Record Setting Raiders Bully Broncos

Disclaimer: If you happen to be a Bronco fan and are a glutton for punishment, please continue to read. The following post contains material that should be considered derogatory for anybody desperate enough to root for the Denver Donkeys. Reader discretion is advised.

If I’m dreaming then don’t wake me. If in fact this Sunday was just a dream then I’m hitting the snooze until Halloween.

Sunday’s 59-14 demolition of Denver was a seemingly never ending nightmare for Josh McDaniels. A nightmare Denver’s very own linebacker turned Disney mouthpiece Tom Jackson described as “pathetic”. Pathetic is underselling this Denver debacle. The Broncos didn’t have a Tim Tebow prayer against the Raiders. As comprehensive a win as you’ll ever see in the NFL, Tom Cable showed now mercy as his Raiders hung a franchise record 59 points on the scoreboard.

My only question is why not go for 60+? 

That’s right, I’m that greedy. I was born and bred a Raider fan so when I see those ugly orange jerseys with the donkeys on the helmet I want blood! Apparently Cable feels the same way as he went for it on fourth and goal with a victory already in hand.

Just show no mercy, baby!

Denver fans, I’m not sorry to say that you deserved every minute of pain inflicted by a Silver and Black ball-hawking defense and an offensive line playing with a Jared Veldheer sized chip on its shoulder. From Zach Miller’s 43-yard jog to the endzone to Darren McFadden’s 57-yard scamper to paydirt, you donkey lovers had it coming.

Bronco dorks were telling anyone lonely enough to listen to their drunken rants that McDaniels was going to take this team to the top. If you thought being tied with San Diego after seven weeks would be a good thing then you thought wrong. Dead-last-wrong, in fact!

Having put the Chargers and Donkeys in the rearview mirror, Cable has his sights set on the Chiefs. But first there is the matter of taking out the Seahawks. We’ll worry about them later. For today, Raider Nation, enjoy the most satisfying Sunday you’ve had in years.

Michael Bush running Chucky out of football not withstanding, what happened today might just be the best moment since that dramatic snow game in Denver.

Donkey faithful, you have a problem. What Mike Shanahan was to the Raiders, Tom Cable is becoming to the Broncos. Coach Cable is now a perfect 3-0 in the Mile High City. 

The bright spots were many for the Raiders. Run-DMC had the type of game we’ve all been waiting for with a career best 4-touchdowns averaging 10-yards a touch. Jason Campbell played within the offense and let the game come to him. Aside from those nagging pre-snap penalties, Jared Veldheer looked downright dominant at left tackle before replacing the concussed Samson Satele at center. Yes Denver, you got abused up front by an offensive line that rotated parts more often than Optimus Prime. Mike Mitchell put his stamp on the free safety job with his best game as a pro (up yours Mel Kiper!). And for good measure Nick Miller made his first catch in the NFL as memorable as his first punt return in pro football.

While this Sunday is just one game, it has the potential to be the game.

Hey, Al Davis. How ya like Tom Cable now?

Three weeks ago, the forecast for Tom Cable called for cloudy with a chance of pink slips. Two wins over three rivals later, he’s seeing the possibility of playoffs on the horizon.

One step at a time.

What happened this afternoon in Denver was a revelation. Cable finally got a comprehensive effort out of his team from start to finish. The next step is to get this team focused for the next game and get a – dare I say? –  win streak going.

For now, let’s just bask in the glory of a silent stadium in Denver.

Shhhh…if you listen closely enough you can hear Kyle Orton pouring another shot.

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