Tom Cable owes Raider Nation a win against the Chiefs in Oakland

As if the last six years of Raider ineptitude haven’t been miserable enough, along come the Kansas City Chiefs and their six game win streak in Oakland.

While the 13 straight losses to the Chargers might feel twice as painful, the losses at home to the Chiefs are just downright depressing.

At least the bandwagon fans in San Diego cheer for a team that has won a playoff game or two during their domination of the Silver and Black. The last time those ever so faithful fans who gather in Arrowhead saw a playoff win was when the Tennessee Titans were the Houston Oilers. To put that in perspective, Vince Evans was an L.A. Raider the last time KC posted a W in the postseason.

Unlike the miserable performances against the Chargers, the Raiders have had success in Arrowhead having won the last three trips they’ve made to Kansas City. 

However, given the fact that the Chiefs have won just six games in two years, being unable to defend the Coliseum has been as embarrassing as it is frustrating.

Last year might have been the worst loss when Tom Cable dialed up a fake field goal in the second quarter that resulted in a gift 67-yard touchdown for the Chiefs. With that followed a Larry Johnson TD and the end result would be Herman Edwards’ final victory as a head coach in Chief country.

It would seem highly doubtful that Cable would even consider putting the rock in the hands of Sebastian Janikowski this time around. In fact, Cable’s aggressive play calling of a year ago has given way to a playbook as bland as hospital food this season.

Amid all the negative headlines that flooded the media during the bye week comes some good news. Cable’s stale offense is getting a fresh overhaul as Robert Gallery, Cornell Green, Darren McFadden and, for the first time this year, Chaz Schilens are all expected to play Sunday.

That Cornell Green’s return would actually be considered good news should be an indication of just how disappointing the first half of the season has been.

With his job in jeopardy, each week is a must win for Cable. Given the uncertain future of this franchise, Cable owes it to his faithful fan base to give them a ray of hope.

Perhaps this team won’t be in the playoffs any time soon but that doesn’t mean that putting an end to one streak won’t give way to ending another.

Baby steps.

First we take back the Coliseum from the Chiefs. Next, we end the six straight years of 11 losses or more. It’s called making progress. At the very least, Cable owes it to Raider Nation to leave this team in better standing than when he inherited the job. If nothing else, he owes his team for the mistake of putting the game in the hands of a 260 pound kicker who runs a 7.5-second 40-yard dash.

Baby steps.


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