Raiders still have the perfect recipe for disaster

The Oakland Raiders should thank the New Orleans Saints for handing them an embarrassing 45-7 loss on Saturday. Now the players and coaches can rest knowing that their work is done.

In one preseason game, the Raiders managed to show the football world what happens when the front office sits on their hands, the coaching staff rests on their laurels and the players show up just to collect checks.

If there was a game plan to defend the Saints, then it must have been implemented in the tunnel five minutes before the Raiders took the field.

Drew Brees must have felt like he was in a walk through against the scout team. Every time he dropped back to pass, he had enough time to tie his shoes, read the sports section and draw up the next play in the infield dirt of the Coliseum before firing a bullet to an open receiver.

Other than All-Pro Nnamdi Asomugha, who left with a wrist injury, not a single Raider defender played with any sense of urgency.

The lone part of the game in which the Raiders can take any pride in is their punt coverage and in the performance of back up punter Ricky Schmitt. However, until the punt coverage can stop teams from gaining nearly 6 yards per carry or find ways to get points on the board, it is all bragging rights for film sessions and nothing more.

After spending the off-season by re-signing every player who wanted to stay in Oakland, the Raiders insured another year of bottom dwelling in the NFL.

A defense that was only bested by the Detroit Lions for the worst collection of run stoppers in the NFL last season stood pat with the same defensive tackles and the same linebacking core. A group of safeties that was pedestrian at best in 2008 remained the same and will open 2009 with unchanged personnel.

An offense that has weapons-a-plenty can’t find a way to make plays or at least not go Plaxico by constantly shooting itself in the leg with mental errors.  How Cornell Green has kept his starting job, let alone roster spot, is as great a mystery as the pyramids in Egypt or the disappearance of the Mayans.

Tom Cable and his staff have been given little to work with, but so too was Tony Sparano when he inherited a 1-15 Miami Dolphin team. We all know how Sparano’s first year in South Beach turned out. After Saturday, we’re beginning to see how Cable’s first full year in Oakland just might go.

No, this is not the end of the world. It’s not even the end of the preseason yet. The Raiders still play in a weakened AFC West where they will not have to face a Saints team that has outscored them 79-10 the last two times they’ve met.

All is not lost, but it is apparent that once again nothing much has changed in Oakland. The players are still apathetic to adversity. The coaches are still ineffective in making adjustments. The front office remains lost when it comes to evaluating talent.

In 2003, the Raiders found the perfect recipe for disaster. For a brief moment in 2008, Tom Cable appeared to have made some changes. In the end, Cable is still cooking with the same ingredients so Raider Nation still has the same stomach ache even though there is yet another chef in the kitchen.

Once again, it is back to square one. Cable should thank Raider Nation for raining down a chorus of boos on his woeful team and their pathetic effort. If he’s a man of his word, then Cable will never let his team forget the feeling and he’ll use it to purge his roster of the cancerous elements that are still a part of the recipe for disaster that has permeated the East Bay for six wretched years.


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  • Drew

    Chris – Look at the bright side…the Raiders have two really good punters.

  • Fingers

    The Raiderettes were good…as usual…

  • Slam

    On the telecast of the Saints game, The Raider’s proganda machine reminded us about Davis’ 10 win season as Head Coach… in 1963 ! Pathetic.

    Call me crazy, but perhaps the organization needs to spent less energy praising Al Davis, and more energy on the team in THIS Century.

    Just an idea.

  • raider41510

    why are you writing a blog if you are not a RAIDER fan and why are fags on this blog if you dont like the RAIDERS, what are all you closet RAIDERS fans,like you live your sex life in the closet……what your own team has no blog? too f@#&in funny, its preseason, and when the RAIDERS win in preseason its just preseason, when the RAIDERS lose in preseason , its the end of the world, go eat cock, stop ridin our dicks and watchin the games then, go beat yor wife or have sex with your kids thats what you white guys do for fun right? dont worry about Al get off his nuts, dont worry about the team in preseason, worry about all the holding calls that they dont call on other teams, every time any team scores or has a 2o yard run is because people are holding , not just the RAIDERS, but then why would you know that you people no nothing about playing football, let alone on the line, again fuckin NFL following idiots, remember football, football is not what the NFL puts on the TV, go to college, shit go to your local high school game, thats real football, were its played right, not for franchise quarterbacks or any team except the silver and black, if the refs, reffed the game right where both teams get the calls, like they did against dallas or the NINERS it might actually be a game, it all starts with the refs, if you watch they didnt have the jersey numbers right, didnt know which side either team was on, didnt even know what call to call, and couldnt see that mcfaddens knee was down, tivo or dvr like i do so you can replay it again, watch careful and stop being bias or being haters, be neutral or act like it was your team, or your kids team, and see what elsse is going on behind the scenes and on the field, call it down the middle , or call it right, what ever just get the damn call right thats wht there is replay idiots to get the right call, if you go back its the same thing over and over, RAIDER never get the call right due to the refs and the NFL, its time something chaneges, fuck the dumbshit, equal for all 32 teams, not 31, and stop hating you haters, stop gettin mad bitches, its not your team what do you care for!

  • JSpicoli

    Way to hedge

  • Slam

    All this time I thought the 2009 Raiders were a horrible football team. After reading Raider40510′s thoughtful post, I now realize the real problem is a) homosexuality b) white people having sexual relations with our children ( how did he know ? ), c) it’s only preseason, and the old standby, d)refs are out to screw the Raiders.

