“We want Tom Cable suspended!” – NOW

Piling on Tom Cable is the newest fad in Raider bashing. The National Organization of Women is the latest entry in the trend that is sweeping the nation with H1N1 speed.

NOW president Terry O’Neill has requested that the Raiders suspend their head coach during the team’s internal investigation in lieu of his both alleged and admitted acts of violence against women.

“This is the National Football League. Boys and girls around the country, as well as many women, look to the leaders of the NFL as our role models,” O’Neill said in a phone interview. “Why would the NFL tolerate having a man who admits to having battered his wife.”

While one can see why O’Neill would want Cable off the sidelines, it is hard to comprehend who would consider him a role model. Cable’s situation is nothing to make light of, but his offense is the punch line for many a joke. Since becoming head coach of the Silver and Black, Cable has called plays for an offense that averages one TD and two Janikowskis per contest.

The offense has hit rock bottom in the NFL. JaMarcus Russell finds ways to reach new lows each week and Al Davis has little recourse to take action against Cable at the moment.

At least we have Ray Ratto to reassure us that things can still get much worse.

If there is a ray of light out there, it is that Robert Gallery is scheduled to return after the bye week. Gallery’s presence has been sorely missed in a running game that was supposed to be a strength for the Raiders this season. If there is a Raider re-birth to occur in the second half of the season, then the arrival of Gallery’s first child could be a welcomed omen.


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  • sgtducttape

    To start with, Cable admitted “slapping” his wife 20 years ago. I would not call that battery really. And it was over 2 decades ago. That is not a lifetime of abuse or a series of events of “assault”. Regardless of his unfounded accusations, he is not GUILTY of anything proven.

    NOW president Tery O’niell needs to find some other cause celeb to tie her swollen cankles to. If Ahlzhiemer Al caves to the NOW wenches he hasn’t a hair. He needs to tell them, “Just find a man, baby!”.

  • sgtducttape

    Gradkowski should start, O’neill should make Russell some cheeseburgers, and Cable should get the Black and Silver ready for the Chiefs.

  • angrydwarf37

    Well what did she do to deserve the beating? If she was talking smack about the football. then she stepped overline. Back then women didnt know anything about football. All they supposed to do is bring beer and cook supper.

    Whom the hell wrote this some feminist????

  • Kate

    You are a bunch of illiterate apologists. Seriously, are you even able to find your way out of your bedroom in the morning without someone else’s help? Multiple women have said that Cable has assaulted them; he’s accused of threatening to kill an assistant coach and in his attempt to act on his threat, that coach’s face got broke; and he’s an incompetent buffoon on the sideline. You all deserve this piece of trash and the 3-13 record he is sure to claim come season’s end!!!

  • sgtducttape

    Illiterate, hmm, nice verbage. Maybe while you are looking up synonyms you might look up legal presidence. In this country you are supposed to be presumed innocent until found guilty by a preponderance of the evidence.

    So, my dear Kate, just because someone says he did something doesn’t exactly mean he actually did it. Look at what you wrote; “multiple women have said”, “he’s accused of”. The term for that is hearsay evidence, I didn’t look it up, its just amazing someone as illiterate as myself could even conjugate all these letters.

    The only real eveidence was given by Tom Cable himself when he addmitted to slapping his them wife 20 years ago. He cannot be tried for this as the statute of limitations has expired for this. Beyond that, everything else has become a “he said, she said” event.

    The police investigated the aleged incident with the assistant coach, and found nothing to go forward with. They found no evidence of assault.

    The bottom line is that the National Organization for Women (NOW) have laudable goals but a militant, disruptive, and devicive approach to most everything they do. While I do not support or believe in any physical assault of any other human being, being male or female, to call for the removal of Tom Cable soley based on supposition and aleged actions is at the least kneejerk. I believe that Miss O’Neill is using this event as a platform to get some media attention.

    So maybe, Miss Kate, you might look again at the events that have transpired, look at the evidence, realizing the NOW organization is run by self proclaimed feminists, the country is run by the rule of law, and gain a new and deeper understanding of accusations.

    Additionally, I find the phrase “the coach’s face got broke” initially laughable, then particularly insightful when you followed that with “you all”. But I will refrain from commenting upon your use of a possessive dangling participle.

  • sgtducttape

    But on a football note, start Gradkowski now! Get him ready to take on the Chiefs! Russell is a bust, everyone knows it but Al won’t admit it. The Chiefs are itching for a win, if Russell starts they will probably get it.

