Terrelle Pryor Not a Good Fit For Oakland

Once upon a time Terrelle Pryor and the Oakland Raiders would have been on a collision course. Whether it was Al Davis reaching for him in the draft or opening the checkbook in free agency, Pryor would have been a Raider.

And why not?

Put all the drama aside and you’ll see Pryor is an intriguing prospect with plenty of upside. As the man that authored the Pryor to Oakland fantasy I’ll refer you to Jerry McDonald if you need to know all the reasons why he’s such a phenomenal talent.

Despite all of his talent Pryor just isn’t a good fit for the current Raiders. Davis is out of the knucklehead market. He said so himself that he’s unwilling to put up the good fight for players unwilling to deal with their own demons.

Now granted Pryor is not in the same boat as say the man that used to sport #2 in Silver and Black. In the world of pro football Pryor’s collegiate mishaps are laughable. Put it this way, what Pryor did gets the same reaction a man in the state penitentiary gets when he admits to mail fraud being his crime.

That being said Pryor is still very much a project. Depending on what position he ends up playing at the next level will drastically affect his value. If the Raiders fancy Pryor as a QB then I’m afraid it is a lost cause. Let’s be honest, of all the things Mr. Davis has accomplished in this great game one thing he’s never done is draft and develop a quarterback.

Now if Pryor is willing to get dirty and play some tight end or H-Back then he becomes a much different prospect. Problem is there is no way he willingly switches positions. With enough QB jobs available there is a 100% chance some team will give Pryor the opportunity to call signals.

While he is a project, Pryor has shown remarkable improvement in each of his three seasons at Ohio State. He appears to be very coachable and is willing to put in the work. All great but he’s still a project.

At this point in time the Raiders don’t have time to wait on another QB to come along. The window for this franchise to get back into the playoffs and make noise is now. Jason Campbell isn’t the long-term solution but he’s an infinitely better option than hanging the franchise hopes on another wildcard.

Obviously Pryor wouldn’t play right away but at some point there has to be that breaking in period when the team’s success has to take a backseat to the team’s future. For now Davis should stick to what he’s done best – finding reclamation projects to mold into Super Bowl champions. Anything else would be a setback to the rediscovered football feelings in Oakland.

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  • http://jbb mark

    Thats what Im saying, finally someone who has a clear head. I know its been a difficult road trying to find a decsent QB for the Raiders, downright impossible! Now there are many people who say he has great upside but truly the Raiders dont have the time to groom a rookie project, they need the roster spot for somebody that can produce now. Whether it s a QB or onthe OL, we had alittle success dont let it go to our heads and lose focus of what is best for the team. Yes, Pryor infraction is like someone getting sent to San Quentin Prison for a parking ticket, but the fact rtemains no more what ifs. We need solid playrs now, we arent in position to be able to make another big mistake and not feel the repurcussions of it.

  • Dez Cruel

    Al Davis has never drafted and developed a QB? Does the name Kenny Stabler ring a bell? Aside from that, I agree with the article, but if you’re going to blog on the Raiders, you should at least know the history of the team.

  • JB5

    The Pryor situation is a very intriging one to say the least. As a number 1 recruit coming out of high school, he never developed into a great passer in college. This tends to occur with atheltic QBs, as they don’t rely on the need to make plays with their arms because it’s so much easier with their feet which in turn stunts their growth as a pocket passer. They never learn when and how to take chances down the field. Learning it in the NFL does not work, unless you have a great coach to teach technique and vet QB to show how much it takes to become a consistent passer. His physical ability warrant a look, but his own teammates don’t seem to like him much and that is a warning flag in its own right. He appears to enjoy the fruits of his labor more than the labor like Russell. Which isn’t a bad thing, but when your teammates, organization and millions of fans are counting on you to become great it can turn out to be a very bad thing if there is a perceived lack of effort. He may want to be the greatest to ever play and willing to put in the work. If that’s the case, I’m totally for drafting him. There is always space for a third string developmental QB with the upside he has. Throw him in some wild hog packages with Dmac and Ford, sit back and watch what happens.

  • Chris Shellcroft


    That’s my bad Dez. Not sure how the Snake slipped my mind. You’re right. But my take still stands that AD doesn’t have a good record in drafting and developing QBs. I was wrong to say he’s never done it but right to assert that he’s not good at it.

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