Richard Seymour asking for a boxing glove before he decks Roethlisberger...again

My Thoughts on Raiders @ Steelers

With all of the hype and hope for Raiders fan’s across the country going into Heinz Field in Pittsburgh this Sunday, I couldn’t feel more let down.  This was my thought initially, however, after some thought the mistakes and miscues are fixable.  These are my biggest points of this weeks loss.

The quarterback situation

Jason Campbell shows yet again that he is no more of a play making quarterback then JaMarcus Russell (ok maybe a little bit better) and has been rather a victim of good play around him and victim of circumstance for these recent wins . After staring 2 -2 on quick, non-read passes, Campbell floundered with the game on his shoulders as Darren McFadden struggled to get the ground game going against Pittsburgh tough run defense.  I personally believe that Campbell stayed in the game way too long, after he clearly demonstrated his ineffectiveness in his abysmal sub-50 yard performance of the first half.  Sure Bruce Gradkowski came in and threw an interception to Troy Polamalu, but at that point the game was out of reach and we were into a pass-only offense.  The response of the other players, however, was undeniable.  The tempo that entered the game with Gradkowski and the other players reaction to his entering showed just what energy he brings.  Campbell failed to do what has kept him alive as a starter and that is avoid making mistakes, and in the end, the quarterback position cost us the game.

Without Nnamdi, the secondary struggles

Ben Roethlisberger picked the secondary apart, despite moderately decent play by Chris Johnson, Michael Huff, Tyvon Branch, and Stanford Routt. Jeremy Ware was burned on a few plays, including the touchdown to Emmanuel Sanders, but is to be expected from a rookie one-on-one with a perfectly thrown ball.  Positioning cost us on a few catches, mainly against Huff and Johnson, and this was due to a lack of communication on the bunch formations ran by Pittsburgh.  Our man-to-man coverage struggled in the 5-wideout sets that they employed.  I think having Nnamdi play today would’ve helped slow the passing game down tremendously, but I will trade a loss to get him healthy for down the stretch if we want to make the playoffs (yikes that sounds weird).

Our physical offensive line got beat

McFadden couldn’t get anything going mainly due to the fact that the Steelers’ linebackers are everywhere at the same time.  Both our ground game and passing game struggled due to the 3-4 of Pittsburgh dominating the line of scrimmage.  Campbell had some plays where he was indecisive and it cost us a sack, but our offensive line simply didn’t matchup enough to create holes and time for our offense.  Our play-calling could’ve been better, as some screen passes (that Campbell didn’t throw terribly) would’ve been nice, as well as maybe some trick play (reverse or wildcat or something) to get them off balance.

In conclusion…

I will always wonder what if Gradkowski had started the game, and if that would’ve mattered – but in the end, it doesn’t.  This loss, while a setback, is not the end of our season.  We still control our own destiny as to how far we go this year.  We have six more weeks of football to take control of the AFC West and get into the playoffs.  This game was at the worst possible time for us, coming off our Bye week and losing the momentum we had, and Pittsburgh coming off a thrashing by the Patriots.  Mike Tomlin had them ready to play today, while the Raiders were still shaking off the jet lag.  The Raiders still played tough today, and I didn’t feel the usual sense of giving up, and the guy who set the tone was Richard Seymour. His intensity set the tone for the matchup, and I don’t think Big Ben will make another comment or accidentally push Seymour again after the solid right hook he received.  I love what Seymour did and I don’t fault him at all.  He is an intense guy and was tired of hearing the smack being talked.

Now it is time to focus on Miami in Oakland next week.  I look for the Raiders to win big and rebound with emphasis after this loss to Pittsburgh, that is if Bruce Almighty starts in place of JaMarcus Campbell…damn I mean Jason.

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  • Leila

    I love your writing!!!

  • Mark

    That’s pretty classless of you to support a player sucker punching an opposing player. You just lost all my respect.

  • Tyler Thompson


    I wasn’t saying I support him, I am just not going to tell him that he is in the wrong. Roethlisberger is far from a good samaritan so I’m not going to say that he is totally innocent either. In the heat of the battle, I support a person standing up for himself or his team if someone talks them down, and thats what I am assuming he was doing. If Roethlisberger said nothing and did nothing to warrant the punch, then I retract anything I said supporting Seymour – until then I am on his side.

  • raidersrhorriblelosers

    You are okay with seymour punching Ben after the whistle? You are a sore loser just like your pathetic raiders I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Raiders lose at least half their next games & end another miserable losing season

  • Chris

    It is a pretty dumb thing for you to advocate players doing things that get them kicked out of games. As a Steeler fan, that’s when I knew the game was over. You could just tell the Raiders were losing their composure and reverting back to the Raiders of the last 8 years. If you seriously “love what Seymore did” by punching someone after the whistle and getting himself ejected, then you are an idiot.

  • RogerGoodell

    Great article man! Raiders won today by doing what the US court systems should have done a long time ago; doling out some justice to a repeat offender rapist. I’m pretty sure these retarded Pittslard Stealturds fans wouldn’t mind if Rapelsburger raped their (wife, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, mother, etc.) since they suck his schlong so much. Real men handle their business like the way Seymour did. Stealturds won’t be doing anything this year with better teams like the Jets, Pats, Colts, and Ravens out there so the Raiders actually won this game by what Seymour did. The Stealturds are a joke of a team. Can’t wait to see them get beatdown again by the Jets, Pats, Ravens, or Colts just like their rapist wigga QB did hahaha

  • sonnydrysdale

    Now the Raidas can go back to that black hole they emerged from, along with their punch drunk coach and their maniacal owner. They have even managed to remove any class Richard Seymour earned while a member of the Patriots if that was possible.

