John Herrera: No Talent Ass Clown

Congratulations to Raiders Senior Executive John Herrera! You’ve officially earned the vaunted title of No Talent Ass Clown.

From this day forward, you’ll be forever a part of a special club that boasts of such legendary members as Michael Bolton, Gilbert ArenasGeorge W. Bush, John Edwards50 Cent, Paul Walker, Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck just to name a few.  

After assaulting Tim Kawakami on camera last year, we finally understood why Al Davis had so much faith in you. That was a special moment. Only a chosen few would dare to ascribe to such levels of professionalism. As Morpheus once said, “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” You, sir, are not only putting your foot prints deep into the path of professional ineptitude, you’re blazing a new trail for others to follow in the future.  

The Kawakami incident was a bold step towards Ass Clown status but it wasn’t enough to seal the deal.

Then, you went out and topped yourself one year later by waging a public war with Rich Gannon. What an amazing talent you are, Herrera. The genius to ban Gannon from the facility for doing his job as a broadcaster. The sheer bravery displayed when reminding us all that the former MVP tossed 5 picks in the Super Bowl when that had nothing to do with why he was being asked off the CBS broadcast to begin with. While others were silent, you stepped forward and called out Gannon for his comments that were insensitive to 9/11.   

Then, yesterday, you delivered the final blow as you broke Gannon’s olive branch in half and tossed it back into his face then reassured us all that JaMarcus Russell is in Las Vegas for a “legitimate reason” with a Raiders staff member.

Great work, Herrera! You make Raider Nation proud!

I’m sure that by writing this I’ll never be allowed into the Coliseum again. That’s fine by me. I’ll be more than happy to drink a few beers in the parking lot with Gannon as we chat about all the things a former MVP could teach a young quarterback with a wealth of untapped potential.

If you want to know why the Oakland Raiders have fallen off the face of the football map, with only the Detroit Lions waiting to break their fall, then take a good look at the face of Herrera.

No, he’s not the only problem. He’s not even the biggest problem. But he sure isn’t part of the solution.


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  • chucks

    I will drink a beer to everything. Mr. Shellcroft just said… gannon is one of the only good memories and times of raider football I can remember watching with the fan club at the bars or the stadium parking lots. Herrara a.k.a ass clown is about as clueless as al davis who. Can’t remember to change his diapers or to fire his coaches. The nation I believe also backs up cable to be a great coach, he wants this team to be the great team it once was. I’ve inked my body with the teams name , I’ve blead for this team defending its name, so I think we have a say in the direction our team should at least be heading…. herrera , davis, and the other ass clowns in management aren’t it.

  • A Rodriguez

    Add yoursel to the no-talent-ass-clown list. While the football part of you posting is relevant, and Herrera really showed his posterior on this one (not the first time either), you just couldn’t resist yourself to input your political two cents. Maybe for Bush you should substitute the current occupant of the White House, who’s busy trying to get us all killed or failing that, broke. Or Joy Behar or Whoopie Goldberg for Hasselbeck. At least I can bear to look at Elizabeth.
    Having said that, Gannon deserved better and Herrera should be canned by Al’s GM (wait, Al’s the GM!)

  • ghostmech

    I completely agree with A Rodriquez… are an ass clown for injecting politics into you blog when the obvious choice for political ass clown would be the current occupant of 1600 Pennsalvania Avenue. Not only has he no real talent….but no experience whatsoever. The dude would not be hired to run a Wal-Mart, let alone the country.

    As far as Herrera……a complete punk. I can only hope he meets Rich in a bar someday to have his ass beat down and there is no doubt that Rich can do it.

  • A Garcia

    Chris, I agree with what you said but you half lost me when you bared your left-ass colors. You should have stuck to Raiders football only. In speaking of that, Herrera has got to go. The fool has no clue. And Rich, thanks for trying bro.

  • JT

    People that are upset the W and Liz were on Chris’ list are brain damaged. The only problem with the list is it is too short. W and Liz stay for sure but Obama should be added too.

    Either way left and right wingnuts are the laughing stock of our country.


    Back on topic…the Raiders are doomed as long as Al is alive. I feel bad for wishing he would go away as I know that will not happen until he no longer inhabits Earth.

    Herrera could not get a job working for any other professional sports team…he is truly a disappoint to me as a Raider fan.

