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Let's Not Panic Just Yet, Nation

Yes, what we saw on Sunday in Nashville could be called downright sickening. The offensive line was horrid, the defense was mediocre, and the entire team looked out of sync more than anything. This wasn’t the team that we heard rave reviews about in the preseason, and not the team that we expected to hit the field for the start of the 2010 season. As scary as it may have been to watch, Raider fans should hold off from worrying too much yet. Why? Well…

It may be a cliché by now, but the idea that  “it’s only one game”, cannot be over looked  here. This is not to say that the Silver and Black are Super Bowl bound, but  the 2007 New York Giants started their 2007 Championship season 0-2. This included a loss to the Dallas Cowboys on the road and a blowout loss to the Packers at home, 35-13. Giants fans everywhere were surely panicking, foreseeing a season already down the drain. Come February, they were pleasantly surprised to say the least, upsetting the undefeated Patriots on the world’s biggest stage. Can the Raiders turn it around after an ugly first week? Time will tell.

Some things to consider after Week 1…

The Tennessee team that dished out the beat down Sunday is no slouch. Couple an always solid defence, particularly against the run, with the most dominant running back in the NFL as of late, and a revitalized and growing leader in Vince Young, you’ve got yourself quite a formidable squad. Playing on the road against such a team is never an easy task. Admittedly, it shouldn’t be taken as one either. That may have been mistake one.

A post-game look at the box score would have Chris Johnson fantasy owners beaming, and the NFL world thinking it’s the same old run defense out in Oakland. Less we forget, on a completely revamped front seven that will need time to gel, there will be minor kinks to be worked out. It may have looked bad defensively on paper, but maybe not in reality. As much as the one big run cannot be taken back, on the 26 other carries Johnson had, he averaged a measly 2.5 yards. That is extremely impressive against one of the best offensive lines and running backs in the NFL. Look for the run defense to continue to improve over the course of the season.  

One positive that we saw against the Titans was the play of RB Darren McFadden. Two injury filled seasons that made big numbers hard to come by, had the bust-labels being thrown around. Should McFadden continue with games like this, being anywhere near the 5.3 yards per carry that he posted, he will show exactly why he was taken fourth overall back in 2007.

The pass protection on offence needs to be fixed. That’s a given. But, who says it can’t happen?

Overall, yes Raiders fans, Sunday was extremely disappointing, and was the opposite of what the Nation wanted to see happen. However, the Raiders should treat this as a   call, and have the veteran leaders take control. A win next week would have the team at 1-1, replenishing optimism and momentum, much like we saw and heard of in the preseason. Any given Sunday, it can all turn around for a team. Here’s hoping it’s Sunday at the Coliseum when the Raiders host the St. Louis Rams. Keep the faith Raider Nation. All is not lost.

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  • vader3234

    I’m sorry to say but, this article is just more of what we Raider fans have been doing for seven years. And that is making excuses and holding our breath for nothing. This team sucks. From the very top the owner, the coaches, 99% of the players, the assistants, the conditioners, right down the towel and water boys. This team is in shambles. From what the KC Cheifs showed tonight against SD, it’s the cellar last place for the Raiders in the AFC West. Outright lucky if they win 3 games this year. Sad but true. Cable has got to goooooooooo!


    vader3234, go lick chef balls, loser! You aint no raider fan. suck it foo! don’t you ever forget what you posted.

  • Big Mike

    I guess we can just call it being a FAN we believe in our team…..try to find the silver liner in every loss, What as A New team going into a new season we should go 16-0 I believe not, but I did see our run defense show up. yes we gave up a big run, but to whom other than CJ2k…. this guy is a beast. Settle down Nation….8-8 is what we need to look at not 16-0 we will not win them all.

  • vader3234

    Divad, you sure you’re not a 49er fan? 49er fans can go 0-16 in a season and still bag on the superbowl winner. Speaking of balls and sucking (since you seem to have such a fascination with that) the Raiders have been doing a lot of sucking for seven years. You sound like a casual fan since you don’t seem to care that the Raiders can’t get it right. I, on the other hand am pissed that they don’t make the right moves to get themselves back into championship form. You said not to forget what I wrote, I wont, but I also wont forget that you are fascinated with balls and sucking.

  • New Mexico Raider

    First of all why don’t you guys come on in here and have something intelligent to say. Haters come into Raider blogs and just talk the same old trash. J. Campbell looked like he was trying to be to careful with the ball. He needs to get the ball down the field. The defence go tired being on the field so darn long again that everygame ends uo the same way. Campbell just go out there and play ball like we know you can. Take charge and get in your teammates faces if you have to.

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  • tho madro

    Finally – someone makes the observation that the run defense really did a great job overall. This fan is still stoked about this season – GO RAY DUHS!!!!

  • johnL

    This team does not suck.Not in my opinion. Much much improved from last year. We have a great D which will come totally together in the next couple weeks. SD losing was great. Our O line is weak ,we have good WR’s ,ST will be much improved. A tweak here and a tweak there and we WIll be ready for the tougher teams,but only if we start Bruce.He will be the key. He can make things happen ,drop Figurs and start Nick Miller.He catches everything that’s close,good speed.We have a shot at winning our division if we just stick together and play as a team. We have to put the best men on the field.That does not include Campbell at this point.
    Just my opinion.
    Live and Bleed Silver and Black
    Raider til I Die

  • Afraiderfan

    Take it easy members of the Nation, remember, more unites us than divides us. Some thoughts..O-line was horrendous, Campbell looked uncomfortable. Veldheer, playing first game on the big stage, he’ll be okay. Michael Bush would have helped keep the offense on the field longer and softened up the titan d quite a bit which would have helped the Raider D rest up. They had to travel and play a good team in their house in that heat/humidity. Expect better against rams

  • Kate

    I am not sure if pathetic or delusional most aptly describes you people . . . wait, at the last second, a new contender emerges . . . STUPID, that’s it – you people are truly stupid if you think the Raiders aren’t an embarrassment to each of you and the NFL in general.