  • X-Man

    It’s amazing how all these idiots can’t process what was painfully obvious.
    The Steelers have always been the N.F.L.’s little darlings, getting away with
    whatever it takes to win games. If any of these Steeler fans would bother to look
    at the tape. They show that Roethlisberger deliberately went up to Seymour from
    behind, grabbed him and started talking trash. Seymour just reacted. I’ve never seen a player do that to another player before, and Roethlisberger should’ve been tossed
    from the game and suspended for taunting. Every other player in the league would
    at least get a penalty flag for that kind of stunt. But nooooo, the Raiders get blamed
    for reacting to Big Ben’s continual stupidity. Roethlisberger then lies to the world
    by saying that he was just saying something about the extra point. What a loser. And all the Orwellian nitwits that have to twist the truth to suit their tastes are losers too.

  • zam

    Now that’s class – defending a gutless, cowardly sucker-punch on an opposing QB between plays. Get ready for the big slide…you west coast teams have easy divisions – and your Raiders aren’t going anywhere, even if you do make it to the post season. You chumps can go back to playing dress-up in your little halloween costumes at home next week. Maybe somebody should have told your guys they were playing a FOOTBALL game – cuz other than their cheap-shots between plays, it felt like we were playing a JV team yesterday. And that’s what counts – fool.

  • X-Man

    Talk about a fool. Seymour initiated NOTHING. Rapistberger came up on him. He grabbed him from behind. He taunted him. Look at the tape, moron. Why no flag for taunting? Why did he lie to the media? Why are you lying now? Most players get flagged for a LOT less. It was probably planned to get Seymour to react and get him out of the game, and in that regards it worked well. Just too bad the officials are in on the whole thing.

  • big tymer

    Come on now, you guys really are soft. You pussies should have your team sent back to LA. Oh wait, that’s happening next year! Enjoy your little slice while it lasts, clowns. You’ve been an embarrasment to the League since you hit Oakland…time to let an actual city take over.

  • big tymer
  • X-Man

    No comment from the Sheeple about what really happened; just the same lameass rants. I guess I won that argument.

  • Chris

    Yes, you won that argument, X-man. As you said, it’s obvious the referees “were in on it” and the Steelers OBVIOUSLY planned on getting Richard Seymour ejected after they took the lead 21-3. OF COURSE! Because that’s just what the Steelers needed while blowing out a shitty opponent is to give out free shots to their star QB. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE! There is an obvious vast conspiracy involving Big Ben, referees, and NFL officials to let Richard Seymour punch Big Ben just so Seymour gets suspended for half of a game. I bet the FBI and NSA are in on it too! If you deny this, then you are a “sheeple” and I automatically win this argument.

  • RogerGoodell

    X-Man you did win the argument. Chris is just a rapist so obviously he defends the actions of a rapist. Typical Stealturd fans.

  • Gerbie

    Yea raiders are all clean remember darly stingley
    Oh By th way 6 Is the Rite Number

  • Chris

    Yes, “RogerGoodell” I’m obviously a rapist if I disagree with a football player punching someone after the whistle. What other explanation could there be?


    Raider fans are simply brilliant. First, X-Man claims that there’s a vast conspiracy involving the entire Steeler team and NFL officials whose sole purpose is to get Richard Seymour thrown out for half of a football game, and now because I disagree with what Seymour did, I’m labeled as a rapist.

  • X-Man

    Chris, Yeah, obviously you are part of the Sheeple. And although I appreciate Roger’s
    support, it has nothing to do with Rapistberger’s transgressions. People just have a hard time examining the facts and looking at the truth. The film is out there. Roethlisberger ran up to Seymour, grabbed him, talked trash (most probably… he says
    he went to celebrate the extra point, but if that were true he would have ran up to one of his own players instead of Seymour… so that’s an obvious lie ). And THEN Seymour spun around and hit him. If Rapistberger is taunting Seymour then why no penalty on Rapistberger? How is that not favoritism? At the very least they should have had offsetting penalties. We’ve all seen guys get flagged for A LOT less.
    And as far as Darryl Stingley event is concerned, blaming that on dirty play
    was a total joke. Stingley basically paralyzed himself. It was a tragedy no doubt, but
    Jack Tatum barely did anything on that play. No event in sports history has EVER been
    more blown out of proportion than that so-called hit. Tatum was barely moving. Stingley lowered his head and ran full speed into Tatum’s chest. Grogan overthrew him, Stingley reached for the ball running full speed ahead and basically smashed into Tatum. People just repeat what they hear from the talking heads, so they don’t think for themselves. I don’t expect anyone to believe me, but I’m right. Check it out on YOU TUBE. Just type in Stingley and Tatum. You’ll see that Tatum was almost standing still and was upright. The cheesy East Coast media just needed to have a villain.

  • Chris

    I’m obviously not going to convince you that there isn’t a vast NFL conspiracy against Seymour. He punched a QB after the whistle, that’s all there is to it. Whether or not BigBen grabbed or said anything to Seymour becomes a moot point once Seymour punches BigBen to the ground. No official in his right mind is going to flag a QB for tapping someone on the shoulder pads and talking trash if that player then turns around and assaults the QB. It’s common sense, stop trying to make this into a bigger deal than it is.

    Me being called an idiot and accused of being a rapist for disagreeing with someone about a personal foul penalty is pretty much all I need to know about the intelligence and rationality of Raider Fans.