JaMarcus Russell looking good at mini-camp

After a week filled with more drama than an afternoon of Telemundo programming, the Raiders finally got their first mini-camp of the off-season underway today. Following through on what Adam Schefter reported two days ago, JaMarcus Russell reported and participated in drills.

According to multiple eye witnesses including Jerry McDonald, Vittorio Tafur , Patrick Patterson and Cam Inman, JaMarcus didn’t look like he was tipping the scale at 3 bills and he actually looked sharp in the drills.

Russell’s performance was quite contrary to that of Jason Campbell who was reported to be out of sync during the morning session. But who expected JC to look like Rich Gannon the first time he put on Silver and Black? Hell, it took Rich Gannon one full year in the East Bay until he looked like Rich Gannon.

Most everyone is anticipating Russell to be left off the final 53-man roster but that is a long time from now. Don’t put it past JaMarcus to actually start to acting like a professional now that his livelihood is on the line. Either that or he’ll do something even more drastic like getting injured just to ensure his paycheck for 2010.

Whatever the case, Tom Cable has said that as of now Russell is still in the hunt for the starting job. Just when you’d thought you’d seen it all, the Raiders come along and redefine the term “quarterback controversy”.

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  • Phil

    This is good news, at least he is trying. I don’t think he will challenge for the starting QB spot, be he can still be a serviceable backup until he is ready to take over in a couple of years. That was the problem with Russell, first year was a waste then he was thrown into the fire the next year. He will take time to develop like most of the QB’s in the NFL.

  • JSpicoli

    Phile said it perfectly.

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  • trollacoasta

    if cable keeps russell, his head should be on the chopping block.

  • Greg Carroll

    I wonder if jamarcus was a white QB if the media would be beating him up about his money. I believe Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning and Brett favre and a lot af other great QB’s had terrible season’s their first five years in yhe league. Everytime a black qb come along and sign for hefty pay everyone think it’s a problem. The raiders need to improve the offense by putting players on the field that want to block, catch amd win a game. Jamarcus is not the problem on offense. I see him as been an easy excuse for other players inability to perform at a professional level. I thought football was a team sport not a lynching.

  • chiliwakt

    Greg, you’re a retard. It has nothing to do with him being a black man. It has everything to do with him getting an outrageous amount of money and stinking it up on the field. Look at how much flack Ryan Leaf got when he failed. Was he black? And not all 3 year QBs stink like Russel did. Ben Roth got into the playoffs his first year. And as for you all, you are all on crack. You want to give Russel another chance with your Raider team. 3 years is long enough. On to the next chapter..

  • C. Love

    I think the kid ate his way out of Oakland. Who wants to play for Oakland? I sure hope my Cowobys invited him to camp. What’s the worse thing that could happen? JaMarcus gets cut again?

    He just might turn himself around and challenge Romo for the job.