Tennessee gets Kiffin’d

Al Davis tried to warn you, Knoxville.

When he wheeled out that projector and told you all that Lane Kiffin was a con artist, you just assumed that Mr. Davis was some senile old fool with nothing better to do.

Well, guess what?

Turns out the old man was right.

You didn’t heed the warning, Volunteer fans. It was painful to watch, but Raider Nation knew there was only one way for you to learn this hard lesson. Just like a man with a wounded heart on the rebound. You fell for the black widow that goes from bed to bed, destroying families and leaving STDs in her wake.

When Kiffin was tapped to replace legendary coach Phillip Fulmer, we Raider fans knew exactly how this would end. Once the Boy Blunder began to run his mouth, racking up NCAA violations and constantly having to insert his foot into mouth, you all just sat back and laughed.

Not so funny now that Kiffin has jumped ship to fill Pete Carroll’s shoes at USC.

Raider Nation feels your pain. So too does Al Davis.

Al’s decision to give Kiffin the opportunity of a lifetime ultimately created this mess. Were it not for Al buying into Kiffin’s bold face lies, chances are he’d never have enough cred to get a gig at an SEC school, much less replace a god of the Pac 10 who revitalized the legend of Troy.

For Mr. Davis, this is no laughing matter. Silver and Black might run through Al’s veins, but he bleeds Cardinal and Gold. Watching football on Sundays has been difficult enough for Al these past seven years. Now, thanks to Kiffin taking the reigns at Southern Cal, Saturdays won’t be much more enjoyable either.

Chalk it up to Al Davis karma. Just don’t blame Mr. Davis for your pain, Volunteer Nation. You’ve been conned by a No Talent Ass Clown. It happens to the best of us.


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  • Slam

    Lane Kiffin would’ve had the Raiders in the playoffs by now if Al Davis would’ve let him do his job.

    Is Kiffin a hyper-competitive little prick ? Yes. Is he maybe even a carpetbagging, lying sociopath ? Probably. Are the Vols justified in hating his guts ? Absolutely.

    BUT he doesn’t let anybody push him around and I love that.

    Give me a Head Coach who pisses in Al’s Similac vs Joe “I love this man” Bugel. Or Mike “I still really believe in this football team” White.

    You gotta admire a guy who out-Al Davises Al Davis.

    And he will crush the PAC 10. Mark my words.

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  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Chris Shellcroft


    I can’t agree with you that Kiffin would have had the Raiders in the playoffs, but I did feel like the team was starting to give some better efforts just when Al decided to cut ties with him.

    I think he has a good chance to keep SC in the hunt since this kid can recruit. The question is how clean will he keep the program.

    Nothing has ever stuck to Carroll while he was at USC because he knew how to keep his business out of the streets.

    Kiffin has a lot of heart. I’ll give him that. But his ego always gets in the way.

    He should have known that Al Davis is not the one to try and get bold with when its your first BBQ. At least Gruden had a couple AFC West titles under his belt before he started pounding his own chest.

  • Slam


    1. You and I both saw a lot more effort. Something sadly lacking under Shell and other lackeys.

    2. Every Top 10 program is dirty – anyone who can’t see that is a fool. Jason Kidd flipped a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser while putting Cal Basketball on the National radar. College sports is filthy dirty. Lane is the man for the job.

    3. Yes, Carroll is very savvy.

    4. Yes his ego may ultimately get the best of him. But he goes in my Silver and Black Hall of Fame ( Marcus Allen, Rat Shanahan, Skippy Gruden ) for telling Al where to stick it. That’s just me.

    Davis doesn’t dust off the overhead projector for just anyone.

    5. You’re 100% correct about Gruden; very smart guy.

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Chris Shellcroft

    Every college program is dirty is some way. No doubt about that.

    I find it funny that Davis has based his business model on doing it his way yet can’t satnd it when others do the same.

    Maybe Cable isn’t as bold as Gruden on Ratahan, but he did shake things up enough for me to support him for at least another year.

    If Cable is fired, I don’t see any projector in his future. Just a press release. You’re right about Kiffin. He brought out something in Al we’d never seen before.

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