Nnamdi Asomugha Has No Reason to Stay in the Bay

Unless Al Davis can top the last contract he gave to Nnamdi Asomugha then he may as well help the All-Pro corner pack his things now. Asomugha is leaving the East Bay and for good reason. He’s remained loyal while Davis has sold him nothing but lies.

Nnamdi had plenty of reasons to leave last time. Davis gave him plenty of reasons to stay the least of which was that $45-million contract. Yes, money talks but in the end it was Asomugha’s desire to succeed in a Silver and Black uniform that trumped all. The Cal grad is fully aware of the Raiders’ history. He knows all too well what it would have meant to help turnaround the NFL’s most downtrodden yet historic franchise.

Nnamdi held up his end of the bargain. Al Davis didn’t. It’s just that simple and it’s the reason why Aso’s days in the Bay are over.

Nnamdi has already suffered through 8 years of rebuilding. Now that his team finally reached a point of breakthrough, he’s being asked to help start that process all over again. Does that make much sense? Why should he be around to break in yet another coaching staff? Why should he, again, be the role model the team’s owner is not?

His talent on the field is unmatched but what Nnamdi does for the Raiders off the field is invaluable. His charitable works have made him a pillar of the community. Asomugha’s professional demeanor has helped lend credence to an otherwise idiotic franchise. So what does he have to gain from continuing to put out the fires Mr. Davis starts?

Let it be known, Nnamdi is a SoCal native. He roots for the Lakers. He has no ties to the Bay other than his college days and professional career. None the less, he’s made his East Bay house into a home and has proven he can make inroads anywhere.

There is nothing that ties Asomugha to the Raiders. He has nothing else to prove and has no unfinished business. As a top tier talent, team captain and highest paid Raider, Nnamdi has every right to voice his opinion. In his opinion, Asomugha saw Tom Cable as one of the bigger reasons to stay last time around. He openly supported Cable to return after going 5-11 in ’09 so what do you think his opinion of Cable is after going 8-8 in 2010?

Knowing how much support Cable has in the locker room and has public backing from the best Raider on the planet only angered Davis. So over zealous in assuming he can just thrown money at any problem, Davis canned Cable and now stands to lose Aso.

Best of luck, Nnamdi. You deserve to play for a contender. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. You deserve to have done to you as you do unto others. Raider Nation regrets that you can’t find any of that around here.  

I once said Nnamdi Asomugha would be a Raider for life. Even upon his departure he’ll still be held in high regard by Raider Nation and his service in a Silver and Black uniform will never be forgotten. He’s still a Raider for life, too bad the owner has taken that life away.

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  • RLaw

    Nnamdi must stay!

  • e

    Nnamdi dooooont gooo!!!!!!

  • hollywood kid

    The Raiders will be a better team next year with or without Nnamdi. With Cable the team was undisciplined and split games with the NFC West. He deserved to go.

  • cwoodsraider21

    It will be sad if Nnamdi leaves, very sad. I can’t believe what Al Davis is doing. If we go through more rebuilding I will finally accept the fact that the Raiders will be in the hole until Al Davis dies. Warren Sapp once said it, and it might be true. If we have Aso we go to the playoffs, bottom line.

  • Sonny

    From what Nnamdi stated on ESPN he would love to stay and Raider and would like to stay a Raider. He also stated that the Raiders have a very good chance at resigning him should they want him.

    You would think some of you people that write about the Raiders and some of their players would know a tad more about what you write then you people do.

    I notice that Media people that do not have a clue that write Nnamdi is as good as gone have their articles plastered from one end of the US to the other. But the words coming right from the Horses mouth that makes them all look the FOOL you cannot even find.

    As I have said if Al Davis and the Raiders want him to resign and they can compete with the salary, Nnamdi goes no place and stays an Oakland Raider. Funny how they all knock the Al Davis so called reaches in the Draft but when one comes available they are all slobbering all over themselves to try and get their hands on him.

  • Sonny

    According to Nnamdi you are wrong again, Nnamdi stated that with Hue Jackson they went 8-8 and saw a huge improvement on O. Sounds like he would love to see Hue get the Head job and he says they would not miss a beat. Get your information right before you go off making all these claims that Nnamdi shot down.

  • Chris Shellcroft

    Memo to Sonny:

    A) This was written a full day (that’s 24 hours) before Nnamdi went on ESPN.

    B) This is pure opinion. Never was it stated as fact. This is a blog and not a news outlet.

    But thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Sonny

    I was a tad rough on you, have always loved reading your Blog. Just ticks me off how much play any article receives that has Nnamdi good as gone, Nnamdi will run from Raiders and so on. But after Nnamdi himself turns all that to smoke with his own words it is like looking for a needle in a Haystack trying to find a mention of it at any News Source. Glad to see PFT has the Headline “Asomugha Would Love To Stay A Raider” on one of their articles.

  • Chris Shellcroft

    All good, Sonny!

    This is a forum for all of Raider Nation. Any and every opinion is valued here.

    Believe me, I want Nnamdi back. I hope he retires a Raiders and enters Canton a Raider. From where I sit – if it were me – I wouldn’t be willing to commit to Al Davis. But, again, that is just my opinion.

    Nnamdi is a high character guy. He’s a rare blend of talent and leadership that this team badly needs. He’s clearly more level headed than Al Davis and maybe that’s why things will workout.

  • @deerhuntr23


    All business and bs aside Nnamdi Asomugha is the greatest Raider to suit up in Silver & Black since Tim Brown retired. He is the heart and soul of our team, the quiet leader and MOST feared defensive back in all of pro football. I don’t care if he didn’t fulfill his contract requirements this past season and hasn’t had more than 1 pick since ’08 he is, by definition, a shutdown LOCKDOWN defender who splits the field in 2. Routt, Huff, Mitchell, Branch, Johnson, Ware, Brown, McFadden and everyone in the 2ndary plays better because of him not to mention what he provides for the other 2 levels of the defense. I understand what statistics mean and all that goes along with guarding the top receivers in the league but truth be told no one goes after him and all of a sudden people call him over paid or overrated. YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS. Let’s be honest here and admit, finally, that all 31 other franchises are licking their chops to get a chance at signing him. Schefter, Bayless and whoever else can all speculate and say that Nnam will DEFINITELY not be a Raider next year but until the man inks a contract with another franchise I will wear my #21 with pride and remind all you absent minded fools where he made his bones.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    ummmm…yeah…I always appreciate comments but please read the articles first before ranting. This piece NEVER said Nnamdi is overpaid. Quite the opposite. This piece NEVER said Nnamdi isn’t the best there is. If you stop by here often enough you’ll know that JBB has been SCREAMING that Aso is the best in the biz.

    since you are out off by literature, here are the Cliffs Notes.

    This article states that Nnamdi has given his 110% since becoming a Raider, has been faithful to a fault and is now being given a cold shoulder by ownership.

    In other words…get a clue.

    but thanks for stopping by.