Al Davis is on thin ice with Raider Nation

By the time John Herrera finishes reading this, I have no doubt my name will be listed alongside that of Rich Gannon as banned from the Oakland Coliseum.

Of course, Al Davis would be doing me and my wallet a favor by keeping me out of his house of football pain.

My support for the Silver and Black will never change. I will always spend my Sundays in the fall cheering on my team, for better or for worse. For my words, I’ll be praised by Raider Haters and bashed by Raider faithful.

However, just because I support the Raiders does not mean I have to support the owner. Between the two I’ve drawn a line and I am not alone.

If Al Davis assumes that his fan base will continue to support blindly, then he is as foolish as he is arrogant.

It is a safe bet that unless Roger Goodell has mercy on the Bay Area, not another Raider home game will be seen locally on television. For those who cannot connect the dots, this means you can expect a lot of empty seats in the Coliseum this year.

Losing is part of the game. Aside from the ’72 Dolphins, no professional football team has gone through a year without tasting defeat. I can accept losing. What I cannot accept is a constant cycle of losing brought on by out dated policies, irrational personnel decisions and wretched abuse of the fans.

Professional sports are entertainment. Albeit, the pinnacle of entertainment.

Professional sports are also a sacrifice. Those who play and coach the game sacrifice their minds and bodies for the sport they love. Fans sacrifice their time and money for the team they choose to support.

In return, all the players, coaches and fans alike request is that ownership shows them respect and appreciation.

Al Davis is a giant in the sports world. Without him, professional football would not be the cash cow and backbone of the American landscape that it is. Soon, he’ll find out that all those consumers whom he fought so hard for to give them the quality product they deserved will have forgotten his glorious past. 

Davis has done much for Raider Nation. But this is a what have you done for me lately business. Lately, business has been horrible and Davis has done little to change that.

Raider fans were willing to be patient after that horrific loss to Chucky in the Super Bowl. We all knew that the Raiders were a veteran team who were going to have to rebuild on the fly. The painful end to Rich Gannon’s career also meant that getting a new face of the franchise was on the to-do-list. So far, JaMarcus Russell is as close to being a franchise quarterback as General Motors is to being a franchise worth investing in again.

Six years removed from the Barret Robbins debacle and we’re all feeling manic.

If the Raiders have not hit rock bottom it is only because the team still exists. At this rate, the Oakland Raiders are quickly becoming the Leeds United of American football.

There are no more positives to be found in any way. There is no reason to get your hopes up on any given Sunday. There really is no reason other than pride to support this franchise any longer.

None the less, I’ll still be up bright and early on Sunday, at a local bar, proudly supporting my team in what seems like an eminent embarrassing loss to the New York Giants.

From here on out, I’ll gladly support local business on Sundays as opposed to Al Davis. My money is no longer funding a franchise with delusions of grandeur.

Again, I know I am not alone and if Al Davis thinks I am, just wait until he sees the sea of empty seats on Sunday, October 18th.

We don’t ask for much as Raider fans. Just give us a team whose effort we can appreciate. Wins will come if the right approach is taken. Right now, that approach is nothing more than a thoughtless assemblage of players and coaches passed off as an excuse to get season ticket holders to cough up cash in an economy in worse shape than Kevin Federline.

I know I am not alone when saying this even if I’m the only one who is speaking up.

There is too much talent on this team for one player to hold it back. JaMarcus Russell better start taking his job seriously before he doesn’t have one any longer.

There is too much support for this team for one owner to run it into the ground. Al Davis had better start taking Raider Nation serious before he doesn’t have enough sustainable income to keep his franchise afloat.


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  • http://none john in santa barbara

    I have been a Raider fan since Darrell Lamonica was throwing. I am

  • http://none john in santa barbara

    I have beeb a Raider fan since Darrell Lamonica was throwing. The slide downhill began when Al Davis benched Marcus Allen. Al Davis put football behind his own personal bullshit. After that Raider Nation has been on short winning rations. This is the first year thatdid’t buy any Raider T-Shirts or hats or anything else. This year I am going to vote with my wallet. Do you hear that Al Davis, if not your investors willl.

