June Gloom: Who Needs the NFL?

The longer this lockout lasts the less I care about professional football. Yeah…I said it. My love for the Oakland Raiders only goes so far. Don’t get it twisted. Trying to imagine Sundays in the fall without the Silver and Black is a nightmare. But most all nightmares are only temporary.

Just as I’ve long since forgotten about the imagined monster under my childhood bed I’ll soon get over the fact that I won’t be able to yell at Mario Henderson on Sundays.

I love football but I don’t need it to live. Wake me up when Roger Goodell is the commissioner of oxygen and then I’ll start to worry about the NFL. Until then my life will go on with or without a $9-billion entertainment industry.

Make no mistake, pro sports is entertainment only. Not saying there isn’t a necessity for escapism in society. Of course there is. Always has been, always will be. Fact of the matter is in this day and age escapism is only a mouse click away.

Who needs football?

I’d love to have it. But I certainly don’t need it.

This is not meant to be some pessimistic rant as much as it is a reality check. The reality is unless this lockout is over by the time we’re celebrating the 4th of July then I’m afraid too much damage will have already been done.

I’d rather not have a season than have an abbreviated one or a season that is rushed. Give me great football or none at all.

I don’t want to see a bunch of out of shape men sucking wind in games uglier than the XFL. No thanks. I’ll settle for the corrupt NCAA and the wide open CFL before I dedicate my time to subpar NFL contests.

There is no truth to the rumors that the players and owners care about the fans. Both sides only care about their wallets. They only toss sentiments our way in hopes of dragging us along so that when another stadium has to be built in our city we’ll gladly dig into our pockets.

Thanks. But no thanks.

I live in Los Angeles where the well of pro football ran dry long ago. On occasion I’ll hop a Southwest flight to the Bay. Crash at a friend’s pad and take the BART over to the Coliseum. More often than not I’m watching the Raiders play at a local bar as I’m unwilling to commit to buying a dish just to watch football.

In short, I’m already doing more than my share to meet the NFL halfway via the Raiders. I’m not about to extend myself anymore. Call me a typical Angeleno but I’ve got plenty of other ways to spend my Sundays without the constant hustle of getting to the Burbank airport or finding a bar that will suit all my needs on Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong. It is a welcome headache but one I could just as easily do without should there be no football this coming year.

But please, don’t cry for me, Commissioner Goodell. I’m but a lowly fan that lives in a market your league has forgotten. Who am I to you but another potential customer for the Sunday Ticket? Oh…will there be refunds issued for anyone who purchased their dish strictly for the upcoming season? My guess is that those suckers will be dealt with the same way all those saps who couldn’t get seating at the Super Bowl in Dallas were handled – without any care whatsoever for the consumer.

Remind me again why I should be missing the NFL?

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