Yahoo! Ranks the Raiders Running Backs 21st in the NFL

During the past week I have been posting the position rankings done by Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole. Today we look at running backs, a position Oakland lands at 21 in Cole’s rankings.

Two of the Raiders AFC West rivals finished ahead of them in the rankings. The Broncos came in at No. 10 and the Chiefs at 17. The Chargers, however, ranked below Oakland in the 25th spot.

In my opinion the Broncos are rated way too high. Knowshon Moreno had a solid rookie campaign but he did only average 3.8 yards per carry. Not to mention Moreno’s backup, Correll Buckhalter, is injured more often than he’s actually on the field.

Here is what Cole had to say about the Raiders running backs:

21. Oakland Raiders: Darren McFadden was lucky to be surrounded by the pathetic presence of quarterback JaMarcus Russell in his first two years. If not for the stench of Russell’s play, fans might be talking about McFadden as one of the all-time busts in draft history. In two years, Run DMC has made less noise in his career than his rap namesake has over the same period of time … and Jam-Master Jay has been gone from us for nearly a decade. Yeah, that’s harsh, but let’s be real about this. McFadden still has a great chance for success. There have been plenty of running backs who struggled for a couple of years and then hit it big, but the clock is ticking and the Raiders have other options, such as Michael Bush.

Apparently Cole didn’t watch Bush play much last year since he barely mentioned him. Just so he knows, both times Bush received at least 14 carries in a game, he ran for over 100 yards and for the season Bush averaged 4.8 yards per carry.

I’m just saying.

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