12 again you can all say “At least he signed”.

  • RonnieNiner

    And one more thing… Do you all as Raider fans support Jamarcus as your starter? I’m honestly asking. How quick we all forget the holdouts when the season starts.

  • Raider_Jihad

    @ RonnieNiner

    You pepper in good points Ronnie but you let emotion get the best of you and logic goes out the door. DHB was projected as a 1st rounder just not top 10 pick.

    So yes he probably wasn’t expecting a top 10 contract but he also was not a 3rd or 4th round prospect. So your point exists, just at a much weaker level.

    We are all pumped for the season and these comment battles can be entertaining too. But when you thow out BS to make a point, just for the sake of making your (false) point, you come off as juvenile.

    PS: I couldn’t help noticing your comment that the Raiders would probably win the SB once AD is gone. If that’s what is holding us back … what’s the FortyWhiner’s excuse? AL DAVIS eats chumps like you for breakfast!


    For all the shit Oakland has been through the past 7 seasons why the fuck listen to a Niner spew shit? ! The Niners are more fucked up than us ! At least we have an Owner that takes risks to try and make us contenders. The Niners havent done squat since Steve Young was still playing..At least Oakland has made the SuperBowl this decade..I’m glad we passed on Crabtree..Fucker had the look like some one was holding a turd under his nose on draft day ! I think it was quite humorous the look of surprise on his face when Al passed him by.. EVERYONE AND THE SO CALLED EXPERTS HAD HIM LOCKED DOWN IN OAKLAND..WRONG! KIPER& TODD McSHAY ARE DOUCHE BAGS ANY WAY! WHAT THE HELL DO THEY KNOW? I believe 6 other teams who picked above us saw something they didn’t like about Crabtree as well. DHB may not be the answer for OAKLAND, but he fits Al’s Plan and offensive scheme in wanting the vertical game! DHB at least has the rep of being a team guy and hard worker..Niner fans crack me up..why dont they stick to what they know.. eating fancy cheese, sipping wine,and pining for the days of Joe Montanna and Coach Walsh !

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