Weekend Linkin'

Here are a few links from some of the best stories of the week. Enjoy them with a cold one this weekend!

Recapping the Michael Vick signing - The shock and surprise caught Scott Tunstall of Inside the Iggels off guard. He recaps the exact moments of how the drama unfolded.

Kelly Pavlik vs Paul Williams set for October 3rd - Where would boxing be without Kelly Pavlik? He’s the only fighter with enough stones to put his belt on the line against Williams. Paneech breaksdown the matchup.

Beer-chuckers, foul-fumblers and (yes) that damn goat again - No, this is not the guest list for Jamie Pressly’s BBQ this weekend. Dan Zinski of Cubbies Crib ranked the 10 most infamous Cub fans. Sadly, Ferris Bueller was bumped by Rod Blagojevich.

Alien Athlete Farm: 30 Sports Figures who could be Aliens – Adam Best of Fan Addict brokedown 30 people in the sports world who might not be from this world. I always wondered how Al Davis was able to guess a player’s 40 time without looking at the stopwatch.

Vick vs Stallworth: Who is the worse human being? - Style Points asks the question on every sports fan’s mind. Whoever gets the most votes between Vick and Stallworth advances to the semi-finals for a matchup with Bill Romanowski.

10 Best sports celebrity car salesmen – In Game Now put together a great list of the 10 best endorsers of cars in the sports world. If this list was the 10 best sellers of weed in the sports world, I’m sure that Todd Marinovich and Nate Newton would have a place in the top 3.

Gina Carano is still her Dad’s “Little Baby” – Not only is Gina Carano the hottest chick on the planet who could kick the crap out of you, she also has a Dad who played for the Cowboys. Rear Naked Joke gets the dirt on how Glen Carano is preparing himself for his daughter’s date with the “Cyborg” this weekend.

Ron Artest Twitters his cell phone number – Can Ron Artest do anything now that is not crazy? Thank goodness he didn’t go all Stephon Marbury yet and give us a 24 hour Artest feed.

10-year-old Bronco fan burns Jay Cutler jersey – Now that Cutler is spreading his STDs to South Side skanks, the questions for people in the Mile High city is what to do with these useless #6 jerseys. Bear Goggles On found a great video of a kid with a Zippo, a video camera and a supporting father.

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