Nnamdi Asomugha is Free to Leave Oakland

We knew this day was coming. Two years ago Al Davis inked Nnamdi Asomugha to a complex deal that was the largest in league history for a DB. Seeking to avoid the franchise tag, Asomugha’s contract called for him to be paid on par with the NFL’s top quarterbacks but also had a specific stipulation that would void the three year agreement after two seasons.

Well, that dreaded day has come as Aso failed to meet certain contractual incentives thus voiding his deal and placing the best cover corner in the NFL on the free agent market. As if that alone isn’t cause for concern, Davis is powerless to slap either the franchise or transition on Nnamdi.

Now, normally this might not seem so concerning. Coming off the most enjoyable season of his pro career in Oakland, you’d think Nnamdi would be onboard to re-up with the only franchise he’s ever played for. Many will cite the obscene amount of bread Davis tossed at Aso as the reason he chose to stay in the Bay last time. Truth be told, Nnamdi is a stand up guy who sought to finish what he started by helping to turn the Raiders around.

In addition, Asomugha has become very involved in the East Bay community and is among the most charitable athletes today in pro sports.

In a normal world you’d assume the Raiders would have the inside track on bringing their most prized possession back.

But this isn’t the “normal” world. This is the Al Davis world where guys like Tom Cable are shown the exit just as he’s got his team finding an entrance into NFL respectability. This is the world in which Davis hands out wretched long term contracts to the likes of DeAngelo Hall and Javon Walker yet is unable to secure longer deals for All-Pros like Asomugha and Richard Seymour.

This is either the moment things begin to truly fall apart or begin to come together as Davis’ overblown ego and tragic insecurity have once again taken his franchise back to the crossroads.

No telling what the future holds for Nnamdi. At this point he must feel like a character in some existential piece authored by Kafka. Since he’s arrived in Oakland, Nnamdi’s days have been spent waiting for a ray of sunshine to creep through the dark clouds so that the tree of success might finally grow. Then, just as that tree was finally beginning to bear fruit along comes Al Davis with an axe.

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  • cwoodsraider21

    worst news when i saw this today… I feel like we could be losing a family member here Nnamdi is the man. I think he might make the decision to stay since we are on the rise and he was definitely the main reason for that… we paid him and showed how appreciative we were. Al Davis better be treating him like a king and give him the same big money contract he did last time around. i have been forgiving and understanding of Al for what he’s done and actually its coming around pretty well now. Some mistakes, but I think this team has unbelievable capability. If he doesn’t pay Aso I will finally lose all hope for Al Davis. Lets hope we keep 21.

  • Chris Shellcroft

    I feel you CWoods. Nnamdi has been the one of thew few reasons to take pride in being a Raider fan in recent years. It is going to be a hard sell to get him to remain in Oakland. He was a big Cable supporter and I can’t imagine he’s too happy having yet another head coach. Considering he’s been faithful all this time it would tragic for his Raider career to end this way.

    But that’s the Al Davis way. All I know is Al set the bar high with that last contract so now he’s going to find it difficult to offer Nnamdi a lot less considering the Raider need Aso more than he needs the Raiders.

  • bill in vegs

    I`m from santa cruza I have been a raider fan for 35 years.All I see now is 3 more bad years. We all know new caoch new plan and two or three more looseing years. Then Al will fire himm and then it will be a new caoch all over again. This sucks

  • Chris Shellcroft


    I really hope this is not another setback. That would kill me to have to go through more years of misery. The problem now is that Al Davis has set this team up for a “playoffs or bust” situation. Meaning whoever the next coach is…cough, cough…Hue Jackson…he’s got to win and win right NOW! Otherwise we’re all stuck going through another round of coach searching.

    Oh well…at least you can down a beer and grab a slice at Pizza My Heart to wash away your troubles in Santa Cruz.

  • cwoodsraider21

    I just noticed all of the other free agents we will have to sign… These are “potential” free agents coming up this offseason and if we lost any of them I would be really sad and could see it hurting our chances next year.
    Richard Seymour
    Michael Huff
    Stanford Routt
    Michael Bush
    Robert Gallery
    Zach Miller
    Do you see us letting any of these guys go? I think it will probably depend on if we keep Aso and how much money we give him. Honestly I don’t want to see any of them go all key parts to the team.

  • Chris Shellcroft

    Yeah CWoods, it’s going to be an interesting off-season to be sure.

    I can’t see both Nnamdi and Routt coming back. But a lot of that depends on how this CBA things shapes up. Hopefully Huff is done. The guy has improved a lot in the last two years but he still can’t make an open field tackle and he’ll have to take a pay cut to come back.

    As for Seymour…looks like another franchise tag which could eat up another $12-million in cap space.

    Overall, I’m not sure how all this is going to do down. We’re looking at the crossroads here. Davis has painted his team into a corner and he might not be able to just throw money at the problem this time.

  • RLaw

    Asomugha must be signed, he is too valuable to just let go. Routt is decent. Zach Miller must be signed, being he is a top NFL TE. Seymour is also a presence in the middle. Al Davis, please do not disappoint!