Raiders Camp Proves Owners Wrong in Lockout

Well, this is what it’s come down to. At this point I find it nearly impossible to not side with the players during this pointless lockout. As more and more details emerge of Oakland’s workout week in Georgia the more I’m reminded of just who the true professionals are in this labor dispute.

According to reports, the Raiders could engage in an 11-on-11 scrimmage with the Atlanta Falcons during their self-imposed week long camp.

Now on the surface there are many reasons why this is not a good idea. Many will be quick to throw that injury word out as if the players aren’t already taking risks before there was any mention of this.

However, I see this much differently. I see this as the defining moment in what the historians will ultimately write about this labor stoppage. The players kept playing when they weren’t allowed to while the owners kept reaching for money that was never theirs in the first place.

For starters, Richard Seymour himself is footing the bill for the week of conditioning and camaraderie. I’d like to know the last time the owners dug into their own pockets first instead of asking the fans to foot their bills.

Secondly, Seymour has even stated that he’s going to have a couple hours  open to the media. Talk about a transparent policy of governing. We all know hat happened when the players asked the owners to open up their books.

Finally, this speaks to the love of the game which each of these men carry with them everyday. If this were a strike instead of a lockout do you think the owners would be getting their staff together on their own dime and preparing as if the season were going to start any minute? I highly doubt that. Chances are most of them would see this as an opportunity to cut costs.

I say most owners because Al Davis isn’t like most. His staff is staying busy and useful by any means necessary. Even if that means Chuck Bresnahan has to sell a few season tickets himself to keep collecting a check.

Yes, there are plenty of reasons why the Raiders and Falcons have no business engaging in an unsanctioned scrimmage. But it’s not like having coaches present ensures injuries won’t occur.

Maybe some of this is all propaganda made to suck the likes of myself into the corner of the players. Well…it worked.

If these guys are spoiled millionaires who play for checks and not love then why would they risk their livelihood when there is no end in sight for the lockout? The simple answer is because they genuinely love what they do.

In every business there is the contentious relationship between the artists and the owner. The owner wants to dictate terms of the artists’ work and the artist wants to be left to his endeavors without interference.

Generally I’d say both sides need to give up something in order to get something. In the NFL labor dispute the only thing the players should give up are rookie salaries. Forget giving up another billion off the top. Gordon Gekko might like those business practices but we the fans just want what the players want – football.

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  • darkness

    seymour is by far the best trade Al Davis has made in the history of the raiders he continues to show his value in many diffrent ways. I am proud to call him a RAIDER.
    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!

  • Cad2TheBone

    About this time of year I avoid ESPN entirely so as to not hear the rants about Bask-in-it-Ball, Ice Puckey and Beis Ball. All I wnat to know is when training camp will be starting.

    So with a potential Battle of the Football Stars versus Football Czars looming I am going nutz trying to imagine when the season might actually start and the ramifications of the legal sheameagel going on. Listen I cant moan about what Pros earn or what Owners take home each year. I can only focus on my Raiders and how we are finally going to blow up the AFC West and anyone who comes into the Black Hole aka Da Coliseum!

    So I am so glad to hear that the players themselves are keeping in shape, working out and serious about the upcoming season whenever it starts. Imagine if anyone gets the call from Seymour they cannot say no”!

    Thanks Seymour for keeping the Team real. You are the Man.

  • jacksonjames

    I wont panic until late June. If nothing happens at that point and somehow I dont get to hang out with my Dad and Uncle Rob and watch the Raiders kick some AFC WEST BUTT (oh and kick the New England Brady Bunch too) then I will start to PANIC !

    Please dont make me panic,

    Jackson james

  • Original_Nation

    hey do u think if theres no season #2 can get his act back together? He still has so much potential he was a #1 draft pick over all after all!!! I dont think he can come back to The Nation after his mistakes but back to the NFL?!? Would not surprise me!

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  • Chris Shellcroft

    Original Nation,

    We have adopted a no discussion of #2 policy here at JBB. One day that will be lifted. For now it’s just too tragic to discuss.

    But to answer your question about if he’ll be in the league again. Let me answer that with two letters N-O.

    I’m not an insider so this is just guess work but he has yet to show that he cares enough to do what it takes to be a pro. Yes, dude can ball. His skill level is off the charts. But being a pro means having the ethic to match the game.

    Like I said before on this blog, if were the QB of this team during the lockout there is no way you’d see him organizing a camp with all of his teammates. Dude would be happy to have the time off.