  • michael wainwright

    It’s just plain embarassing each time the Raiders take the field. Circus music can be played in the background each time Russell drops back to pass. This is not a professional football team this is a JOKE! I feel bad for the fans that bought season tickets what a waste of money. It’s pathetic watching the Raiders (but I will keep watching cuz I’m a die hard)I just can’t imagine going to a game spending hard earned money and then watching the comedy show on the football field. It’s disgusting and it’s disrespectful to true Raider fans. I wish all the fans would boycott the rest of the home games just to send a message not that Davis will care but the bottom line is he is playing games with the wrong crowd. Keep it up Davis and no future fans will be joining the Raider family which means eventually there will be no Raider fans in existence. Jamarcus YOU SUCK! You’re a disgrace take off that uniform and leave us Raider fans alone!

  • SoCalRaider430

    I’ll continue to wear my old RAIDER shirts & refuse to buy anymore merchandise for now. Hope that if we as fans keep from giving Al Davis money, he actually notices that enough is enough!

  • Ashley

    I couldn’t agree more. This is getting awfully hard to swallow. I love football with an extreme passion, and for better or worse the Raiders are my team. I have lived outside of California for some time and it’s always amazing how many Raider fans you see everywhere and how we all take the time to talk to each other once we realize our collective affiliation. What’s more amazing is that we still have the desire to seek out these conversations. Al, do your people read these things? It wouldn’t shock me if the same paranoid, delusional group that barred Rich Gannon from it’s grounds, red flagged everything on the internet. Please start listening to your franchises’ fans. Please consider getting a consultant. This doesn’t mean you have to let someone else make the decisions for you(not that it would be a terrible idea). Is too much information a bad thing? Would it have been a bad idea to have known that maybe DHB really has a problem catching the ball? Would it have been really hard to investigate DMC’s capacity for fumbling? Whether or not JaMarcus ever had any potential, it’s clear to EVERYONE that he doesn’t anymore. Next year is a quaterback draft…let’s hope we realize this in time. Please Mr. Davis. Can’t you see that in spite of the train wreck your customers have had to endure over the last decade, we still care, and would be more then willing to give you everything, if you gave us a little? I don’t question that it is a matter of you not caring. I truly believe this kills you as much as it does us, and probably a whole lot more. You are too smart to not see how this is all not working at all. I, unlike a lot of other people at this point, still like you as the owner of the Raiders. You are the Raiders, and it would be strange without you. It is time for you to get a little bit of help in your offices. The kind of help you respect and take seriously. For you more then us Mr. Davis. I can’t wait for the day I have more then absolutely no hope at all on a sunday. I love football and I love the Raiders. Please do the right thing Mr. Davis.

  • cwoodsraider21

    Aside from Al Davis, I really don’t understand the Jamarcus situation. Obviously he doesn’t look good in games. But it seems like I have read a bunch of articles on how good he is. Just last week Jeff Garcia said that when he was with the team, Jamarcus was an athletic freak. He said that in every drill in practice Russell does everything perfect. He also went on to describe how the rest of the team has absolutely no passion and no drive to win. This makes me think that Jamarcus Russell really does have what it takes, its the team. Tom Cable put blame on the recievers, saying they dropped 9 balls against Houston (games aren’t on tv in Michigan). So how do we know who really sucks? It could be the O-line, it could be the receivers, or it could be Russell. From my point of view, it seems like Russell could have some good game if he had talent around him. That’s the worst problem in football, because if we draft a QB next year, and the same shit happens as did with Jamarcus, we’re in for another year of bs. Personally, I would try to trade and do whatever we can do get more than 1 quality player and keep working with J.Russell… O line for sure, trade for quality small name receivers, but what do I know. I wanted us to trade for Cassell last year when he was on the market, because I don’t think any Rookie QB will work in this system… Remember Joey Harrington was the man coming out of college, but rookies don’t do well with terrible teams. You need to spread the talent in quantity instead of every year getting 1 guy and expecting the world out of him.