  • Kate

    Dear sgtducttape:

    Thank you for complimenting my verbiage (it’s not “verbage”); I feel complete now. Incidentally, I believe you are speaking of legal “precedent,” not presidence, and “in this country” (in criminal cases which I believe is what you refer to, because assaulting women is a crime today), you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, not “by a prepeonderance of the evidence” (and because of this high standard, prosecutors don’t tend to proceed with a criminal case when they are being stone-walled by all of the other potential witnesses, as they have been here; such a decision certainly does not equate to a finding of “no evidence of assault,” but I wouldn’t expect you to understand that well-known legal concept either). Not to belabor the point, but it is alleged, not “aleged,” and divisive, not “devicive” (I’ll assume eviedence and addmitted were typos, but with you, who knows). So, thank you for further and completely proving my point.

    So, my dear “sgtducttape” (if that doesn’t sound like the username of a rapist, I don’t know what does), do you know what the word imbecile means? Maybe you can get a “new and deeper understanding of it” by examining some of its synonyms: ass, dim-wit, dolt, dunce, idiot, fool, moron, pinhead, simpleton and jerk.

  • Kate

    Let me add this: If one person calls you a horse, you may call them a liar. If a second person calls you a horse, you may punch them in the face. But when a third person calls you a horse, you may want to get fitted for a f–king saddle. At that point, you are just a dumb, boorish f–king horse, Coach Dumbass.

  • sgtducttape

    Wow, katie katie katie, wow! Such bitterness! You rile as if attacked personnaly. It would seem that your anger is only exceeded by your need to lash out. Never once did I assault your with demeaning terms. I refrain, but you are inane. How proud you must be.

    Did Coach Cable ever B-slap you? Let me make a suggestion; Midol.

  • sgtducttape

    My dog’s name is Kate.

  • angrydwarf37

    Damn Kate,

    Sounds like youve been there before. A man must have slapped you around pretty good. Well its your own fault if it happen. Only you can give a guy permission to make you feel like S%@t. That or its PMS…..

  • Kate

    Like I said previously, you illiterate imbeciles, no let’s go with pinheads, completely prove my point every time you make an entry here (“personnaly,” “if it happen,” etc). I know you guys are drop-outs, but haven’t you ever even heard of spell check? How about a dictionary? Sometimes a bottom-feeding fan base deserves its bottom-feeding coach and the bottom-feeding team he’s supposed to lead and that they live to root for. But, I’m sure that I speak for the general community here when I say that when I think of comedic brilliance, the first thought that comes to my mind is men slapping women around or kicking their dogs. Funny stuff. You are true class acts; how are you able to find the time to come up with such comedic gems between picking up your unemployment checks and cruising truck stops for teenage runaways?

  • angrydwarf37

    its just the opposite kate,you give of the amusement we love between Sundays. Lonely in the corner apartment out there in neverland. Cant keep a man cause your unable to deal with the fact your so insecure that he will leave you. You are truly the pathetic person who can’t handle a discussion on sports because of the fact to take things as Sgtductape said and lower your IQ score everytime you open your mouth. We cave men as you put it dont have to care its a sport and your febble attempt to blame a person with out solid evidence just goes to show that some women are just too emotional and should keep their traps shut.

    and by the way spelling isnt important…..getting the message out is…and you clearly understand us. so go have some cheese with that whine.

  • angrydwarf37

    and whine isnt misspelled. it means nagging, complaining, you know stuff the you are good at

  • Kate

    Honey, I’m not lonely; I’m perfectly happy, secure and employed (don’t even get me started on our respective IQs). This type of retort can be expected from someone without any other life experience to seize upon other than that one jilted junior high romance. So sad for you. And I haven’t seen one intelligent sport-related comment from you either, just that good-natured domestic abuse humor that you will now become known for.
    Now that I think of it, I omce knew someone who kept an angry dwarf in his basement. My question is did the gimp suit fit and did you like the ball gag as much as I heard you did?

  • angrydwarf37

    well sweetie Im glad that Mcdonalds pay well. but the only thing you need to know about me is that Im a Raiders fan. And no matter how bad they do i stick with them even though Im on the East coast. 6 years now we havent been doing great.And Ill let the higher powers that be handle the Tom Cable situation. It not my lot in life to judge other people.And anything said on here will not change the fact that Coach Cable will or will not be suspended. Opinion’s are like A%%H*&*’s everyone has one. Rusell is a major problem for this team. From report’s from the Raiders Org. he has shown up overweight and does have an attitude that fits the Silver and Black. His interviews show his limited Vocabulary that makes me Questions Graduating or going to and College. I hope the Raiders in the next off season realize this and send him packing.