Some Props for Charles Woodson

It’s been a longtime coming but Charles Woodson can finally be called a world champion. A well deserved honor for a man that has seen his career take more twists and turns than a ride at Magic Mountain. No hard feelings here, this Raider fan is more than happy to see Woodson get his.

After getting his pro career off to a flying start it looked like Woodson was well on his way to becoming one of the most dominant DBs to ever suit up and that’s saying something when you’re talking about the Silver and Black. However, injuries and a sour attitude eventually brought Woodson’s Raider days to an end.

For many, Woodson will be remembered for the role he played in one of the most infamous plays in the history of sports. But we’re not going to talk about that snowy evening in the Northeast. While we’re at it, let’s not discuss Woodson’s first Super Bowl appearance either. Sure, he got an INT in the big game but that is as worthless a consolation prize as a broken ring at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box. Later Woodson would unleash a tirade that ushered Bill Callahan out of the East Bay.

With a reputation as a malcontent and looking like a move to safety would be the only way to salvage his career, the Raiders parted ways with Woodson.

A good friend of mine is a Packers fan and when his team gave Charles a seven year deal I told him they just committed cap suicide. What a fool I was.

Perhaps his exit from Oakland was a wakeup call cause Woodson’s time in Green Bay has been nothing short of amazing. Recognizing he’s no longer the shutdown corner of old, the Packers devised multiple ways to get the most out of their investment.

In his five years as a Packer, Woodson has amassed an absurd 31 interceptions taking 8 of those to the house. His efforts earned a Defensive Player of the Year honor in ’09 and a Super Bowl ring in 2011.

While Woodson was unable to participate in the second half of his team’s victory over the Steelers his leadership was omnipresent. As a team captain Woodson’s veteran presence was instrumental in returning the Lombardi trophy to its home.

While there were certainly some hard feelings over the way in which he left Oakland there is nothing but respect for the way he’s resurrected his career. Make no mistake, the next stop for Charles Woodson is Canton. But that is much further down the road. With the way things look he might have a chance at getting another ring.

Raider Nation always knew he’d be this good. We just assumed he’d be doing it for our team.

None the less, it has been a pleasure to watch him play and I couldn’t be happier for Charles Woodson.

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  • cwoodsraider21

    notice the name… cwoods: Charles Woodson is my favorite player in the history of the NFL. I grew up watching him at Michigan where he won them a championship and got himself a heisman too. I remember the exact spot I was when I saw that Woodson had been signed by the Packers. A sad sad day for me as I thought he would be a Raider for life. Of course, I saw his exit coming when we had the troubles with he and Callahan. Anyways I was pulling for him all year, I really wanted him to have a ring to solidify Canton. The Raiders are always #1, the lions #2 (being from Detroit), and I wish Charles Woodson success he is a role model of mine. He is an amazing player.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    I feel you. I thought Woodson would be a Raider to he retired. It was a match made in heaven with him and Al but things just fell apart after the Super Bowl loss and his injuries.

    But I’m glad he got his ring and he’s headed to Canton for sure. While he’ll be rembered as a Packer, he was a Raider first in the NFL and he’ll be yet another former Raider in the Hall!