  • Ashley

    I have to respectably disagree with you. I agree that Jamarcus isn’t the only problem. There are many problems. There are also glimmers of hope that keep people like you and I and the rest of these readers in a state of false hope(like the way the D looked opening night). Jamarcus is just the glaring, terribly obvious, big herpe sore of a problem. We can’t hide it anymore. However good he looks during non game scenarios, it just doesn’t translate onto the field. I can’t see him ever turning the corner and being an even half decent qb. I wish this wasn’t the case. I have argued with other people that if Jamarcus wasn’t the guy, then the Raiders would have to start over again, and it’d be at least another 3-4 years before we might be able to come up for air; and I was absolutely in favor of sticking with him and “making” it work. I can’t find any more excuses to make for him. He looks terrible pretty much all the time. I can’t fall back on singular situations where he “came through”. Take away a penalty in that KC game, and the Raiders could very well be shooting for 0-16. I think the central point of this article was that Al Davis, for whatever reason, can’t see these kinds of things the way he used to be able to. It is very troubling. I am an LA sports fan, and the Raiders are my team. I don’t want another team. I want this team to compete, that’s all. I don’t want to be afraid to turn a game on fifteen minutes late on a Sunday because my boys could already be down by two scores. I stopped defending Al Davis about a year ago, and frankly, Jamarcus has never given me any reason to defend him. He just happened to be wearing my colors. These are Al Davis’ colors. How he doesn’t see the turn around of teams like Atlanta and Miami and understand that it had to do with good internal decisions…and that the time has come that he needs help with those…is a mystery to me. God, I want to believe. I just can’t lie to myself that I do anymore.

  • http://[email protected] greg

    I was born in oakland california the same year as the
    raiders 1960. john rauch the coach that took them to
    the super bowl in 1967. lived down the street and I
    helped his son deliver newspapers. my family went to
    all of the early games at frank youel field. have
    had consistent season tickets to this day I have
    personally met Ben Davidson, Pete banazak, Otis
    Sistrunk, Jack Tatum, and partied with the “tooz”
    John Matuzak I live and breathe raiders football
    the silver and black.Pride and poise. Just Win Baby

  • PantyRaider

    It seems as if it’s always easy to be negative especially when it concerns Al Davis and his organization but to do so while ignoring all the positives that are starring us in the face is total disregard for the facts…

    Who is Ellis…Signed off-season…

    Who is Seymour…Signed regular season…

    Who are the draft choices 2 threw whatever like “S”/”TE”/”WR”/”DE” who seem to be making an impact despite the injuries that have prevented some from being on the field…

    Who is “DHB” who gained 20 yds on a reverse and made another reception plus constantly draws the “Double” which should translate into receptions for the other “WR”s-n-”RB”s if only we had a Game-Plan….

    Who are the 2-3 un-drafted “FA”s who are making or about to make a difference on “ST”s….

    Who is the “DC” who is steadily improving our “D” now that “SOB” is no where to be found…

    Now did I forget something…Were you aware that each -n- every one of these acquisitions came to the team threw Al Davis’ efforts….

    PantyRaider…The “GodFather” Lives On!!!!/_

  • Phil

    I to was born in Jan of 1960 in Oakland. My father was a huge Raiders fan when he was alive and so am I. I have seen some great games in Oakland over the years and made the trip down to LA many times when they played down there.

    I also partied with the Tooz at Doc’s bar in Alameda, also been in Willy Brown’s house in the Berkeley Hills. Arthur Whittington is a personal friend of mine.

    In my youth after Raiders games at the Oakland coliseum, my father would take my bothers and I to Jack London Square for dinner and many Raiders players would be there, and yes, sometimes Al Davis would show up. My father would buy them drinks and they would return the favor, sometimes some of them would sit at our table like Kenny Stabler, so I have met plenty of Raiders players.

    My father was a banker and many Raider player had accounts at his bank. They were like family and I still think of Al Davis as family.

    I am just going to say this one time, and you young Raider fans take it for what it’s worth. Being a Raiders fan is away way of life, it’s not just about the wins and loses.

    The Oakland Raiders are in a very fragile state right now, Raider fans need to get their butts in the seats at the games not out of them. Why you ask? noticed I said the Oakland Raiders are in a fragile state not the Raiders. If the fans don’t go to the games the Raiders will leave back to LA. Hows that you ask? Because Al Davis signed a 15 year lease at the Oakland Coliseum in 1995, that means the Raiders don’t have to play in Oakland after this season.

    Don’t think Al won’t move the team because of lack of fan support, and sign another lease in Oakland, it’s a business just like any other. I wouldn’t blame Al if he moves the team if nobody is in the seats.

    If you like the Oakland Raiders be careful for what you ask for, like the fella who wrote this thread. You might be watching all LA Raiders the games from some bar crying in your beer because of fans like you.

