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The 5 Most Ridiculous Dunks of the Week – For those of you who don’t start watching the NBA until after the NFL season has ended, here is a great post that shows all of the goodness you’re missing out on. Oh, did I mention these guys are doing stuff like this on a nightly basis?

Manny Pacquiao Knocks You Out…With his Singing - The best pound for pound fighter on the planet is making it his goal to give karaoke singers everywhere more street cred. Word to Jimmy Kimmel!

Peyton Manning’s Ten Best TV Commercials - From sports drinks to HD TV’s, Peyton sells them all. Relive his best moments in corporate prostitution with these 10 classic commercials.

Shaq’s Latest Plea For Attention - Shaq just can’t stand to be out of the public eye. In fact, he’s so desperate for attention that he’ll stage a divorce just to stay relevant.

Is Jay Cutler the Next QB Failure in Chicago? - Bears fans were just getting over the Rex Grossman hangover when they got slipped a Jay Cutler roofie. Are 17 Favres in 9 games enough to make the Windy City miss the neck beard?

The “Joe Cada Brings Hope to Metro Detroit” Story – Here is the obligatory “feel good” story about a poker player from the D who dared to dream the impossible dream. Let’s hope he doesn’t blow his millions on a suite at Ford Field.

I dub thee “Earl Smith the 3rd”. Wait, I’ll stick with J.R. - Remembering the one shining moment of  Earl Smith’s NBA career. Welcome back, J.R.! I hope you didn’t leave your gang signs with Earl.   

The Battle of Broken-Down Backs - Want proof that we live in a world gone mad? Check out the Eagles vs. Chargers this weekend and try to explain how Westbrook and Tomlinson have been surpassed in fantasy value by Cedric Benson and Ray Rice. What next? John Cusack will save mankind in 2012? Naw, that’s just crazy talk!

Northwestern University is Starting a Quidditch League – Since their chances of winning the Big 11 in any other sport are about as slim as any Big 11 school beating a PAC 10 or SEC opponent in a BCS bowl, the geniuses at Northwestern are resorting to sports that involve flying brooms. I think this is phase two of J.K. Rowling’s plans for world domination.

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