Money Talks, Robert Gallery Walks

John Herrera just can’t leave well enough alone.

Yesterday Robert Gallery announced he and the Raiders “mutually” agreed to part ways. It was widely assumed this was a business decision. It’s pro football. It’s a business. We all know that the term “mutually” usually means “money related”.

Whatever. That’s the way these things go.  

Gallery thanked Al Davis. He expressed his gratitude for the support of Raider Nation. And that was that.

We know dude underachieved as a left tackle. We know he was a bust. But we also know he did whatever the team asked of him. Changed positions, played hurt and gave it his all. He didn’t sulk. He didn’t complain. He did his job, connected with the community and when it was all over and done with he went out with class.

But leave it to Herrera to air all of the dirty laundry behind the scenes as he told the Chronicle exactly what the “mutual agreement” was.

“The only thing that was mutually agreed upon is his numbers were way out of line with ours.”  

Yeah, we pretty much assumed as much Herrera. According to Vittorio Tafur, Gallery was looking for something in the $8-million range and the Raiders were offering him $2.5-million.


First things first. People may crack jokes about the Raiders overpaying but anyone willing to drop $8-mil a year on Gallery is either crazy or Daniel Snyder. If that’s what he truly thought he deserved to get paid then by all means, good luck with that Robert. It’s just not going to happen in Oakland.

However, closed mouths don’t get fed.

I don’t blame Gallery one bit for asking for that much. If he gets it, great! If not he’s free to seek that money elsewhere which seemed pretty likely no matter what.

The problem is that Herrera couldn’t just let things be. So what if Gallery was asking for way too much coin. Let him walk and leave it be.

Herrera also went on to remind the world that the Raiders were 6-6 with Gallery and 2-2 without in 2010. As if that lends any credence to balking at his salary request.

What this boils down to is guys like Herrera constantly feel the need to remind the world how right they are and how wrong everybody else is.

Memo to Herrera – put a winning team on the field and they’ll do all the talking for you.

Enough with this need to save face by pointing fingers, assaulting reporters and banning former MVPs from the facility. Do your job – whatever that is – and let the rest play itself out.

While most have balked at the recent moves by the Raiders, the fact of the matter is Oakland is setting a bold standard in the face of labor adversity. But when you’ve got No Talent Ass Clowns like Herrera running their mouths it just fuels the flames of all those Raider misconceptions.

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  • Sonny

    You are right lol, pure class act. Never once during his 7 years did he go to the Raiders telling them he was being over paid. Drafted as a number 2 pick 1st round and projected as the next great LT the Raiders paid him as such.

    When he failed to even be able to play LT at all the Raiders turned him into a slightly above average Guard. Gallery did not mind collecting that LT money all the while playing Guard that pays much less. Show me a Guard picked in the Top Ten of the Draft.

    His contract is up and rather then tell the Fans the truth, that he made the Raiders an offer no team in their right mind would even consider. That the Raiders would not come close so he was walking. He tried to tell people that the Raiders did not want him any longer.

    The Dude IS LISTED AS A RAIDERS TOP TEN DRAFT BUST on NFL.Com and they had his picture up as the cover of the story until his Agent called and jumped their rears. The dude may have looked the part until you looked him in the eye, he was soft. Beware when the Raiders let you walk.

    Jake Grove where are you?, pure Miami paid a bunch for what. Jerry Porter where are you, poor Jags, paid a ton. Burgess where are you, New England traded a 3 for him. On and on I can go for days. As for Gallery, walk out like a man, not a thief in the night, the dude was soft and I say do not let the door hit you in your rear.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    Like I said. This is a business. I don’t fault Gallery at all for asking for all that money. If it were you, you’d do the same. Don’t act like you’d go to your boss and ask for a pay cut because you didn’t have a good year on the job. Now if he thinks he’s going to get that money he’s crazy. nobody is going to pay him that much.

    Again, i don’t blame the Raiders for laughing in his face. My problem is dude said his thank yous and kept it civil. If you’re Herrera why can’t you do the same. Why the need to get the last word?

    Who cares?

    eitehr way Gallery is gone. Doesn’t matter why. It’s not like he’s going to be the reason this team wins a Super Bowl. As you said – and I agree – he was an overpaid guard. No arguing that. We all know that. The world knows that. We don’t need Herrera to remind us.

    Bottom line is Gallery might have been a fool for asking for that much but Herrera is a bigger fool for not leaving well enough alone. It is a childish move that was unnecessary. It’s not like Gallery was trying to conduct a public protest for his money. He asked, Al said no. End of discussion.

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