The Tom Cable Situation is a Joke

Bill Williamson, ESPN’s official AFC West blogger, published a report last night stating that the Oakland Raiders still have yet to determine the fate of head coach Tom Cable.

Williamson quotes Oakland senior executive, the No Talent Ass Clown of the East Bay himself, John Herrera.

“We are still meeting and examining everything, we never said that Coach Cable will not return. That has all been media speculation from the beginning. If there is a change, we’ll let people know.”

Thanks, Herrera! The world breathlessly waits.

Seriously, who still thinks that Cable won’t be the coach in 2010?

Al Davis continues to make a mockery of the sports media by dangling his marionette in front of the press once a week just for laughs. At this point, Davis appears bored due to yet another off-season void of playoffs for the Silver and Black. As a result he’s relegated to passing the time by playing practical jokes on anybody with a press pass.

If Cable were to be fired then why was he allowed to participate in the evaluation process at the Senior Bowl last week? 

I’m not saying that piece of evidence alone validates Cable’s continued employment. But it would seem very counterproductive to ask a coaching staff to evaluate talent if they’re going to be shown the door weeks later. Why value the opinion of a coach who you don’t deem fit to walk the sideline in 2010?

Then again, maybe this is just a test from Mr. Davis.

Perhaps Davis and Doc Brown got together and went into the future to see how Tim Tebow’s pro career would pan out. Davis returned to the present and sent Cable to the Senior Bowl to specifically evaluate Tebow. Depending on how Cable views the Florida quarterback prospect, Davis will make his decision on which way to go with the head coaching position.

What, too far fetched?

Well, maybe it is delusional on my part to assume Al Davis understands the intricacies of space-time or has a grasp on the dynamics of the flux capacitor. Of course, all these continued reports of Cable coming and going are just as ridiculous.

At this point, if Davis fires Cable it would only reiterate the monotonous rumblings of Raider Haters nationwide: That the Raiders are a misfit organization operating on the whim of a mad man.

It would appear that Davis has no designs on firing Cable but instead is seeking to clarify his specific duties within the organization. With the hiring of Hue Jackson, Cable was rightfully stripped of his play calling duties. Perhaps the next step is to determine if Cable needs an Assistant Head Coach, a practice that has gained popularity in the NFL recently.

Either way, it does not appear that Cable will be fired.

Maybe my assertions are incorrect and Davis will relieve Cable of his duties. From where I sit, I just can’t see Davis allowing Cable to continue his coaching responsibilities if he has no desire of keeping him around for next season.

Whatever the case, we’re all on the outside while Davis and his cronies chuckle at their inside joke.

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