Raiders slide into the Black Hole with miserable loss in Houston

If you’re going to be bad, then it is best to be epically terrible. At least that seems to be the goal of Tom Cable and the akland Raiders in 2009. That is not a misprint. Cable’s offense is so horrendously ineffective that he has taken the “O” out of Oakland.

The akland Raiders went down without any fight at all in a 29-6 loss to the Houston Texans.

Against the NFL’s worst run defense, the Raiders rushing attacked netted a grand total of 45 yards on 22 attempts. The only time a man in a Raider jersey has found the end zone in two weeks was when Justin Fargas was dropped for a safety in the third quarter.

Overall, the Raiders gained just 165 yards of total offense. This is the third consecutive game in which Cable’s play calling has failed to crack the 200 yard plateau, averaging just 156 total yards per contest.

According to Cable, Raider receivers dropped a total of 9 balls as well. Not much help for JaMarcus Russell whose completion percentage has fallen into the abyss.

While the defense had some communication errors in pass coverage and failed to stop the run at some key points, they did force two turnovers and sacked Matt Schaub four times. The bend-but-not-break style of play has yielded some impressive results when faced with stopping opponents in the red zone. Were it not for the “D”, this one could have been much less flattering than a simple 23 point loss.

Now comes the pain.

Sunday’s loss makes the Raiders 1-3 with games against the Giants, Eagles, Jets and Chargers on the horizon.

Come Thanksgiving, the East Bay could vanish from the map all together. Being sucked down into the dark chasm opened up underneath the akland Coliseum.

In two weeks, the Raiders have been outscored 52-9 without as much as a sniff of the opponents’ goal line.

There is really nothing positive to take from the loss. Zach Miller could be a causality of war having sustained a concussion late in the game.

100 regular season games since the Raiders last played in the Super Bowl and they’ve won just 25 times. There clearly is no limit to how much lower this franchise can sink with uninspired efforts like these.

Hopefully, Cable will find that “O” somewhere in the depths of football hell sometime soon. His offensive output is staring to make Raider fans miss the 15-point-per-game days of Tom Walsh.  


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  • Eddy T

    I never use to have it but I got a full case of DDS (Davis Derangement Syndrome)
    It starts off with Javon Walker not starting or even playing. Cable is just providing cover because there is some stupid reason that Davis has for not having him play.
    As for the game, I can’t blame our running backs for the loss, Barry Sanders could not even get a yard with that oline. The oline is horrible and this just goes to show that Gallery is actually pretty good. Satele was traded from the Dolphins for a reason, cause he is not good. Our oline is made up players who would barely make it on the 2nd string of other teams.
    Our tempo is slow and our plays are predictable. I guess we do not know how to throw a screen.
    As for the defense, the play calling is horrible and the only reason they are some what respectable because of Ellis,Seymore,Asmugha and Huff (Who is pleasantly surprising me). But in the 2nd half,the Texans went conservative and its pretty easy to be good when you what is coming.
    So all in all, the reason I blame Davis the most is because he is determined to win his way. These issues should have addressed in the draft. We should have went oline in the draft but nope, we had to have James Jett part 2. I am still sold on Murphy, I think he will turn out ok and Mike Mitchell will be good. The Seymore trade was good so I will give Al Davis that.
    Finally, it all comes down to JaMarcus and it’s time to start thinking that maybe he was slightly over rated coming out of LSU. Maybe this one time was the time that we shouldn’t have actually listened to Mel Kiper on draft day.
    I don’t know were the Raiders go from here but I will stick with them cause I am too stubborn to ever give up. Heck, they moved to another city and I still stuck with them. Whats another losing season and/or coach?

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  • Aaronraider13

    It was great to see Chris Johnson get flagged for that crazy celebration he did after the interception. It was also great to see that Texan take the punt back for a touchdown and do his little dance withour being flagged. The Raiders are a bad team, its cool how the NFL still flags them for things other teams do weekly. I think i will stop spending any more money on anything NFL. They don’t need Raider fans. We are all criminals and costume wearing weirdos to them. Well you got what you wanted. I am done wasting time and money on the NFL.
    Thanks for the memories!!

