End of Days for JaMarcus Russell

The salad days are over for JaMarcus Russell. Come to think of it they never even began.

Let’s try this again.

The steak, pizza, bacon, KFC Double Down and gravy days are over for JaMarcus Russell. His reported 300-pound scale tipping physique appears to have finally broken the back of Al Davis.

The football world is abuzz with reports circulating that the demise of Russell is nearing.

If the reports come to fruition then it will be the best possible scenario for all parties. Despite Jason Campbell’s desire to learn all he can from Russell, it is better for the team if JaMarcus isn’t around to weigh down the quarterback position any longer.

The 2009 season was a complete throw away due in large part to the franchise being all too accommodating for JaMarcus. Even though veteran Jeff Garcia was brought in to help push Russell, it was a given who the starter would be coming out of camp. Russell’s lethargic approach to the game is his own fault. Al Davis and the entire front office enabling him didn’t help either.

If Russell is released and if by some chance another team is willing to take him on board then he’ll soon learn just how good he had it in Oakland.

Despite a lengthy holdout that cost him most of his rookie season, JaMarcus was welcomed with open arms as Raider Nation cried out to Lane Kiffin, begging the douche scented coach to let Russell play.

Whenever negative reports surfaced regarding Russell, the organization was always quick to wheel out Ass Clown extraordinaire John Herrera to dispel the rumors.

No matter how wretched his on-field performance was, his teammates stuck up for him and preached patience. 

These are all expected of any franchise that takes a quarterback number one overall. What is not expected is for that same franchise to practice CYA tactics for an aloof, indifferent and selfish player whose mere presence was threatening to drag the team into oblivion.

When Russell skipped out on the final team meeting to spend a weekend in Las Vegas, the team covered for him.

When Russell’s weight was reaching Jared Lorenzen status, the team again assured the pubic that he was working harder than ever to get in shape.

If JaMarcus hits the open market and another team is willing to take on the risk then he’ll quickly realize that the liberties extended to him in Oakland won’t be found anywhere else. As a top pick, teams are willing to take a few lumps. As a bust rivaling Ryan Leaf for the number one spot, teams won’t accept Russell’s tired act.

Good luck, JaMarcus.

You’ve made it clear that taking a pay cut is not an option. You’ve made it clear that nothing is ever your fault. You’ve made it clear that football is not your priority. Your priority all along was to get a payday and call it a career.

Well, despite what you might think, this is a proud franchise with one of the most loyal fan bases in sports. Things have been bad the last seven years but that won’t last much longer. Your sorry performance (or lack thereof) in ’09 ruined what could have been the best season of Raiders football in 7 years, even if all that meant was winning 7 games.

Now the team has turned the page. There’s a new sheriff in town and unlike Jeff Garcia, Jason Campbell is here to be the starting QB instead of just acting like one. Things are looking up, check the draft grades and you’ll see that this is serious business. Rolando McClain got the call and Kirk Morrison got the one way out of town.

I’d say it’s time to shape up or ship out but that would be $60-million short and three years too late.

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