    I am a Raider fan and I wish all would ask for help because asking for help and being saved are too entirely different things.

  • Slam

    Chris –

    I will forgive you for throwing my boy W under the bus because it’s so fashionable here on the West Coast to bash Bush. ( Shout out to the right wing Raider Nation ! ). It’s as cliche as saying “Swimming is the best form of exercise ( really ? wow. )

    And you would kick Liz H out of the rack ? We think not.

    I’m glad you threw that political grenade into the huddle; stir the pot, baby. It’s a BLOG; let ‘er rip.

    The interesting thing about Herrera is everything he says is the gospel according to Al.

    So maybe your scorn is misdirected, maybe AL DAVIS is the biggest A- Hole on the planet Earth. And Herrera is just his sad little butt boy.

    Also I would like to formally submit Gilbert Arenas to your ACHOF (Ass Clown Hall of Fame).

    I’m just sayin’

    GREAT column , Chris !

  • Chris Shellcroft

    Easy fellas…

    This is not a political thing. I’m not a memeber of either of our corrupt parties, I hate both sides. I can see how you might ASSume that I’m attacking the right, so just to balance things out I’ll add Bill Maher and John Edwards to the list.

    W is an ass clown, his track record MORE than proves it. As for Hasselbeck, I find it funny that a person who started out as a contestant on a relaity show is considered a POLITICAL figure…please explain that to me…She is a major ass clown. For those of you who want to see Obama on this list, well, we’ll just have to wait. As I stated at the top of the piece, it is a title that must be earned.

    And Slam, just since it’s you, I’ll toss Gil in there too. Can’t argue with that one…WOW!

  • Arj

    LOVE IT! Harrera you freakn clown! If Russel starts next year, we should tailgate for the brotherhood but NOT got into the coliseum. If this billboard doesnt work, its time for drastic measures from the people that actually DO care about winning…THE RAIDER NATION.

  • Arj

    Dont worry about the politics. Its funny. Everyone relax, ITS A JOKE.

  • SR Raider

    Where is the thumbs up button? Two thumbs up!

  • DR. J

    What does John Hererra fuckin do anyway!???!??

  • Raider Ray

    It’s amazing you pick GW Bush when we have the anti-Christ in office now, but what’s worse is even throwing your political takes into a football blog. As much of an idiot as Herrera is, you didn’t make things any better. While you’re talking about no-talent ass clowns I’m not sure why you didn’t include Kawakami himself. He’s about as big an ass, and as big a clown as there aer. I couldn’t think of anything funnier than if Herrera would have gotten to Kawakami and beat a little sense into him. Then maybe they’d both be out of our hair for a while.

  • Slam

    Kawakami reports the FACTS, and Raider Ray wishes Hererra had beaten him up ? Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

    Al Davis treats the local writers like shit for doing their job, which is calling out the pathetic Raiders organization.

    Of course he’s too much of a fucking COWARD to do it himself, so he pays little shit bags like John Hererra to do his bidding for him.

    It’s Al Davis who needs the beat down.

  • Al Davis’ beotch

    Al Davis is a punk for sure, but John Herrera is the cancer in the organization that has given for years, i like to think of him as Grimer Wormtounge gpt LOTR fame.

    Always in the mans ear with largest load of BS anyone alive could produce…

    His title. Senior Executive? Really? of What?

    He doesnt seem to report to any one other than Al, yet they have Amy trask, who doesnt seem to run his ass either? Who the F*ck is this guy, and why wasnt he flushed back in 1972?

    herrera is disgusting, and until he is gone, i am never watching another Raider game again.


    It’s real simple, Davis gauges staff loyalty and skill by how deeply he feels the kiss. See, simple. Herrera is a wanna be thug that apparently kisses butt very well.

  • Carl Crawford

    Okay some of you obviously don’t know the whole story, but lucky for you i do!!! It all started when Rich Gannon stated the Raiders wont be good again until Al Davis is no longer managing them. Now that i agree with, so Al supposedly takes care of past and present players aslong as their loyal to him. So al takes it personal and he wants nothing to do with Gannon, and Gannon is an idiot for criticizing the Raiders and than wanting to try and help them it doesn’t work that way. Now i love Gannon don’t get me wrong best Raider this decade. But when someone treats you well and than you turn and criticize them don’t expect to be welcomed next time you come around. Herrera just does what Al tells him to do because al can’t.

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