  • The Kraken

    If anybody from the organization that truely cares reads any of these posts I’m sure they get the message by now. While it is easy to point out the negative, the positive at this point is that we are only 1-3 and what I considered to be a SB team the Titans are 0-4, did we get lucky with KC? YES !! we did everything to give the game away and still won some how. In one NATION I will always stand, however I do understand the frustration and hope that maybe, and I mean maybe Mr. Davis will get help in the GM position – I still think John Madden would make a good choice. If that happened I would say “Welcome Home JOHN!!”.

    But alas………. It might be just a pipe dream.

    One Kraken’s humble opinion!!!
    Since 1963

  • The Kraken

    SHIT !! if The RAIDERS moved back to LA it would cost me money LOL…..

    I would have to get seaon tickets !!

    Live only 1 hr. away LOL


  • Phil

    LOL, I live in Costa Rica now, but the Raiders belong in Oakland. I go to 4 or 5 home games a year. But the flight from Costa Rica to LA is a shorter flight with no layovers like flying into Oakland.

  • Aaronraider13

    I quit spending money on all things NFL after watching the stealers get handed the superbowl by the refs against seattle. Maybe Al has lost a step or two. Does that mean his team should be officiated differently then the other 31? Its a game of inches. If the game was called evenly does anyone think the Raiders lose 11 games 6 years in a row? They are not a good team, fine. I am tired of watching a lousy team, and i am tired of watching the NFL get revenge on Al by screwing his team on the field. They don’t need my money. They don’t want my support.

  • Raiderfannaz

    With a quaterback who is struggling and a running back who made the wildcat formation famous, why wasn’t it and isn’t it used. Now Mcfadden is out for a while and it is too late. Al, listen sir we all have much respect for your acolades and what you did for every football fan in America. Your actions earned you a spot in the Hall of Fame. Was that your goal and now you are just experimenting with what you think is talent? Let’s face it sir, Jamarcus sucks, he looks lost and plays lost. he doesn’t provide the leadership needed to run an NFL team. I like Cable because he is tuff and learned his football in the trenches. But if he is so frustrated at rebellious coaches who disagree with what is going on that allegations of a scuffle have been brought to light. What the “F” Al, I blame you. He is a reflection of you and our beloved Raiders. The Raider Nation is shrinking because the new generations want to follow a winner. My 13 year old son who is suppose to be influenced by me think the Raiders suck and is a AZ Cardinal fan, can you beleive it. I never thought in my lifetime that the Cardinal fan base would ever grow. They were the laughing stock of the NFL for years, but that baton was passed to the Raiders. Al, the Raider Nation will be a Raider Village in 5 years if you don’t give your coaches the freedom to compete in the NFL………

  • Kelly

    As far as staying in Oakland..ITS A FACT HES LEAVING! he sued to get out of the lease in 2002 and was defeated in court..HE’S GONE AFTER 2010!!,AND F’K OAKLAND ANYWAY,NOBODY SHOULD BE FORCED TO PLAY THERE!!


  • RaiderMike In LA

    Raidernation, I have to admit that the author of this article and the response from the die-hard fans is dead on the money. my family took pride in building the coliseum in the 60′s as carpenters, silver and black blood runs thru our veins, but enough is enough!that’s it!
    25-75 in the last 100 games should have been 75-25 instead
    i can not endure any more lost games, raidernation has voiced their displeasure with the prevent defense, the unconsistent play, the arrogancy of leaving Jamarcus in until we lose 7 in a row until we finally lost any hope for a winning season. his work ethic is spelled out every sunday and respected season ticket holders truly deserve more than this 3-ring circus event. What we are saying is that we can predict the outcomes 3-4 games in advance! when is a respected organization we totally love going to listen to what their fans want to see. Raider Football.

  • PantyRaider


    I have to agree…I spent my last time here in Thailand when I paid $69 for NFL GameDay which is blacked out within US Air Space…The add declared “See Every game” but as it turned out the pre-season games are only shown according to NFL popularity at the rate of 2 games per week which did not include my beloved Raiders….When I complained I was told to read the “Fine Print”….Later I was told the NFL granted a refund but what they did is charge my account again the 14th of Sept and send my account into the Red to the tune of some $80 in fees…They refunded the second $69 transaction but won’t answer my replies about the $69 sub in August or the bank fees they cause my bank to hit me with….So I’m at present out about $150 and have told them I will file a complaint when I return in Nov and blog about it everywhere….As if they even care…

    “BootLeg” will become my middle name as I have “Copy” material produced here in Cambodia/Thailand….Koh Kong to be exact…And I will continue until I feel I have recouped all my expenses “+” Incentives….

