Six Wins Never Meant So Much

Ok, so there are no moral victories in the NFL. Just uttering the phrase in a professional locker room is grounds for dismissal. But after yesterday’s win in San Diego the Oakland Raiders are finally off the schnide.

Seven years of 11 loss football have come to a halt thanks to Tom Cable notching the 6th win of the season.

Of course all that means is there is still the potential for double digit losses. In the grand scheme of things six wins means absolutely nothing. All it has done is to create a new goal for the Detroit Lions to accomplish.

You won’t see any celebration around the Alameda offices for this inconsequential feat. There is still much work to be done and playoffs are very much a possibility. About all these six wins have done is to divert the ever hateful eye of the sports media away from the East Bay for a few weeks.

Well, that and it’s put the Raiders back into the hunt for the AFC West. That’s something to be proud of but nothing to rest on.

In addition to winning more games since this franchise last went to the Super Bowl, Coach Cable is also making Bill Belichick’s draft a little less valuable. When the Raiders gave up a first round pick for Richard Seymour many saw it as a foregone conclusion that the Pats would be in the top 10 come April.

Surprise, surprise!

Not only will the Pats be on the clock for longer than anticipated, there is also a chance they could see the Silver and Black in the postseason. Now that is something worth celebrating! Just not right now.

Congrats to Cable for getting this gorilla off the franchise’s back. Now if he really wants to prove something he’ll see to it that his team only loses one more game the rest of the season. For those who can’t do the math that would equate to a winning record – the first of its kind in nearly a decade of Oakland Raiders football.

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  • Josh

    I think Tom Cable takes alot of flack for not being a ‘qualified’ NFL coach. Kudos to your credit towards him as he has clearly lit a fire under this years squad, and done a good job of developing some of the talented youngsters who underproduced last year(s). McFadden, Ford, Murphy are amongst the few who have shown reasons why they were drafted, this year. The team is 4-0 in the division, so congrats to Cable for the solid year so far.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    What makes Cable so effective is that he is honest and direct with his players. So long as the locker room is behind him there is no man on the roster that cares what the media or even fans have to say about their team. And that is the only way to have success.

    Now this team still has a long way to go but in the modern NFL teams can go from 2 wins to 12 in a year. Cable gets a lot of props for getting to this point but the real challenge is just beginning. I have faith that he’s the man for the job.

    As the fans in Denver have learned, just because you’ve got a name doesn’t mean you’re ready for the fame. Cable was an unknown when he got the gig but the results speak for themself.

    Now, let’s see the same effort in Jacksonville that we saw on Sunday. That’s all I ask.

  • Gforce083

    Good article. I to think Coach Cable does bring some good traits to this team. He’s def a blue collar, smash mouth kind of guy and he has an idea of what it takes to win games in this league.

    Yet, I just can’t get over this lack of ability to make the right choices. We can’t deny they he has hurt the Raiders season flip flopping on QBs and passively butting heads with Al Davis on the issue.

    I realize all my comments are Campbell and QB related but I’ve followed this guy since Auburn and I’ve even invested, let’s just say a lot, into an awesome football collection of Campbell’s.

    My beef is what Cable had to say after the game Sunday: “To me, that’s what [Jason Campbell] is, manage it, stay in the game, and don’t get too whacked out,”

    And then in today’s media session he says: “After watching the film, it confirmed what I thought after the game Sunday. We were dominate on defense…offensively, ummm, you know, I thought there were some things we could have done better throwing the ball, but all in all it was positive and we’ll take this one” THEN, later in the interview he says “…but he’ll [Campbell] tell ya that he missed 2-3 balls in that game. The one ‘go’ route to Lewis [Murphy] you know had he [Campbell] thrown that ball a little more to the inside, that’s a touchdown, and he [Campbell] knows he can get better at that”

    Tell me, is this how you really show that you have confidence in your QB? I mean, Cable, are you still having a love affair with the guy who’s on IR and played horrendously against Miami?! Did I not say Sunday, “What more does Campbell have to do, to get Cable to back him, place Murphy’s big toe in bounds for him?” And then look what Coach Cable says today…it’s ridiculous! Jason’s pass was spot on to Murphy, Campbell can’t help the fact that Murphy wasn’t aware of the sideline enough to know that he should have drug is left foot. Murphy is a good WR but he still has some learning to do when it comes to route running and sideline awareness.

    I’m just befuddled at Cable’s reactions to Campbell’s quality play and how he just about said nothing negative about Gradkowski after that Miami game.

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  • The Mokoda

    In spite of what credit he MAY deserve for this bit of Raider resurgence, Tom Cable needs to be gone after this season and a REAL coach brought in to take them to the level of serious (and taken seriously) contenders.
    Not just his waffling with the QB’s, but his silly sense of motivation will never lift the Raiders beyond being a team “on their way back”.

    Case in point: When the Raiders won the first Charger game, Cable says,

    “Remember this feeling; remember what this feels like.”

    Sorry, but that’s just stupid! You don’t play football for a ‘feeling’, you play to WIN! The feeling comes with winning. What he should have said was something like, “Remember how you did this; remember what it took, what you gave, to win. Learn to duplicate that.”

    Cable may have lit a nice fire of emotion under this team, and that can win some games, but you don’t beat Steelers, Jets, Patriots, Ravens on emotion, you have to be highly motivated and bring a real GAME to beat teams like those, and there’s no Super Bowl, even if they make the playoffs, without beating at least two of those teams. Even if they did make it to the Super Bowl, you also don’t beat Saints, Falcons, Giants or Packers on emotion alone, and those are likely Super Bowl opponents.

    Emotion is a big part of the game of football, sure, but when you get blown out by the Steelers (expected, sort of), then come right back and get trounced by the likes of Miami, it shows there’s some lack in the motivation department. Yeah, they settled down enough to come back and beat the Chargers again, but taking 2 weeks to get motivated after a hard loss still leaves the team at .500.

    Cable needs to go. Period.

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