Al Davis is on thin ice with Raider Nation

By the time John Herrera finishes reading this, I have no doubt my name will be listed alongside that of Rich Gannon as banned from the Oakland Coliseum.

Of course, Al Davis would be doing me and my wallet a favor by keeping me out of his house of football pain.

My support for the Silver and Black will never change. I will always spend my Sundays in the fall cheering on my team, for better or for worse. For my words, I’ll be praised by Raider Haters and bashed by Raider faithful.

However, just because I support the Raiders does not mean I have to support the owner. Between the two I’ve drawn a line and I am not alone.

If Al Davis assumes that his fan base will continue to support blindly, then he is as foolish as he is arrogant.

It is a safe bet that unless Roger Goodell has mercy on the Bay Area, not another Raider home game will be seen locally on television. For those who cannot connect the dots, this means you can expect a lot of empty seats in the Coliseum this year.

Losing is part of the game. Aside from the ’72 Dolphins, no professional football team has gone through a year without tasting defeat. I can accept losing. What I cannot accept is a constant cycle of losing brought on by out dated policies, irrational personnel decisions and wretched abuse of the fans.

Professional sports are entertainment. Albeit, the pinnacle of entertainment.

Professional sports are also a sacrifice. Those who play and coach the game sacrifice their minds and bodies for the sport they love. Fans sacrifice their time and money for the team they choose to support.

In return, all the players, coaches and fans alike request is that ownership shows them respect and appreciation.

Al Davis is a giant in the sports world. Without him, professional football would not be the cash cow and backbone of the American landscape that it is. Soon, he’ll find out that all those consumers whom he fought so hard for to give them the quality product they deserved will have forgotten his glorious past. 

Davis has done much for Raider Nation. But this is a what have you done for me lately business. Lately, business has been horrible and Davis has done little to change that.

Raider fans were willing to be patient after that horrific loss to Chucky in the Super Bowl. We all knew that the Raiders were a veteran team who were going to have to rebuild on the fly. The painful end to Rich Gannon’s career also meant that getting a new face of the franchise was on the to-do-list. So far, JaMarcus Russell is as close to being a franchise quarterback as General Motors is to being a franchise worth investing in again.

Six years removed from the Barret Robbins debacle and we’re all feeling manic.

If the Raiders have not hit rock bottom it is only because the team still exists. At this rate, the Oakland Raiders are quickly becoming the Leeds United of American football.

There are no more positives to be found in any way. There is no reason to get your hopes up on any given Sunday. There really is no reason other than pride to support this franchise any longer.

None the less, I’ll still be up bright and early on Sunday, at a local bar, proudly supporting my team in what seems like an eminent embarrassing loss to the New York Giants.

From here on out, I’ll gladly support local business on Sundays as opposed to Al Davis. My money is no longer funding a franchise with delusions of grandeur.

Again, I know I am not alone and if Al Davis thinks I am, just wait until he sees the sea of empty seats on Sunday, October 18th.

We don’t ask for much as Raider fans. Just give us a team whose effort we can appreciate. Wins will come if the right approach is taken. Right now, that approach is nothing more than a thoughtless assemblage of players and coaches passed off as an excuse to get season ticket holders to cough up cash in an economy in worse shape than Kevin Federline.

I know I am not alone when saying this even if I’m the only one who is speaking up.

There is too much talent on this team for one player to hold it back. JaMarcus Russell better start taking his job seriously before he doesn’t have one any longer.

There is too much support for this team for one owner to run it into the ground. Al Davis had better start taking Raider Nation serious before he doesn’t have enough sustainable income to keep his franchise afloat.


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