Another loss in Oakland assures another losing season for Raiders

Everything we’ve come to expect of the Oakland Raiders these past seven years was on display Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

How a game that was 17-13 entering the 4th quarter ended in a 34-13 loss is what makes the Raiders the most unfortunate and uninspired franchise in the NFL.

On the unfortunate end of the spectrum, phantom fouls kept the sparse crowd at Oakland Coliseum frustrated as they sang a familiar refrain bemoaning the officiating. Then came the game ending injury to Bruce Gradkowski. Enter JaMarcus Russell and kiss any chance at victory goodbye.  

On the uninspired effort that was put forth today, the Silver and Black rolled over for a team that entered the game with nothing to play for expect their first road victory of the season.

The Skins got their road win and Tom Cable got a reminder of just how close he is to never being a head coach in the NFL again.

Cable’s inability to get his team motivated for lesser opposition will be his death knell. After an inspiring win in Pittsburgh, Cable again has failed to keep his team focused with yet another blowout loss.

Cable is not alone in failing his team.

Defensive coordinator John Marshall still hasn’t solved the problems that plague his unit. The Raiders continue to yield big plays at the worst time while simultaneously committing the same errors when attempting to defend against the run. It doesn’t really matter who runs on the Raiders, all find success of some kind. This time around it was Bay Area native Quinton Ganther who exposed the porous tackling of the Raiders with a two TD, 93-total yard effort in his first professional start.

Special teams coordinator John Fassel still hasn’t found a way to justify his employment beyond this season. His unit has underperformed all year long and his costly personal foul helped to gift the Redskins a touchdown in the closing moments of the first half. Fassel was correct for calling the officials out on a terrible call against Hiram Eugene on punt coverage. However, his reaction proved too costly for a team fighting for respectability.

Once Gradkowski was ruled out for the second half, the result was academic.

Brian Orakpo terrorized the Raiders all afternoon. The rookie pass rusher was responsible for four of the eight sacks the Redskins tallied against an over matched Oakland offensive line.

JaMarcus Russell didn’t give his team much of a shot at victory. Then again, his line didn’t give him much of a chance to even try. Russell was sacked six times in just two quarters of action.

Nothing much changes in Oakland.

A great win is followed up one week later by an equally awful loss.

An incapable officiating crew awoke the ghosts of Tuck Rule’s past with bad call after bad call. (See Santana Moss slipping on the rain soaked field, falling without so much as a finger being put on him by Stanford Routt and a P.I. being called as Exhibit A for the cries of foul play.)

No matter the circumstances that led to yet another listless loss, the record book is all that matters.

The record states that the Oakland Raiders have lost nine games thus far. Those nine losses assure a 7th straight losing season.

With three contests left on the schedule, two of which are on the road, this season is rounding into 11-loss form once again.

For Gradkowski, this could be the end of his season.

For Cable, these could be the final three games of his head coaching career.

For Raider Nation, this could be the last straw.

The pride and passion of football’s most infamous fans will always remain no matter the circumstances. What is unclear is just how many of them will be receptive to again purchasing season tickets for a team facing nearly a full decade of ineptitude and instability.


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  • Raider Joe

    We all know if Russell is the starter for the last 3 games, we finish 4-12. As it sounds like Gradkowski will not be able to play those three games, Charlie Frye is Cable’s only chance of saving his job. I’s unfotunate that one player can make such a negative impact on his team, but Russell is a cancer.

  • eks

    I love the loyalty of the Oakland Raiders fans when Russell came into the game. Yeah, im being sarcastic. Yes, 17 – 13 at the half and then came the boos. Why are the fans so negative. For one, I blame them for setting the tone for the second half. Give the kid a break. You can’t boo him and expect him to do well? You guys were basically hoping for him to fail which OF COURSE would result in a loss. The Oakland Raiders fans – the 12th man for opposing teams :) way to go you f-ing loyalists. you guys no how to lift up the spirits of one of your own. Be ashamed of yourselves.

  • eks

    The WORST fans in the NFL = OAKLAND RAIDERS fans !

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  • raidernation

    In response to “eks” your an idiot. Don’t blame us raider fans, we all supported jmarc time and time and time again and if you actually knew your facts you’d see why we hate and boo him! He says in every interview that its everyones fault but himself, he blames us the fans, the WR’s and so on yet NEVER takes even a slim percentage of the blame. And why shouldn’t we boo him, look what bruce did in a short time, and jmarc can’t do half that in numerous games/seasons, two reasons the raiders don’t aquire better talent, al davis and jmarc! They can both go die, don’t say raider fans r messing it up, we r the ones still watching time and time losing season after losing season,you have no idea what its like unless ur a raiders fans, we are not blame you babbling idiot, and guess who is, your boy jmarc, if you like him so much your team can have him FOR FREE! Plus, once the raiders cut him he won’t even be picked up for a 3rd string job, see ya jmarc and good ridance!

  • aaronraider13

    The whole offensive line quit as soon as Russell entered the game. They are all a bunch of soft little pansies. I am not saying Russell is good, i am just saying the offensive line gave him zero chance of success yesterday. Cable is a moron. Bush is the best RB on the team so lets sit him. Cable’s play calling is pathetic. The sad part is Russell is so bad that hordes of Raider fans actually think Gradkowski is the franchise savior at QB. He would be a great backup, but time will show thats all he is. They can’t draft a QB because Al knows nothing about bringing along a younq QB. What a joke sundays in the fall have become.

  • aaronraider13

    They should try and get Jason Campbell. He throws a beautiful deep ball. Of course the Raider sissy O-line may quit on him at any given time, so i don’t know how he’s going to find time for the wideouts to get deep, but hey, anything is better then what we have now. The one bright spot of the day was seeing Randy Moss quit on the patsies. Get you some new england!!!! Told ya so!!!! Cable must go, and al needs to hire Holmgren to be the GM and be in charge of hiring a new head coach.

  • Carl Crawford

    EKS? Raiders fans are the BEST fans in all of sports period end of story no need to even explain why.

  • Slam

    I hear what you’re sayin’ eks, but I think booing the living s**t out of Jmarcus Russell is appropriate. He is the tin man, he has no heart.

    Where was he after the game ? Did he stand by his locker and answer the difficult questions ? Did he vow to step-up next week and go to war for his teammates ?

    No, he put on his mink coat and slid out the back door like a little bitch. Coward.

    Next topic:

    Are Raiders fans the worst ? I don’t know about that, but I will say if you re-up your season tickets for next year you are the STUPIDIST fan in the NFL. Why would you pump your paycheck into this pathetic product ? Until Al Davis gets thoroughly humiliated by empty seats ( the billboard obviously didn’t work ), nothing will change.

    i know one thing Al can do to get me back as a season ticket holder: Bring back Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen…

    C’mon Al, DO IT !

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