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Lockout Coverage Worse Than Brett Favre Coverage

I would rather endure a 24 hour Brett Favre Comeback News Channel than have to see one more ESPN update on the lockout.

Wake me up when the lockout ends. Enough with these ridiculous reports of progress being made. Spare me the rumors of secret phone calls and meetings. I’m waiting for Chris Mortensen to find a napkin that DeMaurcie Smith dropped at a TGI Friday’s with some dollar figure scribbled on it. No doubt ESPN would have rush to air pictures of the napkin before Smith comes forward stating he was only trying to figure out the tip for his bill.

Stop the madness!

I don’t care which side is using what tactic to get leverage. Leave the mind games to the experts like Phil Jackson and politicians.

It really doesn’t matter how close or far away the two sides are. If you’re $5 dollars short of being a millionaire or $999,995 short you’re still not a millionaire. Call me when you’re got seven figures in the bank and then you can brag.

What’s even worse than members of the media speculating on the lockout is members of the media speculating on other members of the media and their speculative reports on the lockout.

I can’t believe it but I actually miss the days of the Brett Favre saga. Give me updates on how long the grass is on Favre’s front lawn any day. I’ll take that over talk of who had a better day in negotiating. As if there is some score keeper at the negotiating table that hands out boxscores to the media at the end of each day.

Take me back to the time when we had to see that same video of Michael Jordan working with Laron Profit when MJ was mulling a comeback of his own. I’d prefer that over all the leaked propaganda…err…”news” that is reported each day.

Let’s face it. No matter when this season starts we’re going to be forced to watch some ugly football. Some players will be out of shape. Some coaches will be out of touch. Some of us fans will be out to lunch.

Sad but true but I’d much rather have daily Favre sightings over daily lawyer sightings. Football is not so exciting that I enjoy seeing footage of union reps in suits strolling in and out of buildings with revolving doors. Seeing offensive linemen dressed up is making me nauseous.

I’ve got a stern warning for the media and all their idiotic coverage.

Pace yourselves!

How about weekly updates instead of daily? You see, the longer this thing lasts the more the perfect storm becomes a real possibility. What is the perfect storm you ask? Well, with all this time a certain #4 has had plenty of time to consider his options. Some team is going to be desperate enough. That’s right! You guessed it. We could get caught between a lockout and a Favre comeback. Now that’s a news cycle that is sure to cause mass suicide. Is that what you want, sports media? Cause that’s where this is heading, god help us all!

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