Now is the Time for Raiders to Gamble on T.O.

Disclaimer: In no way am I advocating for the Oakland Raiders to pursue the services of Terrell Owens. He represents everything that is wrong with humanity and rumor has it Owens eats the heart of a small Salvadorian child every night before going to bed. I pray Al Davis does not have any true desire to sign the poster child of locker room cancer but if Mr. Davis can force me to root for Bill Romanowski then why not T.O.? For the record I was sober when I wrote this but will quickly shower and go to happy hour upon completion of this post.

In case you skipped over the disclaimer above this is by no means an endorsement of Terrell Owens. However, its impossible to have a season go by in which someone doesn’t speculate that Al Davis will pursue a free agent diva head case of a receiver named Owens.

So, if ever there was a time for Davis to roll the dice on Owens its now.

Well…not like right this very second. More like once the season has started. Once Owens can prove he’s fully recovered from his ACL surgery. Once Owens is desperate enough that his ego will settle for being an ancillary part of an up and coming team. Once Davis is desperate enough to add a high risk veteran to a young and talented group of receivers.

Again, this is not a logical move by any means. The Raiders have plenty of young and impressionable talent that could simultaneously benefit and suffer from the presence of TO. Call me crazy but I honestly believe if there ever was a role model for how Darrius Heyward-Bey should perform on the field its Owens. Now as far as what he’ll bring to the locker room…yeah…that’s not at all what DHB or any of the Oakland Raiders need right about now.

You’d think his ego would be in check having been relegated to scraping the bottom of the NFL barrel for work. But by most reports nothing about Owens has changed except his mailing address.

Still, timing is everything and if Davis really wants to make this idiotic move there’s no time like the present.

By waiting until the season begins the Raiders could sign Owens with minimal financial risk. Should he become a Randy Moss type programmatic non fit then no harm no foul cut TO and move on.

Of course the problem is Owens is the type of cancer that spreads rapidly. A mere month in Oakland could reverse the last three years of purging. Thus The Player becomes less helpful than DeAngelo Hall in man coverage.

The more you think about it the less sense it makes. But if ever there was a time to try and inject a potential playmaker on the cheap into a dormant passing game it’s now or never. Owens is at the end of his rope and is most likely going to get one last chance. Davis has always been the man of final opportunities so that pretty much writes itself.

However Davis has publically stated that he’s no longer in the knucklehead market. These days you’ve got to have a work ethic to match your measurables and a team first mentality in order to be a Raider. Therefore the timing might not be right at all for Owens. His shot at redemption in the NFL’s last chance saloon came just as the proprietor had a change of heart.

Oh well…I guess we’ll just have to enjoy our Sundays without sideline tantrums and East Bay based reality cameras following a washed up diva. That’s just fine by me and hopefully Mr. Davis is equally content too.

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