Richard Seymour Punching Ben Roethlisberger a Punk Move

What Richard Seymour did to Ben Roetlisberger on Sunday was a punk move. Plain and Simple. There is no room in the game for such selfish acts and there is no excuse for a team leader to behave as such.

I’m not calling Seymour a punk. Just saying what he did was a punk move. Until Sunday he was making waves for his All-Pro play this season. Now, this infamous moment of madness will be the staring point for any conversation revolving around this year.

As a veteran leader of the defense, Seymour has an obligation to his teammates. That obligation states that at no point will he put himself above the team. Until Sunday Seymour had been a team player. Could you imagine Nnamdi Asomugha doing something like this? He never would. Not that Nnamdi’s soft, he just knows that he’s more valuable to his team on the field than he is watching from the locker room.

I could care less what Big Ben said to Seymour. Even if he uttered the most vile and hateful remark ever said that is no excuse for going LeGarrette Blount in the middle of an NFL contest. Be a man; suck it up and then the next chance you get to send a message to Roethlisberger you do so emphatically within the rules of the game. Hey, worst case scenario is you get a 15-yard roughing penalty. Much better than being ejected, fined and possibly suspended.

Not advocating violent retaliation with intention to hurt. Just supporting Seymour’s right to carry a grudge and then get vengeance by simply doing what he’s paid to do. You see, cleaning Big Ben’s clock with a punch is illegal under any circumstances. But knocking him silly while the Steelers attempt one of their double-reverse/flea-flicker trick plays is perfectly legal.

No, Richard Seymour is not a punk. But he sure did pull a selfish punk move.

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  • Voly

    You clearly don’t know what it’s like to be on the field playing football with passion. And don’t give me that bullshit “Aso wouldn’t do it.” Every player comes from different places with different up-bringings to which they’ll handle situations very differently. Football is becoming as powder puff and politically correct as this nation is becoming. It’s stupid.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    I do know what it’s like being on the field and I know exactly what it feels like when somebody is running smack while you’re already in a pissy mood. My point is that this is not a bar on a Saturday night where your only recourse is to throwdown. This is pro football where the beauty of it is that you’re paid to inflict pain.

    Why throw an illegal punch when the next time you take the field you can slam Ben into the ground and not get in trouble?

    And please spare me the upbringing argument. Yes everyone comes from a different place but that means nothing once you’re paid to play the game. There are no exceptions made for those from different backgrounds only fines and suspensions for those that break the rules.

  • Bob Groves


    If it was a bar on Saturday night, Roethilisberger would be tied up raping underage girls in the bathroom. Plus he would have a bunch of state troopers protecting him, so you couldn’t even get in a shot in the jaw or a chance to “throwdown”

    Go back to working on the Chronicles of Riddick II and leave the sports writing to professionals. I hate google news links, they always lead you to know it all bloggers.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    Sorry for you but it looks like you’re stuck with seeing more of my work on Google news as Universal pulled the plug on the Riddick franchise. Thanks for taking the time to comment though. Very original “rape” material. You’re only the 589,000th person to use that one in last 10 minutes.

  • Richard

    I’m sorry, did you say “be a man” and say walk away?? Not confront the problem? I’m sorry but if that’s how it is where you grew up, then you must have been a very quiet kid. lol… To be a man is exactly what he did. If another man runs up to you, bumps you, and talks crap in your ear, Thats what happens! He should have waited? Maybee, but will he (Ben) do that again? Rothles-filet-o-fish was like the little dog that jumped around a big pit bull talking trash in cartoons, and when Seymore hit him he yelped like a chiuahua and needed the assistance of the team Dr. Even though he knew he would be OK. As a fan, I respact what I saw BECAUSE its a MAN’S game. But I guess now that the game is so highly publicized it is inhumane to play old school football anymore, and people are mad because they make so much and get to act that way. When I played Pop Warner, the motivation as a kid was to “be a man”, thats football, and if (I guess its not acceptable to the public) the public cant accept it, then you need to know what happens in the trenches. Athletes are trained as a child to defend themselves. There’s respect in that! I’m not going to even talk about what that chicken hawk did in the off season, we ALL know hes a dirtbag. But if you look at his off season problems and look at how he reacts in a game, I seriously dont think Seymore is to blame. But yes, he will be fined. And yes, he’s still a better person than the Rapist. Tell me I’m wrong?
    Maybe Ben-dejo is the punk!!

  • Chris Shellcroft


    I never said to “walk away”. I’m fine with handling the problem right then and there on the spot. Get in Ben’s grill, let him know what’s coming if he ever does that again and then lay him out on the next snap. But to throw a punch is going to get you in trouble no matter how it started.

    And I could honestly care less who is the “better person”. I don’t know either of these guys and only care about them becasue they play football. What I do care about is having a dominant defender on my team for the entire game and not just one half.



    I’m respectful that you wrote back and didn’t “walk away”!! Its like Seymore’s reaction to Ben!! :)

    Although I don’t agree, I’ve kept a close eye on the situation and Seymore was only fined $25,000 and no suspension. I’ll bet that Roethilisberger received a good a** chewing for his actions too. AND I know of two women who were happy to see him treated like he should be. I know you don’t care about what they do off the field but the rest of us know and think of it whenever we see that siko. I don’t believe Ben will pull that one again, but then again, he has been known to repeat his mistakes. Let’s just slap his hands then. lol…

    Thanks for responding. You have my respect!
    I know how hard it is to deal with a Raider fan.

  • Chris Shellcroft

    All good Richard!

    We can always agree to disagree. I never said Seymour was a punk but to be sure Ben is. All you have to do is look at how his O-line didn’t even react to Seymour after their QB got dropped.

    And the whole world knows how difficult it is to deal with us Raider fans. That’s why they’re praying for us not to get back into the playoffs!

  • Chris

    Yes, Chris, the world is “praying” that the two headed QB monster of Bruce Gradkowski and Jason Campbell doesn’t get into the playoffs. That’s a scary thought, just look at how they shredded the Pitt defense last sunday. Two all-world QB’s on one team, how’d the Raiders get so lucky?

  • Voly

    It wasn’t even a punch; hence, it’s not a punk move. It was an open-fisted slap-shove hybrid.

  • andrew

    that’s exactly what is supposed to happen when a QB tries to mouth off to a defensive end, he should get put on his ass…play football on a high level before you comment otherwise; he exaggerated the hell out of it too i wish the NFL had a rule like soccer where they get flagged for acting

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  • james

    What seymour did was wrong you dont throw a punch during a professional football game. key word professional, try to act like one. But i do love that it was Ben that got knocked down someone should have done it he is a scumbag. too bad it was on the field and costed someone $25000.

  • JOHN


  • Bill Shaffer, Lincoln,AR

    Big Ben gets clocked and rightfully so. He started it and Richard finished it. If anything I would have given off setting penalties or sent them both packing. Ben ran up and grabbed Seymour. What the hell do you think could happen Ben when you do something that stupid? Seymour is walking away not coming toward Ben. Too bad Ben had a helmet on.