    PantyRaider…..Anyone want to make an order!!!!/_

  • OakRaidFan


    Al signed a 16-year lease, not 15. The lease runs out after the end of next season (2010-11), which is also when the CBA (Collective bargaining Agreement) runs out.



  • PantyRaider

    As far as the Raiders moving south…That’s a possibility and I have to agree with Phil here…”Support-or-Lose” plain-n-simple….

    All this continued “Bashin” of the man who gave the greatness of his life for this franchise and the NFL is worthless and will gain absolutely nothing at all…To disrespect the one who gave us so many treasured memories is absolutely pitiful…

    Consensus is the root cause of most of the teams woes is a lack of motivation as pointed out by the likes of Ellis/Seymour/Namndi -n- Cable to name a few….Sense when was it Al Davis’ responsibility to motivate these players…If him opening up his wallet to them isn’t motivation enough that just what the hell is….

    Nope!!!….Motivation is on the shoulders of the Players-n-Coaches alike NOT upon the Ownership…The ownership screwed-up by promoting these coaches and paying these unmotivated players too damn much cash….

    PantyRaider….All Hail da “GodFather”!!!/_

  • tailgate rod

    Our problem for the paying customers is that it is getting so negative in the coliseum that its hard to enjoy anything about the game day experience other than tailgating. Realistically we have walked out of the coliseum with our heads down more than up and recently I have had to muster up that hope.
    That is all we have right now is hope. But al is part of the problem. His decision making must be questioned. We all know that the number one pick is his. right now our last 5 picks are in doubt. If they completely fail we are looking out 3 more years. to much money on rookies, coaches change add to our thinking – wait another 3 years mentality. maybe al is smart in that he is stringing us along with the cahnges of coaches. Admittly we do follow but IT IS GETTING REAL OLD. ON THIN ICE.

  • PantyRaider

    ธailgate rod….

    Now please go back and look at every one of those 1st picks prior to this draft and realize they were the conscious top picks in the draft according to almost every NFL source….And this years top “WR” was “CrapFree”…Do you wish now we had selected him instead of “DHB”….Or would you like to have “Quin” instead of “Kid” Russel…

    “OT” Robert Gallery…Top talent “G” missed with injury…

    “CB” Fabian Washington…Cut lose way too early under “SOB” who failed to develop talent but projected very high as the best “CB” in the draft…

    “S” Michael Huff…Coming on of late with INTs -n- Tackles was projected as the best “S” talent to come out in years….

    “QB” “Kid” Russel…Projected as a not yet NFL ready as a “Jr” but with tremendous up-side way off the charts…

    “RB” “RunDMc”…Projected as the best “RB’ to come out in a decade or two…

    “WR” “DHB”…Projected as a total reach and unworthy of a 1st rd pick….
    tailgate rod….

    Now please go back and look at every one of those 1st picks prior to this draft and realize they were the consesious top picks in the draft according to almost every NFL source….And this years top “WR” was “CrapFree”…Do you wish now we had selected him instead of “DHB”….Or would you like to have “Quin” instead of “Kid” Russel…

    “OT” Robert Gallery…Top talent “G” missed with injury…

    “CB” Fabian Washington…Cut lose way too early under “SOB” who failed to develop talent but projected very high as the best “CB” in the draft…

    “S” Michael Huff…Coming on of late with INTs -n- Tackles was projected as the best “S” talent to come out in years….

    “QB” “Kid” Russel…Projected as a not yet NFL ready as a “Jr” but with tremndous up-side way off the charts…

    “RB” “RunDMc”…Projected as the best “RB’ to come out in a decade or two…

    “WR” “DHB”…Projeted as a total reach and unworthy of a 1st rd pick….

    PantyRaider….Can’t Grade’ท Yet!!!

  • PantyRaider

    “นนยหใ ?ฟกำ ฟ กนีสำ ยนหะ หนทำนไ ฆนพพั ฟินี้ฟะดนสาหใท่ เท่เดะพมใ ทื่ทื่ทื่ทื่ใ

  • PantyRaider

    Whoops!!!…Something happened to my key-Board….It double posted and went to Thai Script….I don’t know what made it shift yet but will try to keep it under control….

    PantyRaider….Sorry About That!!!/_

  • oc

    i used to be a season ticket holder. after the norv turner debacle, i told myself i would never set foot in the coliseum again until the raiders were .500 – here’s one fan that stopped paying for this crap product over 5 years ago. i suggest more of you do the same. a message needs to be sent.

