“The silver and black have attracted an unholy fan base of hell-raiders, gangbangers and inveterate knife-lickers, all of whom firmly believe that skipping town…” 

-GQ Magazine in naming the Raiders the fourth-worst fan base in the country. 

GQ Magazine ranked us #4? WTF does GQ know anyways besides what shirt to wear with your sensible loafers. I mean, Raider games aren’t half as bad as they used to be. The new “Code of Conduct” for fans is a step in the right direction. I wouldn’t take my kids to games in the past for fear of the unknown.

 I hear many Raider fans say, “I love the Raiders, but hate the fans”.  Well, I love the Raiders and I accept the fans for who they are. 99% of the fans are there for the game. The one percent are the idiots who give the nation a black eye and have douche bags like GQ talk about us.  The only other pro sports franchise(s) to beat us was #2 and #1, Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies respectfully. There is no mistaking a PA fan. They were the ones who boo Santa of all people!  

So Nation, as we wait for the billionaires and the millionaires to hash things out, go out and help an old lady across the street, but do it in a Raiders jersey. Thats so the public knows we aren’t all “hell-raiders, gangbangers and inveterate knife-lickers”. (Most of us)

Greg Simon

            JBB Staff Writer

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • Sonny

    I have been to every game since they returned to Oakland, sit in the South Endzone and have had my Wife, 3 Kids and have even took my Grandson.

    I have never had a problem with any of the Fans, it is all hype and out right Bull. Most that degrade the Fans never even go to the games.

    In any crowd that size you will always have the few that had to much to drink and act thr Fool, you will find it in every NFL City in the country.

  • Slam

    The worst fight I ever witnessed at a sporting event was a Monday Night at Candlestick 49ers vs Chicago Bears. Brutal.

    Drunkeness and boorish behavior is on the rise all over the league, but the Black Hole is such a convenient target.

    You’re gonna tell me NY Giants, Jets, and Bears fans aren’t just as psycho ?

    What a joke.

  • Rene

    As a passionate Raider fan living in Los Angeles, I have always been stigmatized and poked fun at for loving my beloved team. However, I know that I will always be an ambassador to our team’s fan base by proving to people that their stereotypes of Raiders fans is disproportianate, ignorant, and misplaced. Do we have idiot fans? Of course we do, but its a minor representation of the true fan base. I had the pleasure of taking my 5 yr old son to his first Raider game this season (vs KC)…..not only were all Raider fan super pleasant, but it was an memorable game for both my son and me. I have been a fan for 26 years and proud of it. GQ…not only did you alienate a super huge audience, but in my eyes, cemented the fact that youre idiots in placing your credibility on stereotypes.

  • shaun

    as a passionate fan living in the UK i think i need to respond to this. I have managed to get over to Oakland the past few seasons first being 2006 against the cardinals.I wasa told by many people both here in the UK and during my stay in San Fran to stay away due to the bad rep the fans have at the Coliseum. COMPLETE RUBBISH!! On my visits i have been lucky to bump into the colourful fans and cannot say a bad word against anyone, i have had many invites to tailgate with people when walking around the parking lots,offered beer, food, guys wanting to know my story how i became a fan and the fact i bother to travel over to games.and it all helps to make the unique experience of watching american football in america, and something i tell people when they get excited about the game that comes over to wembley.the fact is this, if you want a fight you can find one, wherever you go and whatever you do, but if you treat people with dignity,whether they have skulls on their shoulders, chains around their necks or just wearing a t shirt,they will treat you the same.i have been to many uk soccer games with crowds between 15000 up to 80000 but the atmosphere in Oakland is something special.ignore the bad press raider nation..the raider nation knows its a load of s**t