Rent, Don’t Buy Hue!!!

As I watched this weeks press conference with the Oakland Raiders,  I noticed that Hue Jackson stated he would be here for a long long time. Well Hue, don’t get too comfortable. Al Davis has gone through six coaches in the last eight years. Every one of these coaches has left on bad terms. It makes me ill thinking of the “What ifs”. 

I look at teams like that Titans and see coaches like Jeff Fisher who will have been there for over 15 years. He has not had winning seasons all of his years coaching, yet he is still their coach. I’m just saying Hue, if you do not take us to the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl this year, pack your bags. Al Davis does not put up with mediocrity very well. You are on a short leash but I’m sure you already knew that. Al Davis is  “committed to excellence”. He is also committed to kicking your ass out the door if you do not win within the first two years. 

Hey Hue, who are you drafting this year? I know, whoever Al tells you to. Hey Hue, who are you re-signing this year? I know, anyone Al tells you to. Get used to that! You are in Al’s world. If Al tells you to draft a kicker in the first round, you do that! Its Al tells you to give the ball to the running back eight plays in a row, (because he thinks Marcus Allen is still in the backfield), you do that!

Don’t get me wrong Raider Nation, I hope Hue Jackson kicks some serious NFL butt this year. I am also aware and I know the realities of being a Raider coach. Expectations are so high as a raider coach, even if you are winning you still may lose your job. Ask Jon Gruden or Tom Cable about that. 

Just win or just sue Al later!

Greg Simon

JBB Staff Writer

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  • raidertg

    I have been ready your blog for a while now and this one you have very wrong. 1) Gruden was traded not fired because he was already looking elsewhere so Al decided to clean up on draft picks instead of just lossing Gruden. 2) Cable did not have a winning season. 8-8 is .500 not a winning season. Look I liked Cable but him moving on is best for the Raiders. Plus Cable was not FIRED they choose not to pick up his optional year! Would you rather have Al sitback and has a coach that just keeps lossing year after year and do nothing about it or would you rather AL expect the most out of the true he truly wants to see be great?

  • Raider316

    Dude you are supposed to be a site for Raiders fan not a two-bit ripoff of ESPN.
    Write what benefits Raider fans and not some stupid crap trying to be funny.

  • Raiders20

    Come on men u sound like those f@@@@@ from NFL tv always talking mess about al,al has a goal and that goal is to bring the raiders back to championships,people can say the worst about al but no body is going to stop him until he reach his goal and trust is not too far away,I hope all this haters keep hating because the raiders comeback it’s pretty close.just win baby.

  • Mike

    Terrible article! Top to bottom!!! All that knocking on Al for no reason. That little analogy on running the bal 8 times was stupid also… Marcus Allen is great not taking away but Dmac is truth. Stupid.

  • Slam

    Last year Tom Cable was the HC, and Hue Jackson was the Off Coordinator who referred to Al as ” Coach Davis “, so he was obviously being held over Cable’s heads as the guy who could take his job.

    Now this upcoming season, Al publically attacked Cable, Hue Jackson is the new HC, and Al Saunders ( who already interviewed for the Raiders HC job ) is the new OC.

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this is going. Great column, Chris !

  • Gregory Simon

    Your right, 6 coaches in 8 years is logical. My bad.

  • Gregory Simon

    This is a site for Raider fans. One thing we have to put up with year after year is the unstability of our front office.

  • Gregory Simon

    I did’nt say Gruden or Cable were fired. Fired, traded or not re-signed is pretty much the same thing. If you don’t like it Al’s way, you are gone.
    To me 8-8 is a winning season! With the poor representation we have had to watch the last 8 years, 8-8 is great! Sweeping our devision was killer also! Getting rid of Cable was a mistake.

  • Gregory Simon

    Logic, I like it Slam!

  • http://NFLCOM John Hurdle

    Hey if you listen to Jackson he said before K.C. last game of the year he says that he was not happy that they did not get to the playoff or win the division. And Cable was like we are coming along. Hey win or go home in this league. Building is one thing but still we lead in penalties. That is unexceptionable. time to get a coach like Gruden Be in charge. Discipline is needed. And Chucky left for Tampa so he could be home near his family. But we must stop the run. And please get Asomuga back.

  • raidertg

    Boy I’m glad you see 8-8 as a winning season. Ya it was better then what we had going but it is not a winning season. Plus why does everyone keep bring up the 6 coaches in 8 years. Lets try 7 in 13 I guess you can make stats bend any way you want. Hue is the reason we were 8-8 not Cable. If he was so great why is he a line coach agian?