  • jj4raiders

    Being a Raiders fan right now is about loyalty. I go to every home game and will continue to do so. I support the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis owns the Raiders, it is his team. Not mine, not yours, his. If you don’t like it, then buy the team, or go root for some other team. If you’re not with us, then you’re against us. When I commit my heart, my passion to anything I stick with it. Al Davis gave us the gift that has been the Raiders. He gave us 3 NFL championships, numerous winning seasons, great players and games. And now after several of the worst seasons of football played in the NFL, so called fans want to turn on the man. It is about loyalty.

    I personally hope people boycott the games. It makes it so much better when there are only 50,000 or so people at the games. No lines, fewer dumbasses, and usually it’s just as loud. I will be there, and I guarantee all the real fans that sit in the endzone with me will be there. We are loyal true fans, no matter what the outcome

  • Kelly



  • Me, myself and I

    jj4raiders is an idiot… What about the loyalty of Oakland fans b4 Al screwed them in 82 or the loyal LA fans in 95.

    It’s a business. Al is an old fool and his product sucks. Damn right boycott him! And he hasn’t got a prayer of moving back to LA… Why would Ed Roski want this now morbid franchise as opposed to the Chargers who have a fan base in Orange Couny and the new LA stadium will be minutes away from the OC.

    Get your head out your ass and understand loyalty goes both ways and Al Davis is only loyal unto himself. The Raiders will not improve until that man is dead. Period!

  • Al’s Wingman

    this type of fallout is a long time coming, too long, even for fierce Raiders loyalists. It should be plainly obvious at this point Al could care less about the fans. That has always been his position but many fans have chosen to believe otherwise and wasted a lot of time, money and energy supporting a black hole of a man. Bottom line is Al is shortsighted despite his affirmations otherwise. He looks to his own benefit ahead of what is best for the game, the fans and everyone else.

  • Brews

    Phil, you can’t have it both ways–you say that “being a Raider fan is a way of life and not just about wins & losses”, but then you go on to say that you wouldn’t be surprised if Davis moves the team because football is “still a business like any other.” So it’s business like any other for the owner, but the fans have to accept a shitty product? Businesses take care of their customers—if they don’t, business will suffer.
    I’m so tired of people talking about “real fans do this, real fans do that”…..This is America, & I exercise the freedom to think for myself—who are you to tell me whether I’m a real fan or not–I don’t care who you’ve met. I’m a fan because I’m a fan. Many of these morons who like to pound their chest & accuse people of being “hater”s are just idiot followers who’d drink kool-aid if Davis told them to. Go join a cult–you’d be good at it.
    Some of us who have brains and use them just aren’t as good at lying to ourselves—-The Raiders are a dysfunctional organization, have been for a few years, and it shows on the field. That’s not “hating”, that is REALITY. Don’t “hate” on people who are mature enough to admit what is true—if you can’t face the truth, then you’re weak.
    I love the Raider football team—I’m not a fan of Davis. I’m boycotting until a GM is hired, then I’ll tune back in. You can talk about “loyalty” all you want–but I’m tired of ruining my every Sunday (like a lot of you, I work my ass off & my weekends are important to me). Loyalty is a virtue, but blind loyalty is a weakness, and only fools do it.
    We who say “boycott” don’t hate the Raiders, we love ‘em too much to accept this level of futility any longer.

  • Slam

    As a Raiders fan since 1968, I respect all the opinions put out there by the Raider Nation hardcore.

    My position is senile, paranoid, bitter Al Davis is a piece of crap, and my only intelligent way to punish him is to not spend one dollar on any Raiders tickets or gear.

    If you want to keep going to the games “win or lose” because “it’s a way of life”, I respect that. I totally disagree with you, but that’s your right as a consumer in a free market economy.

    I’m getting Cal Bears season tix next year. Suck it, Al.

  • disgustedashell

    The nfl in general is becoming a joke, so many rules you cant even enjoy a game anymore, murphy has been shafted a couple times this year and johnson as well, bullshit calls all of them. You see the same thing in every game all sunday long, but we seem to be the only team that gets every call going against us, screw the nfl. Im tired of so many games being decided by some bonehead ref. Let the players play, bring back the old nfl when if was actually fun to watch.

