Tom Cable Content with Campbell

Right now there is no good reason for Cable to let Bruce loose again. (Photo:

“Right now, my feeling is, we’ve won four of the last five games with the same guy. When you’re winning, you’re winning. You don’t mess with that.”

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the best and that’s why Tom Cable is sticking to his guns.

Has Jason Campbell been the best quarterback in the league? No. While he’s had moments of brilliance there have also been the occasional sprinklings of stupidity.

Is Campbell going to start every game for the rest of the season? That would seem unlikely. Not that there’s any anticipation of JC reverting back to JaMarcus form but with the way things have gone it would stand to reason that Bruce Gradkowski will eventually get another shot. Whether due to injury or poor play, my money is on Bruce Almighty getting back into the mix at some point.

Is Al Davis forcing Cable to stick with Campbell? The same old song. Al’s pulling the strings and Cable is playing the puppet. Even if that is the case, it’s working. Only way something like this would be an issue is if the team suddenly tanks and Campbell continues to be given the keys to the car.

We could play this game all day. Despite the three game win streak there are still plenty of questions surrounding Campbell and the quarterback position.

 But if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Right?

That’s the line Cable is going with and that’s the bet to put your chips on. No gambler’s fallacy here. Just because it’s landed on heads the last three times doesn’t me a tails is due. This season is still a learning process. Or should I say a re-learning process?

From top to bottom, this franchise is getting back to the ways of old. Along the way there will be bumps in the road that may take the team temporarily off track but shouldn’t steer the franchise off course.

We’ve got to think big picture here. Yes, I want a playoff birth as badly as Brett Favre wants a do-over on cell phone pics. But we need to think of the future and part of that process is feeling out the roster.

Is Gradkowski the long term solution? Can Campbell evolve into the franchise QB the Redskins envisioned when drafting him in the first round?

We’ll only know by getting results on the field.

Now, Cable shouldn’t let losses pile up in the sake of discovering who can ball and who will fall. But he does need to know which guys can be counted on as the foundation going forward.

Just think of what would have been had Cable yanked Jacoby Ford after his first half drop last Sunday. Same can be said by keeping Campbell on a short leash. JC has earned the job and it’s his right to lose it too.

So, for now, let’s just let this ride. Keep putting those chips on #8 but don’t hesitate to re-up for #5 if need be. Cable is committed to reviving the excellence and no matter the circumstances he’s proven the ability to just win, baby! 

In Cable we trust.

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