Owners and Players are Only Losers in Lockout

This is not one of those heartfelt diatribes about the suffering of the fans. Nor will his be the lament of a fan’s disappointment in the wake of union decertification and ensuing lockout.

The fans will be fine. We’ll get on with our lives with or without the NFL.

However, the owners and players won’t fare as well.

Sure, our desire to discuss free agency, prep for the draft and anticipate the upcoming season will be tempered. But we the fans lose nothing from this mess.

As for the owners, they stand to almost immediately lose revenue as angry fans refuse to re-up for season tickets. In this scenario the fans might miss their Sundays but will actually improve their economic standing by virtue of saving cash.

As for the players, they stand to miss out on plenty more than just money. The injured go wanting as they’re unable to work with the team’s medical staff. The free agents remain lost in employment limbo. The future rookies could miss out on millions depending on what, if any, resolution is made.

The fans will be fine.

Those of us who love college hoops usually care more about March Madness this time of year anyway. Those of us that love America’s pastime usually care more about the upcoming season more than underwear workouts in Indianapolis. Those of us that could care less about grievances between millionaires and billionaires are happy that we’re no longer stuck in football limbo. We know exactly where we stand because of the NFLPA’s line drawn in the sand brought on by the owners’ choice to opt out of the current CBA.

The fans will be fine. We’ll get on with our lives. As for the players and owners, they have already lost.

They are the ones who need us more than we need them. Without fans, NFL stadiums remain empty or are just simply not built at all these days. Without fans, players would be nothing more than bouncers at local night clubs instead of iconic athletes. Without fans, professional sports wouldn’t exist at all.

So please, Commissioner Goodell, save your melancholy words for your staff in the league office. We’re just fine. Our lives continue with or without your product.

Come to think of it, about the only thing we can’t live without is air. So until the NFL finds a way to capitalize on the oxygen in the cities in which they have franchises, we the fans won’t suffer.

As for the players and owners…well…good luck fellas. I’m sure you’ll all land on your feet. Too bad you all had the choice to make that landing smooth but instead chose to belly flop in the pool of public opinion.

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