  • RaiderCal

    Let’s all make a deal. If you have a 3rd grade education, or otherwise illiterate, you’re not allowed to post. If you don’t know the difference between “their” and “they’re” or “through” and “threw”, please don’t embarrass the rest of us. Raider fans already have an image problem.

    Next, I’m tired of all of the “Al Davis is god” talk around Raider Nation. Al would sell out his own mother if the price was right. Chucke takes a 4-12 Raider team to a SuperBowl contender, and Al sees that he’s gone. Marcus Allen makes the cover of Sports Illustrated, and he is benched. Presumably, we are told, “nobody is bigger than the Raiders” (Al Davis). Excuse me, Mr. Davis, but you mean to say, “My ego shall not be surpassed by any other wearing the Silver and Black.” That’s what we’re dealing with, Al’s Pride. I read somewhere that Pride comes before The Fall.

  • raider 1970

    Thanksgiving day should not feature the raiders the nfl needs to do flex schuedule turkey poisoning is enough raider quarterback poisoning is lethal

  • Tom

    I have been a die hard Raider Fan since birth , and have followed from the bay to L.A. and back . but i 100% agree . long live the Nation lets just hope Al’s son doesnt continue down this horrible , horrible path .

  • brad

    will davis just do everyone a favor and die already so we can start to develop an offensive line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raider41510

    fuckin crazy that every wannabe RAIDER fan aka writer, bashes his own team and fans that wish people dead, no wonder everyone thinks RAIDER fans are idiots cuz most are if you think its Al Davis’ fault, he dont play on the field, hold the players accountable not the owner, the owner is doing what he can do, if players dont show up and play its their fault, none of you said shit from 1999- 2002, was it Al Davis’ fault that Ricj gannon threw 5 int in the SB, no, is it Al Davis’ fault for the bullshit calls no, if the RAIDER were winning you’d al suck Al dick but cuz the RAIDER players are losing the games you all are takin the easy way out, lets follow the so called experts aka writers who wish they can play and blame Al, go be a niner fan you know you want to….RAIDERHATERS!!

  • Slam

    So if I understand Raider41510 correctly, when the Raiders are winning (under Gruden) Al Davis is a genius; and when they are LOSING ( 75 of the last 100 but hey, who’s counting ? ), he plays the “Al Davis doesn’t block and tackle” card.

    You can’t have it both ways; if you elect him Pope when times are good, then you gotta let us throw rocks when things are shakier than Christmas morning at Johnny and Kate’s.

  • raider41510

    lets see how many idiots blame Al Davis for the o line , d line, special teams and cables play calling, yeah its all Al Davis’ fault, al is out there droppin passes al is out there not blocking al, al, al , al you wannabe writers bloggers who call yorself RAIDER FANS…LOL keep blaming al, sound like a broken record, the players are on the field, and the players couldnt stop the Giants 2nd string players, oh but its al fault, retarded, when are the players ever responsible why do you blame a guy who brought the RAIDERS three SB, and who the fuck is talkin about gruden and Al being a genius, read the blog, you suck on Al Davis cock when the RAIDERS win and hate on hi when “HIS” team not your team loses, player are responsible plain and simple, call out players if you have the ball to, or just do what all you RAIDER HATERS, fans do paste and copy what others say cuz you dont have your own opinions! o line sucks, d line sucks, too many crybabies on the team that fall down and get hurt, fargas sucks, heyward bey sucks russell is sorry, routt sucks, linebackers have no clue, special teams are that “special”, the team, not AL has no heart, and do not understand blocking schemes, and cant understand on two, on two…false start idiots players it your fault, not an 80 yr old man that paid them to play a kids game! step up and be responsible! Al Davis its not his fault!

  • Ashley

    Actually, considering Al is notorious for over controlling all of his teams, making EVERY decision be it player personal or basic on field strategy, and making hasty, often ill-advised decisions, I think you could say that he should shoulder ALL the blame. Put any other smart GM in his place, and those players wouldn’t be on the field. Period. If the people talking negatively about Al didn’t care passionately about the raiders, would we be wasting our time writing on this blog that changes nothing? Obviously it is killing us(or at least me) every single sunday. Would YOU start Jamarcus Russel(at this point in his career) at Quarterback in the NFL if you were a GM of a team. Not unless you were a stubborn asshole. Even a moron can be told what to do.

  • briggo1

    Please Al Davis give up the #8 pick for Ben Roethlisberger! Make the deal today!!!!!!!!!!