Adam Schefter: Master of the Obvious

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the shocking news today stating that if the Oakland Raiders are unable to reach a long term deal with Richard Seymour that the team will – are you sitting down? – place the franchise tag on the 5-time Pro Bowl defensive end.


Never saw that one coming.

I realize things are pretty slow around Bristol these days since there is, as of yet, no reason to send a stalker reporter to stakeout Brett Favre’s ranch. But this story, citing an anonymous “source”, is as bland as a piece of Styrofoam wrapped in cardboard.

In other news, Stephen Hawking knows a thing or two about quantum mechanics and Citizen Kane is a critically acclaimed flick.

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  • Slam

    Seymour has about two more quality seasons left; so I’m suprised the Raiders didn’t give him a bloated 5 yr deal.

    I guess he really wants out. And can you blame him ?