Raiders want Rich Gannon Removed from CBS Broadcast

Before today, it didn’t seem like that much time had passed since the last trip to the Super Bowl. However, after today it feels like an eternity.

David White of the San Francisco Chronicle reports the Oakland Raiders have requested that former All-Pro quarterback Rich Gannon be removed from the CBS broadcast of the game against the Broncos this Sunday.

“Rich Gannon is not welcome here,” Raiders executive John Herrera said Friday when asked about the ban. “We told CBS we did not want him in our building, we did not want him to be part of our production meeting, and that’s where it sits.”

“He’s attacked us on a regular basis since becoming a member of the media,” Herrera said. “After affording him the opportunity to establish a career here, he has since gone on to attack us in a way that’s totally unacceptable.”

Since we’re talking about the front office of the Oakland Raiders, there is the obligatory element of the bizarre as well.

Herrera quoted Gannon as saying in several interviews they should just “blow up the building and start over” in Oakland. Team officials took that as literally as they did figuratively, and told Gannon as much before last season’s home game against the Chiefs.

“We think in a post 9/11 world, that’s not a very proper thing to say,” Herrera said. “It’s uncalled for. He seems to be a guy who can’t get over the fact that he played the worst Super Bowl game in the history of the game and he wants to blame everybody but himself.

“I guess it’s our fault he threw five interceptions.”

Is it just me or does that read like something you’re heard from a drunken Bronco fan? Going to the “five interceptions” card is just a low blow and uncalled for.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this.

Certainly the Raiders have the right to run their business as they see fit. However, it’s not like Rich Gannon is some hot shot broadcaster looking to stir up ratings. He is a former MVP and was model employee while in Oakland.

If the Raiders came out and banned Bob Costas for no reason, I’d be able to come up with 5,000 reasons to keep him out of Alameda County. But for Gannon, I need a better explanation than simply doing his job and being insensitive to 9/11.  Gannon is paid to give his opinion as a former pro with great insight. His recent comments on JaMarcus Russell were meant to be informative more so than critical. If Al Davis is looking to ban anyone who speaks ill of his franchise or his young quarterback, then he might want to look into what his passing game coordinator Ted Tollner had to say about JaMarcus and his progess.

Gannon has earned the right to say whatever he wants about the Raiders. As a man who had much success in Silver and Black, he must be just as pained to see what has happened since his retirement.

As always, I’m sure there is much more to this than is being reported. Gannon was believed to have been interested in joining the front office in Oakland. We know how those talks went since he still works for CBS, ironically broadcasting a game that will not even be seen on the local affiliates.

The sad part is that now the list of people banned from the Coliseum includes a man who not so long ago helped fill it. How can it be that an MVP’s name can be found on the same list as drunken fools who were arrested and kicked out on Sundays?   


UPDATE: Not that the Raiders were in any position to dictate who CBS would use on the broadcast, but Yahoo! Sports reports that the Oakland brass has backed off in their attempts to keep Gannon out of the Coliseum on Sunday.



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  • lexi

    Get over it, that’s what broadcasters do. And stop using 9/11 comparisons

  • DaHawn49er

    It’s a lil funny how Raiders always talk trash, Now someone does it to them and they don’t like it, Get over it, Let the man do his job.

  • Slam

    John Herrera’s comments sicken me. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Rich Gannon was the ultimate Raider; among other things the guy broke his neck trying to make a play for the Silver and Black.

    This ranks right up there with the time the Raiders went out of there way to tell the media that Marcus Allen was banging Nicole Simpson. Classy.

    Al still can’t get over the fact that Gruden brought in Gannon against Al’s wishes ( because he didn’t have the huge arm ) and Gruden was right.

  • j.p.

    lets quit wiyh the gannon talk and start thinking of a way to get russell on a train the f–k out of oakland

  • http://Google Reyes M. Villavicencio

    WOW to talk that way about Rich Gannon is insane they need to start doing something with Russell he seems to think he is in high school. He is throwing some terrible passes and can’t even get out of the pocket and move around. He needs to lose some weight so he can move around. He also needs to look around instead of just focusing on one player when he is passing the ball. I love my Raiders but they have been disappointing for a longtime and need to get something going.


  • Rich the Ruler

    The Raider organization is at an all time low. Al Davis has his hand up so much a** and John Herrera is his favorite puppet. This team will not be respectable while Al is still alive. I am a fan but it’s time to draw the line on this nonsense.

    Gannon is telling it like it is!

  • Rich the Ruler

    JaBustus is not taking being a starting NFL QB seriously! Work at your craft son! He is trying to get by on his strong arm. He is out of shape and can’t read the defenses. I smell BUST!

  • michael wainwright

    This is getting ridiculous. I hope Los Angeles wakes up and aquires a football team because I’m becoming really disgusted with the whole Raider approach to football. I stick up for this franchise every time I get into a football conversation but when I read stuff like this I just shake my head and ask myself how do complete IDIOTS get involved in the running of a pro football team. The Raiders are pathetic and let their fans down week after week. Herrera you should be fired and bag groceries at your local supermarket. YOU ARE A MORON JUST SHUT UP

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  • David

    The Raider organization is the most deluded in sports. They are a total laughing stock. Al Davis is a senile egomaniac that still thinks people respect him and the Raiders.

  • David

    Al Davis is the Raider owner, but everyone knows that he constantly involves himself with the coaching and certainly with the draft picks. If he were doing the kind of job he is doing as an employee of any other sports franchise he would have been fired long ago. Name ONE decision he has made since the last Raider Super Bowl.

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