    Outstanding Post, delusional Raider idiot !

  • Drew

    Congratulations raider41510…you are the leader in the clubhouse for comment of the year!

    Fag #1

  • raider41510

    see just like i thought, honkies follow and clinch on my dick like they clinch on my words, exactly, you talk shit about something you know nothing about, football, none of you played and you can tell, you guys believe football is a religion, and thats why you believe anything any football commissioner or beat writer says, you dont get the truth you just write dumb shit thats on your, mind the funny thing is i cant believe they took time out of beating there wife and raping there son to comment back, sorry, just keep on doing what you losers do, keep up on the RAIDERS and there fans, dont think!!! you guys are to easy!! fuckin inbred idiots!!

  • bigjoetheraider

    number 1 everyone in the nfl or connected to the nfl is trying to screw the raiders.. You can call every rational person a dumbass if you will but if this was the patriots got the calls we got every loser in boston would be rioting in the streets. 2 our d line is by far the worst, that we can blame on management.. if you cant stop the run you can win.. its that simple.. We must stop the run. 3 when barnes comes back he is playing right tackle our put his ass on the street.
    4. run the ball down their throats, i dont care what you have to do on the line, run the ball. i dont care if you run the same play over and over.. I sat through 5 yrs of watching the same play called out here in baltimore.. and last i checked they still the ball.. stop the run.. we win.. our division is shit.. and norv turner will lose control and they will fold.. because thats what turners teams do.. 5.. ignore all mass media raider fan.. they hate us.. so y bother..

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  • Drew


    So now I’m a fag and an inbred idiot? With insight like that I can only pray that one day you decide to comment on my blog. Chris is a lucky man to have such a wise and devoted commenter.

  • raider41510

    well look at the shit that goes on, how many times can you say Al Davis and he needs to retire, Al Davis is ntplaying on the field for one, and second the players are just as good as any other players on any other teams,every run play and pass play has someone holding, tivo or DVR a game like the vikings and houston where A.peterson ran 75 yds, theres two holds and a clipping call but the refs wont call it due to it being”exciting”, every time a RAIDER RB breaks a twenty yard or catches a big catch, or anything, “see Tuck Rule Game”, they call the flag, im not saying they dont hold but relax on the flags, forget about Al Davis being the owner, let these guys play, the RAIDERS org. isnt the only team that plays dirty! every football player is a dirty player, every football player fights it isnt the RAIDERS, its easy to write negative stories against a losing org. you dont need any skill or writing classes to write negative shit , trying writing something positive about these rookie player that signed quick and are ready to play, couple of years ago you guys reamed Al and the RAIDERS for not signing Jamarcus and getting him some play time, and now the same thing happens to the 9ers and nothing about how that org. is dysfunctional, just get off of the RAIDERS talk or write about, another team if you dont like the RAIDERS, unless your a closet RAIDER fan i dont understand why you are even on this blog, who cares if tom cable punched the assistant, how many tomes you here about buddy ryan, mike ditka, todd hailey, anquan boldin, write something hard its too easy to put your foot on a team that every one else is writing about all you do is copy and paste other people blogs, its old try something new. you can never change the RAIDERS legacy and history ever, so stop trying!

  • Slam

    Raider41510 says “Raiders players just as good as any other players on other teams”… look at the top fantasy QB’s, RB’s and WR’s and tell me where the Raiders players are graded. Are saying the Raiders have good def linemen ? Off linemen ? WR’s ?

    The fact is, Al Davis is 100% in charge of the roster, and it gets worse year-to-year, not better, so don’t blame our shitty play on penalties.

    Back away from the Silver and Black Kool Aid and splash some cold water on your ignorant pie hole.

    Al Davis is the worst GM in any sport anywhere. Open your eyes, fool.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    I appreciate your passion but you need to temper it with a little respect. Just because I call out an entire organization after a 45-7 loss in which not one player (except Nnamdi) or coach showed any passion (preseason or not) does not mean I’m not a true fan. Also, if you are proud of how that team played against the Saints then I wonder why you’re a Raider fan. This is my team for life and that will never change. However, it does not mean that they get a pass for such poor play.

    Also, you know what happens when you assume, right? Since you love to act like you know so much about me and my readers, here are a few links to some other things I’ve written about the Raiders over the last six months. Maybe you’ll stop by here more often so you can read my posts before assuming I’m a “closet” fan.

    Here is one on Al Davis:

    Since you’re a little late to the Heyward-Bey/Crabtree thing, here is a post I wrote the day DHB signed:

    When everyone else was saying that there was a QB controversy in Oakland, I wrote this:

    Here is one about how ESPN loves to hate the Raiders:

    And just so you don’t think all I do is read the headlines, here is one about Justin Fargas and Tom Cable:

    Maybe I’m not “good enough” to be a Raider fan in your book. But that won’t stop me from rooting for my favorite team or for writing about my favorite team.

    For better or for worse.

  • Drew

    “…who cares if tom cable punched the assistant…”

    raider41510 – I have a feeling “the assistant” cares about it and the other guys on the coaching staff as well…just to name a few. Blaming the refs and the league for all of the Raiders problems is hardly going to rectify years of bad draft choices/acquisitions, bonehead decisions and lethargic (at best) play on the field. BTW, what flavor is Raider Kool-Aid that you’re drinking? Is it really Black & Silver like Slam suggested?