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Dolphins to Cut Gibril Wilson Loose – Al Davis wasn’t the only one fooled by that Super Bowl ring on Wilson’s digit. Tuna, you’ve been had.

Rejected Numbers for LeBron’s Jersey Change – Before he decided to cash in…errr…honor MJ, King James had to decide on a new number. It wasn’t an easy process as this list of rejected numbers proves.

What Canadian Hockey Fans Really Think of the U.S.A. - I guess our neighbors to the North aren’t the gracious winners we all assumed they were. Don’t take my word for it, check the picture to see the proof.  

7 Reasons Why Fantasy Baseball is Not for Losers – Two words: productive procrastination. Think of it as being a congressman with even more free time.  

Adam Morrison Hopes He’s Still Allowed to Wear #6 - Poor Adam Morrison. He’s known more for his crying than his game and now LeBron James has claimed his jersey number.

David Carr Headed to the 49ers? - Those Niners just can’t get enough of top picks who went bust. Now David Carr could be joining Alex Smith in the Bay.

The “Dangerous” Dunk, With Reverse Dismount – Charles Barkley called it the bets dunk he’d ever seen. I call it the worst gimmick since Dee Brown pumped up his kicks. Watch the video and decide for yourself!

Hasheem Thabeet is a Big Success…in the D-League - Is it too early to call Thabeet the new Darko? Is it too late for Big Country Reeves to get a shot in the D-League?

Barry Zito Thinks He’s Tough – Spring Training has just started and we’ve already got a little controversy thanks to Zito plunking Prince Fielder in the ribs. I’m sure Barry can’t wait until he has to stand in the batter’s box against the Brewers this season.

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