One Step Closer to Kinda Sorta Maybe Possibly Having Football in 2011

Judge Susan Richard Nelson has spoken. The U.S. District Judge has ordered NFL owners to end the lockout effective immediately.

So it has been said. So it shall be written…well…not just yet. As you might expect the greedy owners have already taken steps to file an appeal thus keeping the lockout alive and well.

What exactly does all this mean? Well, for Ryan Clark of the Steelers its business as usual. Something tells me that any players showing up at the team facility tomorrow is still going to be met by a padlock.

In the short term it means nothing to the owners as the lockout will remain in place during the next round of litigation.

Going forward this has the potential to be a crucial judgment levied against the owners.

I’m not one to take sides in this pointless matter. All I care about is seeing the Raiders play on Sundays. Whatever needs to happen to get that done. Make it so.

However, you can’t help but shake your head and laugh at the owners in this whole fiasco. This is, after all, a completely meaningless labor dispute.

Throughout history labor grievances have occurred when wages, working conditions or any other number of valid reasons have occurred thus leaving those involved with no other option than to either strike against management or lockout employees.

This lockout doesn’t apply to any of the above.

The NFL is the most profitable sports league in this country and is among the most profitable businesses in the entire world. There are no poor owners, scraping by to make ends meet. Thus there is no need for this lockout to continue. Hence today’s judgment came down swiftly.

Years from now nobody is going to look back at this as a monumental moment in the history of American labor. This is just selfish greed. Nothing more.

There already was a CBA in place that the owners agreed to. They simply chose to opt-out (which is their right, otherwise it would not have been a part of the deal) in order to gain access to even more wealth.

Again, I’m not siding with anybody. I agree there is a definite need to restructure rookie contracts. Banking big bucks having proven nothing is a sham. I’m not even going to mention those $30-million Al Davis sunk into a worthless draft pick just four years ago.

After all the dust settles I have no doubt we’ll be watching football in the fall. What type of product we’ll see on the field depends on what happens next.

Basically, nothing has changed just yet. Today was barely a baby step towards ending the worthless litigation that continues. But we’re kinda, sorta, almost, maybe, might could be headed in the right direction. Possibly…

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