  • Slam

    Jon Gruden was a unique man who subtly pushed Al Davis out of the way ( using Bruce Allen to distract Davis ), rallied the troops around him, brought in a QB who fit Gruden’s offense ( not Davis’ ), and for a couple of years dominated the AFC.

    When Gruden became the face of the Raiders, Davis became jealous and “traded” him to Tampa Bay.

    Since then the Raiders have been coached by men who cannot manage Al Davis. Davis and his destructive ego have ruled the roost, and as of today the Silver and Black have lost 75 of their last 100 games.

    You can blame Tom Cable, 9-11, Rich Gannon, global warming, Javon Walker, etc. if it makes you feel better, but THE FACT IS Al Davis is ruining his team.

    Al Davis would rather lose DOING IT HIS WAY than give the power to someone else ( Jon Gruden )and watch the team win. THAT IS 100% of the problem. Anything else is incidental.

    Our only recourse as Raiders fans is to not spend one more dime on the Raiders. That’s all we got.

    Anybody want to buy my Jets tickets ?

  • Aaronraider13

    Gruden was leaving anyway. He was trying to get the 49er job. He wanted the Notre Dame job. He was gone anyway. Al got some picks for him. People try to rewrite history to make Al Look worse. He already looks bad enough. Al does not miss tackles or blocks. Al does not drop the ball. Blame him for everything if it makes you feel better. The NFL is a joke of a league with one set of rules for the Raiders and another set for everyone else.

  • Slam

    Aaron – you’re right that Gruden was looking for greener pastures, but you conveniently ignore the gist of what I’m trying to say, and that is Al Davis thinks he alone should run all facets of the Raiders. How about Davis as a talent evaluator ? look at our last 10 drafts; How about as a GM; and look at our trades and free agent aquisitions.

    Randy Moss for a 4th rounder ? Excuse me while I wipe the puke of my keyboard.

    Why does Dan Rooney win ? because he hires men like Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher; and he GETS OUT OF THE WAY.

    And let’s just say for the sake of arguement that the league is “out to get” the Raiders. Why should the league treat Al Davis fairly when all he does is fuck with everybody. He doesn’t DESERVE the benefit of doubt. He’s a litigious, contentious, delusional, paranoid asshole. People like that somehow always get screwed over in this life…what a weird coincidence.

    If you say the Raiders have lost 75 of the last 100 because there is “one set of rules for the Raiders…”, go crawl back under your rock and dust of your Autumn Wind T-Shirt for the next home game. Your fellow morons await you.

  • Aaronraider13

    I blame Al for what Al should be blamed for. You are the moron who pines away for John Gruden. Gruden is gone. Gruden and his face mugging for the camera all the time. Get over him. Its morons like you that like to overlook the fact that the Raiders get jobbed by the refs every season. Its morons like you that think its acceptable to screw a team on the field because the owner is an A-hole. Al is the only A-hole owner in the NFL? Really?? Dan Rooney gets Superbowls handed to him by the Refs. I have seen it first hand. Wipe the Gruden off of your lip.

  • Slam

    You’re right about my man crush on Gruden.

    But You’re wrong about the league conspiracy against the Raiders. The Raider’s problems are 100% of their own making. In my opinion.

    So I guess we’re even.


  • raiderwardog

    ive been a raider fan all my life. ive been with them thru the good years and the bad. this streak is different than before. i now fully expect the raiders too lose everyweek. the raiders have taken my favorite part of football out ..-trash talking!!! there is no way you can talk trash when the team you root for is now the detroit lions of the afc. and yet there i sit every sunday wasting my money and time watching the joke of the nfl. will this ever end???

  • Kate

    Some of you people are remarkably stupid. Seriously. You think the Raiders are a laughing stock because the referees job them week after week or due to the absence of trash-talking? Prior posters are exactly right – look no farther than Al Davis – he’s ultimately responsible for the roster year after year (which is the problem incidentally; he shouldn’t be the coach or a GM should). To all you others: Sometimes a pathetic embarrassment of team/franchise deserves its pathetic embarrassment of a fan base. AND VICE VERSA.