There Will Be No Raider Reunion for Rob Ryan

Earlier in the week it was rumored that Al Davis had designs on bringing Rob Ryan back to the Silver and Black as a defensive coordinator/assistant head coach. Well, that doesn’t seem likely as Adam Schefter is reporting that Ryan will become the new DC in Dallas.

This news comes on the heels of the Raiders opting not to renew the contract of John Marshall. Thus, the coaching search continues for Davis and his underlings.

Fact of the matter is no matter who inherits the vacant defensive coordinator position in Oakland the scheme will remain the same. Much like every other aspect of this franchise, it’s Al’s way or the highway.

For the better part of a decade the Raiders have been unable to stop the run. That trend was present when Ryan was in town and has continued on down through Marshall’s tenure and will no doubt remain when Davis selects his next puppet.

Best of luck to whoever gets suckered into taking the job under Davis and best of luck to Ryan in Dallas. Let the record show that Ryan has chosen Jerry Jones and his underachieving Dallas Cowboys over Al Davis and his young upstart Raiders. You would think at some point Davis might realize how his actions have created a negative view of his franchise. But knowing Al, he’ll just trot out his mouthpiece John Herrera to blame the media for the negative reviews of the Raiders and for good measure Herrera will assault a reporter just to drive the point home.

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  • moab73

    “underachieving” Cowboys? hahahahahahahaha and this from the Raiders? you cant be serious! you guys been losing for 10 years straight! you might have 10 wins in that span off losing! Funny stuff….boy, how soon we forget our own and so quick to pull others weeds and your backyard is being eating alive with weeds!?!?!?!?! wooooooooow!!


    What are you smokin moab73??? The article is referring to the Cowboys of THIS PAST season you moron….Not to the last past 10 seasons…make sure you read the facts straight before you starting spoutin off…Also…yeah this year the Cowboys did not meet everyone’s yeah they were underachievers..everyone thought for sure that they would make it at least into the playoffs!!

  • Chris Shellcroft

    Memo to Moab,

    As has already been pointed out, this was about your Boys of this past season. You know, the ones who Jerry Jones thought would be playing in their own crib in the Super Bowl and didn’t even make the playoffs.

    And, about those last 10 years. Check your facts cause in that time the Raiders have been to the Super Bowl, won three AFC West titles and a few playoff games. What have the Cowboys done in that same span? Oh, that’s right, one playoff win…yeah…

  • Moab73

    Chris Shellcroft: Wooooooow! The bum azz raiders won a playoff game 9 seasons ago and got crushed in their last super bowl!! Great stuff!?!? LMFAO! And Al Davis….where do I begin? Ya’ll been playing in the same DUMP/landfill/junkyard/back sand lot/$hit hole 4EVER!! He signs bum after bum after washed up bum! Hell your team is where misfits go to get a huge retirement check just before they fall to pieces because of brittle old bones! If anyone goes there, its because No one wants them but CRAZY AL! Hahahaha just win baby must reeeeeeally be getting old to you fans, seeing as though you haven’t won anything for so long!?!? Herd you guys a going to sign Howie long and Bret Favre soon! Hey! Way not sign John Madden while your at it? Hahahahaha Oakland Raiders= NFL door mat bottom feeders! POW!! That’s fact!!! Pow!!

  • Chris Shellcroft

    I love you part time fans that only read headlines and watch SportsCenter then assume you know something.

    Ummm…how many coaches has Jerry Jones gone through recently? Where are the Cowboys drafting this year? When was the last time Dallas did anything besides dissappoint their fans? How many playoff wins in the last 20 years? I’ll wait…

    And do you really want to talk about bad contracts and misfits? Do the names Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson mean anything to you? No, cause you part timers only know Romo and Jerry Jones.

    Seriously, I don’t mind smack talk so long as it is good. Get some new material and get back to me.

    Oh and as for that “dump” the Raiders play in…you’re right. But at least we don’t have to worry about seeing others teams celebrate a Super Bowl victory in our crib. But hey, you guys have a scoreboard the size of Rhode Island. Congrats! Makes it easier for the folks in the cheap seats to get a better view of the epic failure that was the 2010 season in Dallas.

  • Moab73

    Your team won’t host a superbowl cause like I said, your stadium is a $h*t hole!! And as far as coaches dummy, the Dallas caowboys have had the least amount of coaches than any team in NFL history!! This is the 8th coach in Franchise history!! And as far as those players you call misfits, Pacman, Tank, T.O. Were all on the roster when we went 13-3 and the 2007–08 Dallas Cowboys have the most Pro Bowl selections in one season with 11. Now get YOUR $h*t straight and stop hating on Cowboy palace and its biggest HD screen in the entire WORLD!! Just keep loosing baby!!! Hahahahahaha

  • Moab73

    Chris Shellcroft: In case you didn’t know (I’m certain to are aware but your ashamed to acknowledge it) but the Oakland Raiders haven’t had a winning season since 2002!!! (Could that be right?!? Wow!!) Just lose baby! Al Davis new slogan is and should be, Just Lose Baby!!

  • Chris Shellcroft


    come back with some better material. Your smack is as inspired as your team. All that talent you boast of…how many playoff wins? You talk about how few coaches your team has had in history but how many of those names have popped up in the last decade?

    Now, your squad went from Super Bowl contenders to 5-11 in one year flat. You are right about the Raiders recently. But what you’re doing is ignoring the signs. Owner spends big loot, team doesn’t win, owner begins to panic, hires and fires coaches, owner still has inflated expectations even though his team hasn’t won a big game in two decades, fans still think they’re going to win every year cause owner keeps spending cash to fool said fans, team bottoms out with more losing…

    Any of this sound familiar? Raider Nation knows is cause we’re living through it. Too bad you Cowgirl fans are as confused as your owner. You see all the signs yet choose to ingore them. Enjoy the future failures. So far, they’ve been pretty epic… can’t wait to see how you boys top yourselves!

  • Moab73

    I can’t go back and forth with someone as bitter and angry as you are because your team is what it is and has been for so long! Your scared and confused by all the losing and mundane football you guys been playing. I’m sorry your franchise,owner,stadium,player and coaches suck? Its your team, so deal with it or get a better team like the Lions or Pop Warner Pee Wee’s or something! Congrats on the new coach! I’m sure he’ll fix EVERYTHING that’s been plaguing your team since 2002 when you went to the Super Bowl, but lost…..again (you will get NO further response from me cause I refuse to converse with the mentally insane) “JUST LOSE BABY”!! Hahahaha LOSERS……