Texans to Take ‘Aggressive’ Aim at Asomugha

There isn’t a football team on the planet that couldn’t use the services of Nnamdi Asomugha. In an era when all the rules favor the offense, defensive backs like Aso are invaluable.

We already had an idea of which teams were going to make a run at securing the services of the game’s most complete corner. Now comes a report of a team that looks to “aggressively” pursue Nnamdi if and when free agency begins.

Jason La Canfora breaks down all the reasons why the Houston Texans will be big players in the Asomugha sweepstakes.

There is significant pressure on the franchise to finally break through and reach the playoffs, and that task is only compounded by all of the teaching, learning and bonding time lost because of the lockout. That’s all the more reason for the Texans to be aggressive in free agency, and all the more reason for them to target specific areas of the defense.

The Texans indeed are prepared to be aggressive in free agency, according to league sources, and will be among the teams pursuing All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Now this really doesn’t mean much of anything to Al Davis right now. No telling if Davis has truly turned the page on his most prized possession or if he’s just trying to get Aso back at a discount. That is where the term “aggressive” becomes so important.

How aggressive will the Texans be? Are we talking LeBron in the 4th quarter aggressive or Big Ben at five minutes until last call at the bar aggressive?

Depending on what kind of an offer the Texans are prepared to make it could very well set the standard for what teams will have to do in order to get a conversation started. Since Mr. Davis has already committed a fare amount of cash to his defense yet still has the likes of Michael Bush and Zach Miller to re-sign it seems unlikely he’ll get into a high priced bidding war for Nnamdi.

Of course we’ll have to wait until there is actually a CBA in place before we can truly speculate on anything. Just stash this away in your ‘Thanks for everything, Nnamdi’ file for when the time is right.

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